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  1. First off those announcers were hard to listen to. Honestly, embarrassing. I am all for being a homer for your team, but that took it to the next level. I thought they were going to stop the game when the walk on hit the three and give him a medal or something! Can someone explain to me the logic of that stadium. Why would you put the benches on the end lines? I cannot get my mind around that concept at all, makes no sense in any way. It seems to make in game coaching much more difficult. I know many of us are frustrated with the results of this game. Trust me I am frustrated as well. But lets not lose sight of the fact this is a young team with a new coach playing their first true road contest of the season. There are going to be poor performances and frustration associated with this team until they get it all figured out. I suspect that will take more than half the season. This team will figure it out, we just need to be patient. We are frustrated because we all know this was a winnable game, lets be honest we play them 10 times I suspect we win 7 of them. The first 5 minutes of the game we played great. After that we were terrible on both ends. On offense we went several long stretches without a basket. We really needed our leader Graves tonight to carry us in these stretches. We had no consistent scoring option on offense tonight. With Graves off we struggled to find another scorer. The defensive effort was not where it has been the last few games. We gave away too many easy baskets. We shot 60% from free throw line, that simply cannot continue. We shot the ball poorly (39% fg) and committed 17 turnovers. Not a recipe that will win many games. Mballa-He has become such a consistent force on both ends. Solid defense and rebounding, consistent scoring. I only wish he could make a few free throws (1-4 tonight). Williams-I liked his shot selection tonight. He needs to develop an ability to go right off the dribble. He is not fooling anyone going to his left almost exclusively. Would still like to see more on the defensive glass from him. Graves-He did not look healthy to me tonight. Not sure if he is sick or has an injury. He continues to settle for too many threes, instead of using his strength attacking off the dribble. He also needs to improve his free throw shooting. Johnson-I cannot explain how frustrated I am with his play. I am not holding back anymore. He is terrible. He has terrible shot selection, again shoots 4 for 13 tonight. On the season he is shooting under 30%, that simply cannot happen. He does not pass the ball well and has too many turnovers. The sad part of his play is offensively is the better part of his game. Defensively he is a total liability on the floor. He cannot defend a wall. There were two plays tonight where he was the only player back on defense and he jumped out of the way of a player so they could dunk the ball. How about you try to take a charge! At this point he deserves no playing time at all. He is bringing this team down and coach needs to cut the anchor. I cannot put it any more simple then this, he does not have the basketball IQ, size or athleticism to contribute at this level. I don't care if the team promised him playing time when he transferred here. He cannot handle the step up in play and he does not deserve playing time. Gallion and Segu getting his minutes is what coach needs to do until he proves he deserves these minutes. Jordan-Off night shooting the ball, but he played solid defense and took the ball to the hole strong. Jordan and Mballa are our most consistent players, we know what we get from them each and every game Grant-Why is he the first guy off the bench? He is also a defensive liability. He cannot guard anyone, especially on the perimeter. He does not have the lateral quickness to defend at this level. He is a spot up shooter to be used in spot situations. Nothing more. He should lose his playing time to Hardnett and Nickleberry immediately. Hardnett-Still cannot seem to be able to figure out how to defend without fouling. He really needs to figure this out. This team needs his size and athleticism. I am pushing for this kid! Segu-Played tonight like a kid who has had his confidence rattled. He needs a good game to get him back on track. Even in his off days he limits turnovers and does not take ill advised shots and he always competes on the defensive end. Nickleberry-Has not shown much this season but at this point I am ready to give him additional minutes to see what he can do with extended time on the floor. Gallion-Deserves playing time immediately! Coach needs to play Segu and Gallion more for Johnson. I would put Johnson at the end of the bench and see if he can work his way back into the rotation. My guess is he does not have the mental fortitude to handle this benching and he will melt. He simply is taking this team down with his poor shots and absolutely embarrassing defense. Coach also needs to play Hardnett and Nickleberry more in place of Grant. With those changes I think we are significantly stronger team on the defensive end and on the glass. This will eliminate many of the easy baskets we are currently giving up. I have shown my frustration in this post. I remain positive that this season will be a success and I will be supporting this team as we build to Cleveland. I know this young team and first year coach will get this ship turned in the right direction and we will be playing our best when we need to. I cannot wait for Sunday, go Bulls!
