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  1. Sorry. I won't post ever again. My bad. It was okay that the other guy talked about the schedule not being good enough time and time again, or for the constant criticism of a 32 win team, but not okay when I call them out on it.
  2. Now is the time for everyone on here to consider making their donation to the UB Excellence Funds of these teams. They've given everyone here a great experience over the last many months. Help ensure that they have the resources to make it continue! Every dollar helps!
  3. It's not a BB thing, it's the year long shot-taking that you've had against this team all year. Maybe you should donate in the same manner as BB however.
  4. While we might be deserving of it, I'd be surprised if we've gained enough respect over the past couple of years to get that ranking in the pre-season, especially after losing 5 seniors. Heck, this team that we all knew would be a great team wasn't even ranked during the pre-season. They had to go out and beat a ranked WVU on the road in the opener in order to get that respect. But hey, maybe Kevin can use his great media skills to pom-pom his way to the voters out there.
  5. You're just the man. I bow down to your greatness. You constantly knock one of UB athletics biggest donors, take jabs at the team all season long, yet want us to appreciate things that you say? Personally, I do not.
  6. Additionally, a greatly undersized UB team out-rebounded UCONN (a team that starts a 5'11, 6'1, 6'1 and 6'3). Impressive showing, especially once they got their nerves out and started playing UB basketball. Such a great season by them. It will be a hard pill to swallow knowing that there is no more UB basketball this season after all the excitement and joy that they brought to so many these last 5 months.
  7. The women played even (57 to 57) basketball with UCONN on their home court over the final 30 minutes of the game. That's one amazing feat. They showed so much heart out there. They owe no one anything considering the season that they had, after losing a great senior class last year. Sweet 16 then round of 32 and playing UCONN evenly in that? Damn, that's impressive.
  8. I'm so tired of some of you "fans". With some of your comments, you show your lack of knowledge of sports and show that you've never put on a uniform in your life outside of tee-ball. When a team played as well as these guys did all year, and people still find fault, those who do are clearly morons. They went 32-4, a nearly 90% winning percentage, yet it's not good enough for some on here. In a single game, the best team doesn't always win, nor does the better team always play the best. The difference between many D-1 teams in the MAC is not 90%-10%, yet UB went 19-2 in the MAC, which still wasn't good enough according to some. It's irresponsible for anyone to think that UB should expect to win 32 games in a season or even 19 games in the MAC. How many teams in the whole country do either of those? Out of 353, what, a couple each year? Those numbers count both the "big" leagues and the "bad" leagues, which several of you on here consider the MAC a "bad" one, even though it's rated in the top third to quarter of the entire NCAA. In the end, it was a great season, and if it wasn't good enough for you, just leave and never return. Additionally, if you were someone who can't appreciate this season, or didn't enjoy every moment of it, you lost out big time, because it was one heck of a ride.
  9. Maybe UB should try to schedule better opponents at home. You should try suggesting that to the coaches or maybe write something about it on this board.
  10. They will be back next year. Hopefully some of those who are negative now and always just go away. This team has been nothing but a joy all year. One less than stellar performance tonight doesn't change that. The metrics say that this team is excellent, even though some people on here who never played a sport in their life, disagree. 32 wins by Buffalo, something most schools in ALL of the ncaa has never reached. Job well done boys, job well done.
  11. Dude, you should leave this board. I wish you'd take your continuous negative attitudes of this team and program on a 1-way trip.
  12. I love how the refs let them play. In mac play, each team would have 10+ fouls already. Everything is contested and no fouls. It's nice to see. This game is up for grabs. Lots of game to go and we're right there.
  13. The lineup could be very impressive next year. I am jazzed up about the possibilities, but I cannot jump into the deep end yet while this incredible season (men's AND women's) is still going. What a fun ride we are on!
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