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  1. Absolutely amazing Tyree leaves early and can't even latch on a practice squad anywhere. Maybe he was listening too much to Brad Riter and Scott Wilson who were talking about him being a first rounder on twitter and really inflating his ego all the time with their UB homerism. Anyone that could take a step back could see he needed another year in college, at UB or as a grad transfer.
  2. Tyree has looked horrible in camp and the preseason. As I said when he declared, someone fed him bad info, and he should have stayed.
  3. Yes I’m sure Drew Haddad should have been on his mind when deciding where to sign hahaha
  4. I don’t feel bad for him, he made his decision, deal with it. Someone fed him some bad info and inflated his head. No way returning or even transferring, does he do worse in next years draft with another year of work on his major weaknesses .
  5. Pretty meh. They waited this long to settle on him? Might have kept some of the 2019 recruits if they did this sooner.
  6. Hodgson is gone, to bama. Official.
  7. Haha..he would have to start getting into some sweet 16s before a blue blood would even think of him. He’s not anywhere near that level yet. Those jobs, (well maybe not Indiana anymore) are a different class.
  8. This is why I couldn’t have cared less about the worthless contract extension Oats signed a few weeks ago. The media was very excited over it. It was just a visual pleasure. I was always just curious of the buyout.
  9. The tweet show has begun...so far Ayton and Arizona have been listed.
  10. Right? Same. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t an amazing season. They just aren’t good enough yet when it comes to playing with the big timers.
  11. Crazy that Oregon is the only double digit seed in the sweet 16. This tournament is top heavy for sure.
  12. The standard is higher, that’s a good thing. It’s ok to be disappointed in the result. Blown out in back to back years in this round is frustrating. Now that the standard is higher it’s time to get over this next hump.
  13. Two years in a row not competitive in the round of 32 is little disappointing.
  14. They generally do. They’ve had great success against Syracuse as well.
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