  2. I could not agree with this statement anymore. This season is different from last year. We will need to use the season to grow and improve. All that matters for this season is getting ready for a week of games in Cleveland. If we are playing our best basketball by then this will be a successful season. As fans we need to understand there will be bumps in the road and we there will be frustrating games like tonight. I for one chose to support this team and I will be here rooting them on all the way. Here to playing our best basketball in Cleveland and going to the big dance again!
  3. I could not disagree with these two statements more. This is a young team with a new coach that needs time to play together to improve. Give them time, no need to jump off the cliff after one poor outing.
  4. Lets continue to see the growth of this team tonight. Come out looking to create turnovers with our ball pressure that will result in easy transition baskets on the other end. Don't settle on offense for three pointers, look to attack off the dribble and put pressure on the defense by getting to the line. My prediction if we can rebound with them and make our free throws we win this game. I love this team and the potential we have. This team could be a handful come MAC play. The MAC is going to be a battle this season. Go Bulls!
  5. Good solid team win against a decent team with an elite player. This team continues to grow and defend like their lives depends on it. I love the effort I saw from Buffalo today. They are making the opposing team uncomfortable with the effort on the defensive end. Bulls had 15 steals today which is a testament to that defense. 22 assists on the offensive end, sure does make the offense flow when we share the ball like this. We out rebounded them 34 to 30. If we shoot the ball well, rebound and play defense, this team is going to be difficult to beat. I would have liked to see us shoot the ball better from the line (50% in this game). We need to improve there or it will come back and and hurt us in a close game. I would also like to see us limit the turnovers a bit more as well (15 in this game). A good day for the Bulls, watching this team grow is going to be fun. Looking back I think that early season home loss to Dartmouth will end up being a moment we look back on and say we were glad it happened at that time, as it was a wake up call to this team and has set the tone moving forward for this team. I really like what I see from Coach Whitesell so far this season. He looks in control of this team and has the Bulls playing hard. These kids clearly really want to succeed for him. I love some of the plays he comes up with out of timeouts. Those will be helpful in a close game at some point this season. I liked the rotations tonight, I thought they flowed well and made more sense. I thing both the coaching staff and the players are beginning to understand all of the players roles and their responsibilities. MBalla-He did a good job of limiting his fouls. I saw a few plays where he has typically thrown his body in over the first few games and he restrained in this game and avoided the fouls. Josh avoiding foul trouble will be something he will need to do all season long. Josh rebounded the ball well and I thought he did a good job fronting Knight and limiting his touches. Josh has great anticipation and is a great help defender. This kid is going to be a stud, buckle up bulls fans we have some fun years ahead. Williams-Another solid game from him. I only took exception to one of his three pointers. The rest of the game he attacked off the dribble and was in control and composed. He is so strong going to his left. He recognized a mismatch tonight and exploited it off the dribble. I thought his defense and offensive rebounding was impressive as always. He is so long and causes a lot of deflections on the defensive end. Graves-I enjoyed seeing him not settle for jumpers tonight. He too saw a mismatch and exploited it. I have not seen a team able to keep the Bulls from attacking the rim off the dribble and Graves showed us a lot of that tonight. If that dunk over Knight goes down we are in sportscenter top 10 no doubt. Graves rebounded the ball well again and his defense was spot on. When he defends like this, the offense almost always comes to him. Graves is growing into the MAC POTY in front of us and I am loving it. Johnson-settled for a few ill advised jumpers early, but finished going hard to the basket aggressively looking to score and get to the line. He is a mush better player when he plays with this mentality. He is a slasher and that is how he should play every game. Jumpers need to remain option 2 for him. I thought this was his best defensive game, he needs to continue to grow in that department. I still think Segu needs to be starting in his place. Jordan-was 4 for 4 from the free throw line, that was exciting to