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  1. Well, that's disappointing to hear. I always enjoyed chatting with her before games.
  2. I'm sure it's not all that challenging, as he probably has a relatively unlimited budget to pay for someone and would have a large number of people who would be interested in the job, in addition to a great tradition of athletics at the school.
  3. I did give on "Giving Day", but I don't wait until that day to give to UB, rather, I've always given to UB when I've felt like it, or if there was a project that I had the desire to support. If everyone who graduated from UB gave back just a little, we would have all the bells and whistles that have been discussed on these fan pages. Unfortunately, many choose not to give back (and it's their choice to do so), including those who received athletic/academic scholarships while they were students at UB, which is disappointing. I can only give when I can and promote it and hope that others will choose to follow. It's our school and is worth supporting!
  4. I mean, it's much closer to home that coming all the way to Buffalo. It seems like a good idea for him I guess. Our coaches will find the guys they want.
  5. Saddest part of that is the football number. The fact that they have 85 full scholarship players, each getting around $250k in overall scholarship, yet they only bring in $6k total for this event.
  6. Commitments mean very little nowadays. I mean, you can even sign LOI's and they still don't mean anything. Until guys are on campus and in jerseys, it's just writing. I have to be honest, the system is getting pretty stupid. When there's 700 transfers in a year, it's just out of control. I'm very thankful that we didn't have any of those. It's huge and will pay dividends next winter. We'll get more guys in here in due time. There's no rush.
  7. Maybe he wants to get paid too!
  8. Tyree got the same bonus as that 7th round pick. If that 7th round pick gets cut, he doesn't get that $2.5 million that you list. If Tyree makes the Bills (or any other team), he'll be making the same amount as any of those 7th round guys, and not far from the 4th-6th round guys. The minimum is $500k+, so any of the UB guys that make the squad on opening day will be earning that salary. Hopefully they can be healthy and show off their skills and we have a few on rosters/practice squads come September.
  9. That's pretty bad. Shows how much respect UB gets. It's quite sad, when we all thought Tyree and AJ were locks to be drafted at worst maybe 5th round and hoping Khalil would get taken by the end. All 3 are good football players and it doesn't bode well for UB recruiting in the future when 3 stars do not get selected, after the team's best season in years.
  10. Yep, at least he didn't sell UB out like a couple of his receiver buddies.
  11. Maybe he should've stayed another year.
  12. I'm just very happy for Coach Jack. This raise is well deserved. After the sweet 16 from 2 years ago, losing the best senior class in history and still getting to the round of 32 this year. If she can do it again this year after losing a WNBA draft pick among 3 other seniors, she's outright amazing, and deserves a Brinks truck dropped off at her door by UB. That being said, I wouldn't put it past her and her staff to get the job done. Let's fill the arena for the women's games next winter...Operation 6k!
  13. They still might, just have to wait and see. I'm sure they are reviewing many and contacting many more. There are so many guys and we are looking for a particular skill set and fit. We surely only hear about the tip of the iceberg, considering we generally only hear about those who visit or post their offers on social media.
  14. When Nate became head coach, didn't our signees come even later than this? Willie didn't commit until early May and Blake/CJ was after him if I recall. They'll fill the roster. There's thousands of guys out there, they'll find 4 more.
  15. Buff news said 270k up from 240k plus 75k incentives and a 50k bonus if she stays 5 more years.
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