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  1. None of these lists mean anything. Until they are signed, it's all talk. Even once they sign, it doesn't even seem to matter anymore, as guys still leave even before setting foot on campuses. Until the fall semester starts, nothing seems to be set in stone anymore. As some people have told me, "that's just the way it is now", and I don't much care for it.
  2. Yep, it's ridiculous. Remember last year when Hawkins made a big deal about his top xx, then all of a sudden Alabama shows up and the "top" list goes out the window. It's all the "look at me" generation.
  3. UB bball Season ticket information is out: http://bullsbwf.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019-20_Basketball_gameday_benefits_form.pdf
  4. Well, we beat one Hurley last year, hopefully we can make it 2 for 2 after this one!
  5. Yeah, I'm sure the coaches are clueless. I mean, he's a 6'8 guy playing Center in the NBA summer league. The games showcase some stuff, but I'm sure the time spent in drills and practice show even more, as that time is far greater than the quick summer league games. He's holding his own and seeing a solid amount of playing time. We should all be happy for him and hope he continues to grow as a player. Nearly every one of the guys in the summer league will not be on an NBA roster this year. Hopefully he can impress someone and get a G-League opportunity so that he can have that opportunity down the line.
  6. 1st 3 seem like pretty close to locks. I'm not sure who I'd pick next, between Jeenathan, Nickelberry, Hardnett, Grant, (Mballa if eligible). I don't know those guys well enough to pick. It's as deep of a team as last year, it would seem, without saying it's as good as last year, as they will have to get used to playing with/for each other. It's crazy that I mentioned 10 guys, none of who is Segu, but he doesn't start in front of those 3 listed at guard, but I'd wager he gets a good deal of time on the floor.
  7. It was funny watching him take the jump ball. I'm not sure that he took it during his time at UB. Even in the couple of starts that he got, I believe Montell took the jump (at least over the last 2 years). I look forward to seeing him play in Vegas next week.
  8. The whole idea is just ridiculous. The "offer" surely isn't binding and who knows how this kid will turn out once he gets to the end of high school. Maybe he'll grow, maybe not. Maybe he'll be a good kid, maybe not. It's just lip service and for headlines, just like every other kid who posts "X offered me today" and the "transfer portal".
  9. When I think about a replacement for Jordan, I think of the distributor on offense, not necessarily a defender. If that's the case, who is replacing Dontay this year? I don't know how many players ever will equal Jordan or Dontay with regard to their defensive intensity. If we do land another forward, as is being discussed on this board, we are fairly lean at guard next year. We will have several scholarships available that can fill those slots. I put my faith in the staff and thus far we have no reason not to believe in their vision with regard to building of a roster. I'm always happy simply adding quality players, regardless of position at this point. Having 2 freshmen bigs along with a guard in this class (provided John is the 5th slot) is something that we haven't had in a while, with 3 freshmen in a class. IF the 3 can develop together, along with last year's freshman class (and Mballa), we're in good shape moving forward. Granted, every team thinks their new players are going to all be great....hopefully ours will be!
  10. Funny video. The 6' tall kid trying to guard him in the post doesn't show a whole lot about him or what he'd be able to do against D-1 competition. At this point, we are all hopeful that any/all of the players that have been brought in can develop similarly to the players of the last handful of years. We've been quite lucky in seeing nearly all of our guys bond together and improve greatly. That doesn't always happen, but we've been spoiled over the last few years. I'm optimistic that can continue, seeing as we have many of those players to show them the UB way (Jordan, Graves, etc).
  11. Yep, agreed, including the senior transfers from last year. The returning roster (including those guys) is very solid for the MAC. That group can reasonably contend on their own. With the addition of (seemingly) quality pieces as they've gotten, it should bode well moving forward. Same as last year? No. Top end of the MAC and able to contend beyond? Seems quite plausible and I look forward to it. We've got 3 quality seniors, one of whom has been here for all 4 years and is ready to dominate, especially on D. We've got a junior who is ready to become a star, if he isn't already. We've got our highly touted sophomores who have waited in the wings and grown over the last year. We've got a few big guys looking to make their mark. Is it basketball season yet?
  12. Very nice, a far cry from years ago. What was the ranking of the projected class before the coaching change? In the end, rankings mean little, teams must work hard and come together. Regardless, this staff has done a good job since day 1, as expected.
  13. Nice. I've got it also, but don't remember when it was given away. Good pick ups for cheap $$!
  14. I'm sure they've been anticipating it. We'll see what, if any, difference it makes to the % as a whole, not just for us, but for everyone.
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