see. He shot them with confidence. His defensive ball pressure was the difference in the game. He made whoever he was covering uncomfortable and took the ball from them regularly resulting in an easy basket for the Bulls. Jordan is going to be a huge part of this team this year. The Bulls will go as far as Graves and Jordan can take us. I love seeing him get his opportunities on offense after years of setting up others. Grant-I thought his rebounding was mush better tonight. He also shot the ball better and seemed to play with a lot of confidence. He is a spot up shooter, and when on he really spreads the floor for this team taking a big away from the basket. Hardett-again was forced to cover a player that is a mismatch for him in the post. I thought he did a decent job despite the fouls. He sets a great screen on the top and the Bulls used it to perfection tonight. This kid will continue to grow and get better with the more minutes he gets. I enjoyed the halftime interview getting to know him. He seems like a fun kid with a great attitude and seems to fit into this team very well. Segu-He was composed and poised tonight. The game seems to have slowed down for him and I really liked his decision making tonight in this game. He did not force anything and was always in control. His ability to knock don the open shot have made him a very dynamic player that can beat u an several ways. His effort on defense is inspirational as well. I see s HUGE season for this kid moving forward. Nickleberry-His rebounding off the bench along with Grant are very much needed. He made several great passes and smart decisions with the ball tonight. I hope he is getting more comfortable and starting to figure things out. I think his minutes continue to grow as the season goes along. Gallion/Skogman-I love the emotions and excitement they both show on the bench. Clearly both of these kids are well liked and love this program. Buffalo has a bright future with these two. A great team win with many great things to take away from this game. These games are getting us prepared to play the MAC season that will be much tougher than people anticipate this season. I am loving what I see from this team and I cannot wait for Tuesday and a chance to play Vanderbilt. GO Bulls!
  6. Here are my thoughts on the game: A game when we certainly did not play our best but we found a way to win a game even when we shot the ball so poorly again. Sometimes a young team needs to learn how to win and I think tonight we saw that. This game was won by our defense, no doubt about it. I am happy with our performance in this tournament. We played UConn tough and we went 2 and 1 overall. We did not shoot the ball very well minus the UConn game but our defense as always keeps us in the game. This team remains with some issues in the interior but hoping that having Bertrum return and continued growth by Hardnett can get us to where we need to be. As we have all season we played good defense on the perimeter and limited the turnovers, only 9 committed in this game. We settled for threes more often than I like, overall we were 9 for 29. I would like to see us take the three when we are open, otherwise look to attack off the dribble and put pressure on the defense by getting to the free throw line. Coaching-I really enjoyed what I heard from Coach Whitesell on the all access segments. He remains calm even in the intense moments and that resonates with these kids. Coach is a a great teacher and the kids seems to really respect him and want to learn from him. I thought coach made some good adjustments in this game, especially with the adjustments he made to defend the big guy in the post after he took advantage of us early in the game. The remainder of the game he threw a bunch of different defensive looks which seemed to confuse them and limited the impacts of the big man down low. I also thought coach did some good things by getting the Bulls to attack the high post when they went to the zone. This was clearly a good adjustment they made at the half, anytime we got the ball to the high post something good seemed to happen. AS a side note I loved the segment on his brothers and all of the various jobs they have, very impressive and interesting. Williams-I would argue this was his best game for the Bulls. He attacked off the dribble and looked to get to the rim. He was his usual relentless self on the offensive glass. He kept a few balls alive with his effort on the offensive glass including a few big plays off free throws in the second half. He has a knack for the offensive rebound and his effort is tireless. He limited the turnovers and the three pointers. I was impressed with this kid. It is nice to see him coming into his own. He is going to be a handful for opposing team for years to come. Graves-He settled for too many jump shots. He takes so many jumpers with defenders closing out on him. I would