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  1. Schedule is shaping up nicely. I still don't see Syracuse! Love that they are scared to play us.
  2. A review of this information reveals a lot about our program and the current state of our athletic department. Winning has a way of fixing everything. It is obvious that these numbers are mostly driven by the football programs. Good to see us at the top of the MAC!
  3. Segu has turned in to quite the recruiter for Buffalo. He seems to have lots of connections on the AAU circuit and has lobbied hard for them to join him at UB. That shows me how badly he wants to win and how much he believes in this program and this coaching staff. I also see a big jump in production from Segu this year. He appears to have put on some weight and I expect big things from him on the court this year.
  4. Looks like a very strong player. Another player who plays with a chip on his shoulder. A great athlete with an very quick ability to elevate. His athleticism would be a handful in this conference.
  5. A winning culture and program needs to be consistent and over a long period of time. Lets keep to momentum going that Hurley and Oats built, if so we can turn this program into the powerhouse we all want it to be, but it needs to happen consistently and over a longer window.
  6. No doubt, this coaching staff has done a phenomenal job replacing the recruits we lost. Honestly, I am more excited to watch this team play for Whitesell than I was for the class Oats had coming in, especially if Mballa is granted his waiver! This class is long and athletic. Its going to be another great season for us Bulls fans. I applaud this coaching staff!
  7. I like what I see here a lot. He has confidence and an ability to get a shot from anywhere he wants on the floor. He has a very nice pull up game and that can be a very affective tool in this conference. I like this recruit and would love to see him commit to UB. I could see this kid having a big impact here at UB, maybe even an impact as soon as he would arrive on campus.
  8. Agreed this staff is putting together another strong OOC schedule. I hope they can secure a few solid home games as well. After our success last year my guess is a few quality home games will be hard to get. I do love the fact that Syracuse is now scared to play us.
  9. Another quality OOC opponent. I love this matchup. Will help us prepare for conference play and more importantly tournament play.
  10. I have been hesitant to believe Mballa will receive a waiver to play this year. This news however, does seem to imply he will be playing right away. If Mballa plays this year we are a legit threat to win the MAC again and could be looking at another year with a win in the first round of the tournament. Lets not forget Mballa was getting minutes in the tournament on the national championship runner up last year. His ability to run the floor and finish and defend will be a game changer for this team. I am anxious to get confirmation on this news.
  11. I think one of the keys to our success in the recruiting trail will be our ability to get quality P5 players or transfers and offer them playing time right away. This is not a luxury that many of the P5 schools can offer. These recruits want to play and they want to play from day 1. We can offer this to many of the quality recruits and or transfers. This is one of the big factors that allows mid majors like us to compete with these larger schools in recruiting.
  12. Just as I suspected, they are scared to play Buffalo!
  13. Great point. Enough cannot be said about the job this coaching staff did to have non of our players transfer out during the coaching change. Shows how close to this group both Whitesell and JQ are. These kids believe in this staff and more importantly they believe in the system and culture that has been created here. They can feel the momentum building and want to continue to ride the wave that is UB basketball!
  14. Agreed, keep the momentum going with a winning season capped with a tournament appearance at seasons end. Success breeds success! Go Bulls!
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