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  1. He was sitting out from what I remember. He left mid-year and went to the JUCO school. I'm not sure what his reasoning was for leaving, although I assume that it was due to perceived playing time once eligible. As an earlier post said, he's doing the best (by far) of those who were here and have left. Reese is doing decently as well, while all others are essentially doing little to nothing for their current team this year.
  2. The weird part to me is the fact that he played all season for one team, then transfers to another school and without playing all year for them (or practicing) is allowed to play in their playoffs. That state's rules are far different than ours would be around here, that's for sure.
  3. That CMU game was very fun. Damn 3/4 court shot made by CMU to end the 3rd turned out to be the difference!
  4. A home game would be great. They need to beat Akron for sure and one or two more. They've shown that they can play great. Hopefully they reload for the final stretch.
  5. The whole thing is really weird to me. Regardless, I hope that he does well and does even better when he sets foot on UB's campus.
  6. I would imagine any D-1 basketball commit added to a regular high school basketball team, would be able to put up huge numbers against another regular high school basketball team. While I don't know anything about his new school, I'd wager that he was by far the most talented and likely the biggest guy on the floor for either team. Picture adding him to a local school like Hamburg or Sweet Home and think of the difference he would make to that team instantly, as opposed to the basketball factory that he came from.
  7. Well, no help from anyone this week. We're still sitting in 4th (tied with NIU for 3rd, but they've got the tiebreak on us) with 1 game up on BSU and 2 games up on Kent. I'd like to think that 3+ wins all but guarantees a top 4 spot and 2 wins would put us in at least a tie for 4th. As we've seen, the Bulls can win against anyone, or the opposite. Let's hope for another one for the good guys on Tuesday.
  8. The 1 seed seems pretty unlikely now, with BG and Akron both at 11 wins, with one of the guaranteed to get to 12 wins since they play each other. We would have to win out and hope either BG or Akron (the winner of their matchup) loses to their other two opponents. Seems pretty unlikely. We can only control what we can control, so hopefully UB can get at least 2 more wins. Maybe CMU will help us out here as they're in OT with NIU right now.
  9. The last line is important (one that I forgot about). Therefore, obviously 1 would be best. The rest of the standings are far too close to know which slot would be "best". I think that Ball State has the inside track on the 5 slot at this point, as they have an extra game and play against the Western conference opponents. I'm not quite sure who I'd want to face of any of the teams. Seemingly Miami, Ohio, WMU would seem like the ones we'd want to see, but none will likely make it to Cleveland. Next tier would be EMU, Toledo and CMU, although we've seen what EMU can do to teams, especially us. Is there a great difference in Ball St, Kent, NIU? or Akron, BG? Personally I always like to avoid Kent and Akron in Cleveland, since their located so close to the arena. No matter what, UB just needs to take care of their own games and team and let the rest fall where it may. It will be a fun few weeks, as they always are!
  10. I agree with all you've said, but do you really think that they don't practice end of game situations? These guys eat, drink and crap basketball. They're in the video room, floor, or weight room a good number of hours daily when they're at home, and surely are discussing it during plenty of time while on the road. That being said, today, both chances ended up very ugly. I wish we would've just run our motion weave offense a couple of cycles and when we got the mismatch then drove and finished, kicked back out, or to an open man inside. Lining up Graves (who played amazingly over the final 30 minutes) 35 feet from the basket and going 1-on-1 (which turned into 1-on-2) didn't work today or a few games ago at home. He's much better 1-on-1 when get can get a running start from a pass after some motion. Regardless, the win is all that matters. I couldn't care less how we get there, whether it was today, last week, or last year (when everyone was just clamoring for 10+ point wins for the NET rating). Just win! This team just needs to win enough to get the top 4, then win 3 in Cleveland and let the chips fall where they may after that!
  11. Let's not get ahead of ourselves now. I'm happy with what I saw tonight. One game at a time.
  12. Oh, and one more thing that needs to be noted on this game. Savion Gallion, big minutes in the first half when the game was in a rough spot. Came in, brought energy, hit a big 3 and a couple of free throws. Was the guy on the bench jumping around on every big play with a big smile, wrapping his arm around the guys coming off the floor on every time out. Big time necessary for any good team!
  13. A typical MAC slug-fest between two rivals. Both teams looked out of gas at the end, but UB looked to have just a little extra in the tank. Graves = beast mode there, but please don't shoot with 20 on the shot clock up 3 in the final minute, come on! Mballa, where would we be without him? Is it possible that he could go down as the best big man ever at UB when all is said and done? He looks to be on that trajectory. Damn, if he doesn't get better every week. Jordan, 4-4 from the FT line, shot well overall, needed it. AJ for the most part took care of business in his opportunities. That was fun. ESPN had to love that it was on the prime network game. Top 4 looks so much better now than it did a few hours ago. Gotta take care of Ohio on the long road trip now on Tuesday!
  14. Maybe we'll get the luck of the banked 3s to win this game, much like how Kent got us in the 2nd half at UB a couple of week's back. Considering how well Kent shot in the 1st half, the defensive lapses, and the foul disparity, only being down 6 isn't bad. Game is well within reach.
  15. Sorry Fred. Can you give us his address so that we can send him roses and teddy bears as an apology for our harsh comments and impending heckling? If you think that he's not going to get heckled, you must be living on another plane. He's almost at DJ Cooper level, but not quite, few have reached that level of greatness.
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