like to see him pump fake and attack off the dribble. He is a much better player when attacking off the dribble. He is too athletic to become a jump shooter. His rebounding and defense were impressive as always. He looked a little tired, which I would expect with 3 games in 4 nights, he has played a lot of minutes the last 4 days. Johnson-He was flat out terrible again. I know, I know he hit a few big free throws down the stretch. He took some more bad shots and his defense was flat out bad. The last two games he has shot 2 for 23, yes thats right 2 for 23! He certainly does not deserve to start, in my mind he deserves limited minutes at this point. Segu needs to take his minutes. Johnson is not helping us now and coach needs to limit his minutes like he has with Grant. Johnson looks so awkward shooting the ball now. He is a slasher, that is his game. Shooting is not his strength. He is one of the worst help defenders I have seen in a long time. On the defensive end he sees the floor very poorly. I hope this is just a bad slump and he can turn it around and come out of this, but right now this kid is hurting us and coach needs to make an adjustment to his minutes. Jordan-He shot the bell well again and even made a few free throws. His ability to get to the rim and finish are a huge positive for this team especially when they need a bucket. Jordan along with Graves are the leaders of this team and his defense sets the tone for this team. Like Graves he has also done a good job helping on the glass when he is not getting back to stop a fast break. Jordan is going to have a huge run come conference play. MBalla-He still seems to be struggling with the fouls. He made two fouls that were necessary. I love how aggressive he is on the defensive end, but he needs to limit the fouls. This team simply cannot afford him in foul trouble as we do not have the depth needed in the post. I love what I see from him after he rebounds the ball. He looks to be comfortable dribbling the ball up the court and starting the break. He is going to be a beast in this conference. Mballa is the MVP of this team so far. He has held down the fort in the post on his own and without him we would be in big big trouble, thank goodness he was granted his waiver. Grant-Coach limited his minutes tonight. He was matched up with a post player which seemed to help him on the defensive side. I liked his shot selection a lot better tonight. I was nervous going into this game that if they played zone he may take some ill advised shots, but he did not. I thought his rebounding was better tonight as well. If he can continue to help on the glass and show he can defend he can carve out some more minutes. Hardnett-I thought he made some really nice plays. He showed his athleticism more than he has in any other game. Like Mballa he had a few silly fouls that limited his time on the court, but he seems to be getting more comfortable and I like what I see. I think this kid is going to be a stud. It will take sometime but the ability is there. As many of you have said lets not lose sight that he is a freshman. I am enjoying watching hi, develop. After listening to Whitesell teach these kids on the sideline I cannot think of a better situation to allow him to prosper. Segu-He played smart and as you saw in all access with the coach he was a bit bashful to shot against the zone pressure. Segu played hard on defense as he always does. I feel strongly as you read above he needs to take many of Johnson's minutes, Segu should be starting and playing significant minutes. He is too good to not be on the floor for most of the game. I have not researched the stats but my guess is he is leading the team in plus minus (a stat I think deserves a lot more attention in basketball). Nickelberry-He did not play tonight. I was a bit surprised. He seemed to be a bit sulky on the bench. I hope it lights a fire under him and he comes in next week ready to work. I know he transferred here thinking he would get minutes, but coach is making him earn them, I love it and the message it sends to all of these kids. Overall a successful tournament. I think this team showed some growth over this tournament and showed some things that we can build on moving forward. We have proven we can win even when we shoot the ball poorly. The recipe to do so has been to defend relentlessly and to limit the turnovers. This team is going to be good. Looking back on it, I think the Dartmouth lose will end up being a good thing for this team in the long run. I like the unselfishness of this team and as I watch them I get the feeling they all really care about each other and want to see each other succeed. This team will continue to grow as the season goes along. I personally cannot wait to watch. There will be bumps in the road but it will be a fun ride. The goal is to be playing our best come Cleveland! I cannot wait for Saturday, GO Bulls!
