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  1. I haven't looked super closely at the schedule as of yet, but I think that the 1st post seems reasonable. 14 wins might be a tad high, although I think that the MAC will be down for several opponents, so maybe it's realistic. I think our boys will be very strong overall, taking a step back but not several (32 wins is just unrealistic, but mid-20s is very realistic in my eyes). This team is extremely athletic, so if their shooting can be on point, they will be a handful for most, if not all opponents.
  2. We need to win this weekend to get back to .500 and get some positive momentum rolling into league play. The Bulls (and fans) can't look ahead to Miami. This is going to be a challenging game and heading into league play at 1-3 is not a recipe for being bowl eligible, so hopefully the stadium is filled and the players are on point.
  3. The dislike of this game started with the grey pants and continued throughout the ending. Disappointing for sure. Hopefully next week we can have a Willy to Naaman moment and we'll have a full stadium along with it. I assuredly don't expect the second and I'd guess that we'll be significant underdogs once the line comes out, even at home. I'll be there and hope you all will be too. Bring some friends!
  4. Gotta love Calvin Cage. One of the most fun guys that I've ever watched at UB. Just an offensive explosion with no fear to go to the rack at 6' nothing and 150 pounds soaking wet. It's too bad UB will be giving him beat downs for as long as he's at Canisius.
  5. If we win this game, Lance will be considered a genius (and will be wanted by the "big boys") and Myers will be the next great MAC star QB.
  6. It sounds crazy, but doesn't sound impossible to me. Last year's "8" and "9" would've been presumably freshmen Williams and Segu, with "6" and "7" being Perk/Caruthers off the bench (even though no one would truly put Perk as a true bench guy). "#10" would've been Fagan or Brock, who truly had minimal at best playing time. This year, you've got Johnson, Graves, Jordan, Nickelberry, Hardnett, Mballa, Grant, Segu, Williams, Skogman/Brock. This isn't necessarily a rank order, but somewhat of the presumed lineup based on the original post of this thread. Based on that, it's not super far off depth-wise. Player for player, it could look like this: CJ - Johnson (we're all hoping for big things from Johnson, but this is a 4th year CJ, edge to CJ) Graves - Graves (edge to this year's version) Jordan - Jordan (edge to this year's version) Harris - Nickelberry (again, we all have high hoped for Nickelberry and I would be more than happy to get a push for this year) Perk - Mballa (this year, I'm definitely going with a 4th year Perk) McRae- Hardnett (without having played yet in college, we can't be sure, but could definitely use Hardnett to be a win here) Caruthers - Grant (not the same position, but Dontay brought us some huge things last year. Hoping for some nice things out of Grant, but giving the edge to #22) Williams - Williams - (edge to this year's version) Segu - Segu - (edge to this year's version) Fagan/Brock - Skogman/Brock (I'd probably take this year's) Breaking it down that way, it doesn't "seem" to be a crazy idea. What can't be assigned is the cohesiveness of last year's group, many of whom played together for at least 2 years. Many of this year's group is new and it may take time to get rotation, roles, understanding of each other. Regardless, it should be a very strong team and one that I greatly look forward to seeing play.
  7. They're going to be at the top of the MAC once again. 32 wins? Doubtful. MAC champs? I wouldn't bet against it. FYI - Gallion is missing in the "influx section".
  8. It'll be empty there. I'm fine with playing at the AA or opposing school sites.
  9. May as well burn it. If he's good and we redshirt him, he might leave anyway, like our other WR/TE did. Let's put the best players out there whenever they are ready. With the "portal", we need to play for now, not later.
  10. I always hear this excuse, especially when there are 20 students in the student section during a "holiday" or "break". Aren't there tons of students who are from WNY that attend UB? What's their excuse for not attending?
  11. and he's good at cartwheels too!
  12. #ForeverABull Tyree, he made his choice, and it was one that he will likely regret. The other 2, to heck with them.
  13. Not a good game for the UB guys. Neither will stick on the main roster. Hopefully one or both can get a chance on the practice squad.
  14. None of these lists mean anything. Until they are signed, it's all talk. Even once they sign, it doesn't even seem to matter anymore, as guys still leave even before setting foot on campuses. Until the fall semester starts, nothing seems to be set in stone anymore. As some people have told me, "that's just the way it is now", and I don't much care for it.
  15. Yep, it's ridiculous. Remember last year when Hawkins made a big deal about his top xx, then all of a sudden Alabama shows up and the "top" list goes out the window. It's all the "look at me" generation.
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