  7. I have been saying it for a few games now coach needs to unleash the press. I understand his hesitancy this weekend to use it for extended periods as we have 3 games in 4 days. He has been u players consistently. I think it is time to unleash the press for periods at a time. We have the personnel to create turnovers and easy buckets in the full court press. The press won us that game last night. That was a very deflating game last night. After a hard fought loss to a tough UConn team I think we all thought we were headed in the right direction. Last night we play a weaker Towson team and almost let it get away because of poor shot selection and dreadful shooting. Johnson and Grant at this point do not deserve minutes. Grant cannot defend, rebound or hit a shot. He is a spot up shooter nothing more. Johnson, struggles to defend quicker guards and has some of the worst shot selection I have ever seen in a player. I cannot believe the bad shots he takes and typically at the wrong time in the game. Kudos to coach for benching him last night after a disaster of a 1 for 12 performance. I agree with most of the comments that clearly our best lineup is Jordan, Segu, Graves, Williams and Mballa. Those 5 have been relatively consistent minus some silly plays by Williams, that foul last night at the end of the game being one of them. I think this lineup is dynamic, they can get to the rim and they can also shot it, Segu is going to be special. You heard it here first, Segu will be the first player from UB to play in the NBA for a long time after his 4 years here at Buffalo. He has the tools for the next level if he continues to develop. He has the length needed to make an NBA roster as long as he continues to fill out. He has an ability to create for himself or others that you cannot coach. Mballa needs to be able to find a balance where he can play aggressively without fouling. He will figure it out. So far I have been impressed with him and his effort on both ends. Graves hit some big shots last night. That three in the corner when we were down with under 2 to go was huge, that's the type of shot a leader takes and makes. Jordan needs to continue to attack off the dribble, look to get to the rim or drop off as he did with great success last night. Williams is a work in progress. He shows flashes of what he will become. Williams has a bright future and we need to play him to allow him to develop. He has limited his bad shots for the most part this year which is a good sign moving forward. I have been impressed with his defense and his ability to defend quicker guards. I love what I see from him on the offensive glass but would still like to see more from him on the defensive rebounding side. Hardnett and Nickelberry to me are the wild cards of this team. If they can continue to develop this team will continue to grow. We need both of their abilities to rebound . Both of them are far superior defenders than Johnson and Grant are. As the season goes along I suspect these two will continue to take minutes from Grant and Johnson. Grant and Johnson are one dimensional players that can only bring so much to this team. Having Brock and Fagan out is really hurting this team in the interior. We are putting a lot of pressure on MBalla and Hardnett. Coach may need to consider not red shirting Skogman if Brock is out for an extended amount of time. Dominic Johnson may be able to help for a few minutes per game once football season is over but that may not be for a while. I remain confident in this team. I love the defensive effort and passion they are playing with. I am confident this coaching staff and the veterans on this team will figure it out and we will continue to improve as the season goes along. This season is all about playing our best basketball for 3 days in Cleveland. The entire season is about getting to that point. Our record and such are not too important as long as we play well by seasons end. I think this team will continue to work hard, gel as a unit and figure out their roles and responsibilities. I look forward to Sunday and the rest of the season. GO Bulls!
  8. My thoughts on last nights game versus UCONN: Defense on the perimeter remained strong. Hard fought game that both teams fought hard for. Post defense was bad, especially once Mballa got in foul trouble. We did not move the ball very well at all, only 9 assists for the team. For a game we shot poorly (36% fg and 21% 3pt fg) it was impressive we were competitive for as long as we were against a very good UConn team. We were out rebounded 40 to 48 and most of that was a factor of Mballa only playing 16 minutes because of foul trouble. Our guards, especially Graves are doing adequate to try to rebound and help the bigs but we need more from both Hardnett and Grant. The team limited turnovers to only 9 and was 11 for 13 from charity stripe. Overall I am happy with this performance. If we shot the ball better and keep Mballa out of foul trouble, we win that game. As we have discussed all season this team will take time to figure things out. One of the ways to expedite this learning process is to lose close games. I think this team continues to get better. I would have liked to have seen coach go to the full court pressure earlier in the game. Change it up when things are not working. Also, when Hardnett is in the game are we only allowed to do a high screen and role with the point guard. For some reason that seems to be the go to when Hardnett is in the game. I know he does set a pretty strong screen and is athletic but maybe mix in something else. Whitesell reminds me a bit of Brad Stevens in his ability to draw up a nice play after a timeout. He did this several times last night and has over the last few games. each time it has resulted in an easy bucket when we needed one. I felt like we settled for too many jumpers early in the second half. UConn could not keep us from penetrating the rim and we should have taken advantage of that when the shots were not falling. We did miss too many easy buckets attacking the rim especially in the first half, but constant pressure at the rim would lead to free throws. I think at the end of the game we realized that and took advantage but at that point it was too late. Mballa-He needs to stay out of foul trouble. Without him on the floor we have NO interior presence at all. Without him in the paint our defense is porous. Hardnett and Grant at this point are not able to defend the post. I liked his aggressiveness last night especially on the offensive end. Mballa strikes me as the type of player that plays better with a chip on his shoulder. I would love to see him play that way more often. Josh will be the best defensive player in this conference for years to come and offensively he is a much better player than I expected. This kid has a big future. Williams-I think he is starting to figure out what will make him successful. Attacking off the dribble and not settling for jump shots. His length and quickness of the dribble are his strengths and he seems to be figuring that out. He struggled in the first half with the UConn length but seemed to figure it out in the second half. I like how hard he attacks the offensive glass when his teammates take a shot, although I wish he would stop grabbing the rim each time. Graves-I felt like Javon settled for too many jump shots last night. He could have gotten to the rim anytime he wanted. This would have got him to the free throw line. Javon is in for a huge year. He is trying to figure out how to lead a team and once he does, watch out. His ability to rebound from the guard position has been a crucial part of our success thus far. We are asking a lot of Javon but he can handle the work load. At this point he is playing a ton of minutes as well. Johnson-Coach clearly noticed a miss match in the second half and asked Johnson to attack off the dribble. I thought he did a good job of looking to get to the rim and finishing through contact. I wish he had continued to attack off the dribble instead of settling for threes down the stretch. He took some ill advised shots down the stretch. He is a much better player when attacking off the dribble. I have seen improvements in his defense as well. Jordan-He needs to look to attack off the dribble more often. He is so smooth at getting to the rim with either hand. He missed some easy ones last night. he also had a few sweet dropp off passes for easy baskets. Good things typically happen when he attacks off the dribble. I will never understand how a player can shoot over 35% from 3 and shoot under 20% from Free throw line. I just don't get it, makes no sense. His free throw form is a nitemare. Grant-I have to say he has been the most disappointing plater on the team this year. He is so one dimensional on offense. He is a spot up jump shooter nothing more. He does not have a strong handle and has very slow foot speed. For his size he is a very weak rebounder and he plays soft. I have been very unimpressed with his ability to defend. Case in point, watch the last play of the first half last night. Terrible effort on defense, no other way to describe it. He will continue to lose minutes until he can buy in and start working on defense and provide some rebounding help. Hardnett-He was asked to play more minutes than usual last night because of the foul trouble for Mballa. I thought he rebounded the ball better than I have seen him especially on the offense end. He needs to improve on his interior defense. I cannot help but feel like I am watching a player hold back when I watch him. He is clearly a great athlete. I would like to see him let loose and just play. Let your instincts take over and just play basketball. We need him to provide an interior presence and we need some rebounding out of him and Grant for this team to be successful. I would argue the success of this team this year will be a direct result of the improvements we see in Laquill as the season goes on. Segu- I love the energy this kid plays with. It is contagious and inspiring. He is so fun to watch. He will be the leader of this team very soon. I thought like graves he settled for too many jumpers late in the second half. When the shot is off look to get to the free throw line! Nickelberry-It was nice to see him take a few jumpers, even though they did not go in. I think he is a strong rebounder and we need that from him. Defensively, like Johnson, I think he is starting to figure out the Buffalo way of defense. I think his minutes will continue to grow especially if his rebounding and defense continue to get stronger. As I said above, overall I am happy with this performance. We showed well in this game and we continue to improve. This team will be primed and ready to go when we get into MAC play. I cannot wait to see how this season plays out and I have a feeling we will be playing meaningful basketball into March again this year. lets take down Towson tonight. Go Bulls!
  9. I hope things work out for Jenkins, sorry to see him go. But lets be honest, kids were not coming to Buffalo because of him. They were coming to Buffalo to get to the big dance based on our recent success and because of coach Whitesell and the style of play the team plays. Those things have not changed with the departure of Jenkins and our national profile has been elevated to a high enough level that we should be able to attract a high profile recruiter to replace Jenkins. I am a big fan of filing this position with an ex high profile player, ideally an ex nba player who would garner respect from these kids. My vote would be to reach out to past NBA vets who want to get into college coaching, this recruiting position is a great way to get started in coaching and an NBA player will help on the recruiting trail no doubt. I will be anxious to see what direction Coach goes to fill this position. We have two other solid recruiters on our staff currently in Thorpe and Quarles. No reason to believe they are not taking care of the recruits they are looking at to fill the last scholarship spot for next year.
  10. I think tonight was a much better performance. The team defense was much improved. Still some areas to work on but they continue to get better. The defensive effort tonight was the best I had seen it all season long. We took Harvard out of there comfort zone with the defensive pressure for most of the game. We turned many of these turnovers into easy buckets. As many of us have said this team is young, and has many new faces. It will take sometime for the staff to get them where they need to be. I think this team took a big jump towards that goal tonight. At this point to me the glaring weakness of this team is rebounding. Coach had a great game. He used his timeouts well on several occasions. He drew up several good plays out of timeouts that created an easy bucket for the Bulls. He was holding guys accountable by taking them out when they made a mistake and he is demanding effort if the players want to be on the floor. I really like what I see from coach and I cannot wait to see how this season unfolds. David Nickelberry-Boy did I read him wrong. He is a solid role player and will remain only that unless he can find a way to limit the turnovers and shows an ability to knock down a jump shot. At this point way too many turnovers and one dimensional on offense. On the positive side he has shown the ability to be a strong rebounder in limited minutes. Gabe Grant-He looks to be a streaky shooter. Not bashful, confident to shoot from anywhere when open. When the shot is falling, will be fun to have on floor. When the shot is not, like tonight, he will struggle to find solid minutes. He needs to be a better rebounder and defender. This team could use some solid rebounding from him, someone to help Mballa. Antwain Johnson-Showed off his shooting touch tonight. Smooth off the dribble and has a strong pull up game. Defensively, he cannot apply the pressure, like Segu, Jordan and Graves can. I thought he found a good balance tonight of attacking off the dribble and settling for jump shots, that is when he is at his best. Javon Graves-Great game by Javon. He seems to have embraced the CJ role from last year of contributing on the glass from the wing position. He was a big part of our success tonight, his rebounding was huge. He also shot the ball well and was able to get to the rim at will. I would have liked to see him attack the glass hard looking to get to the line instead of pulling up for the floater so often. Big players play their best when the teams needs it, and that is what our leader did tonight. His game continues to grow and he is in for a big next few years. Potential MAC POTY next year. Davonta Jordan-solid defense, had a few nice attacks off the dribble (especially to left hand). That drop off pass for the dunk in the second have was vintage Jordan! Jordan will continue to lose some of his minutes down the stretch with the increased play of Segu (see below) and his limitations at the free throw line. Savion Gallion-I think coach needs to find a way to get him a handful of minutes unless he intends to red shirt him. I like what I see from him thus far, want to see what he has for a perimeter game. Ronaldo Segu-We are watching the maturation of a great kid, whose hard work is paying off before our eyes. It is truly amazing to watch. The best part of his success is how excited all the players are for him, clearly they have seen how much effort he puts in and they are happy for his success, Segu is clearly well liked by his teammates. He should be starting and playing most of the game. This team is better with him running the point. I understand Jordan is a senior but Segu has earned the right to run this team and he has proven this team is better with him at the controls. His shot may take a while to get off but it is pure and very consistent. His ability to create a shot for himself or a teammate is uncanny, as we saw a few times at the end of the shot clock today. This kid has a very big future in front of him, we have only seen the tip of his potential. Jeenathan Wiliams-I would argue this was his best game as a Bull. Yes he took a few ill advised three pointers, and turned the ball over a few times when he need not too and he may even of gotten a few untimely fouls away from the basket. But he also, took the ball to the hoop aggressively. I would still like to see him finish thru contact looking to get to the line. This team needs to attack off the dribble and put pressure on the defense by attacking the rim with reckless abandon, make them foul you or the dunk. Williams is getting much better defensively, his length is going to be a major problem for players. His ability to move his feet is impressive for a guy his length. I thought he rebounded the ball pretty well tonight as well. The Bulls need him develop into an 8 rebound per night guy. Williams is growing each time he steps on the floor, these minutes he is getting will make his maturation go faster and we will be a much better team as he continues to grow. He also has a very bright future. Laquill Hardnett-He is the biggest surprise of the season thus far in my opinion. I thought he would be one of our stronger players. This team needs his ability to rebound. Mballa needs help on the glass and I would say Hardnett is the best option to provide that help. He is clearly a great athlete and I still believe once he gets comfortable he is in for some great years ahead. Lets not lose sight that he is a freshman and has not played in a while since he red shirted last year. Josh Mballa-He has really impressed me this season. He is active on defense, is a good rebounder and even better shot blocker.. If he was not granted his waiver this team would be in big big trouble. Offensively, he has shown me more than I expected. He can dribble the ball and seems to like to get out in the open court. Josh will win multiple MAC DPOY awards and his defense will be the backbone of this team for years to come. Coach hit a homerun with this transfer. I love his game and cannot wait to watch him develop into an absolute monster. As I said above we are heading in the right direction but the players need to continue to dedicate themselves to defense and pressuring the opponent every play. I loved listening to the broadcasters tonight talk about how committed the Buffalo Program is to playing defense. We have officially been given the label as a stingy defensive team and I could not be happier about it. As we all know this is a recipe for success and I cannot wait for the next game on Thursday. Go Bulls!
  11. Simply an idiotic statement! A statement I suspect you will come to regret. I see you made the same statement on UB Bullrun as well. Classic case of too early overreaction.
  12. I believe you are correct. We now have one scholarship left for next season. I am hopeful it can be used on a big rim protector in the interior. A true big who can defend and rebound inside. A player who can run the floor and defend off the high screen and role thus is not a mismatch when we switch in this situation.
  13. I felt the effort and defensive assignments were much better last night. Still a lot to work on but a step in the right direction. As I said yesterday there will be growing pains with this team as they are young with many news faces. It will take us time for all the players and coaches to determine their roles and to get used to playing together. I suspect as the season goes along we play better and better. A few of my thoughts after watching the game last night: I think our best lineup is: 1. Segu 2. Jordan 3. Graves 4. Grant 5. Mballa This lineup is strong defensively, minus Grant, and allows us some flexibility on both ends of the floor. Segu has proven he should start and this team is more efficient on offense with him running the point. Jordan's defense is still needed, but we are a better team with Segu running the team. Free throws are a real problem thus far. MBalla looked very uncomfortable at the line last night. He will spend a lot of time at the line this season as he is so active offensively, he really needs to get in the gym and work on his free throws. Same for Jordan, we will need the two of them on the floor at the end of games. If they both continue to shoot free throws like this we cannot have them on the floor at the end of the games. I like the idea of red shirting Skogman. Allow him to put on some weight and adjust to the college game. He seems very engaged on the bench, and with the guys, love that. Savion Gallion looks to be a pleasant surprise. His effort on defense was contagious last night and really seemed to inspire the other Bulls players. He is not overly quick but can get to the rim. We have not seen him shoot the outside jumper much yet, but if he continues to play defense with this effort Coach will have no choice but to play him more minutes. Nickleberry is a good rebounder, and he got some minutes last night but he does not appear ready for this level just yet. He will need sometime to adjust. Prior to the season I had him as a starter. based on what I have seen he is only a role player at best this season. Johnson, WIlliams and Hardnett all showed glimpses last night. But to me they all are still not ready to be starters on this team. They will all be big contributors to this team this season and moving forward but at this time we have better options to start. Williams looks much improved, but still needs to work on his game. U still think a MAC POTY is in his future if he continues to work. I love to hear how hard Segu and Williams are working. When a teams best players are the hardest works it sets the tone for the entire team. They both have very bright futures and I cannot wait to see how they develop. This team needed a game like this. I am hoping we can keep ramping up the defensive intensity. I am a bit nervous about our interior defense, especially when we face a legit big in the post. I liked the style of play from last night and I like the pressure our guards placed on Nazareth on the perimeter. This season is going to be a grind and will be defined by how we handle adversity. I will be here cheering the entire way and loving each step of the way. I like this team and I cannot wait for Saturday, Go Bulls!
  14. I can do that even if my provider does not have ESPN3?
  15. Seems like a good player that will compliment his other backcourt running mate Chance Robinson very well. I love that we consistently are recruiting this level of player!
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