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  1. Jim has been the guy who has worked with the Bigs, while Jamie worked with the guards. He clearly sees the hole and is trying to plug it with some big bodies. There's no reason why any of our recruiting should ever be to "aim low" at this point. They should shoot for the types of players that they are looking for in as high of quality as possible. This is a team that's been to the tourney 4 out of 5 years, so even with a new head coach, the goal should still be the same. Incoming players should see the opportunity to continue being tourney bound when they get considered for a spot here.
  2. From what I kept reading, it sounded as though some thought we were just going to go into next season with 8 guys. After Bobby left, and we had our departures and de-commits, we reloaded with Blake, willie, cj, etc. That didn't happen overnight, just as these are starting to come together now. Give Jim and co. a chance. They're not foolish people.
  3. I'm confused. I thought the coaches were just sitting on their hands doing nothing for the last 10 days.
  4. Or maybe a 5 start guy who went to high school in Alabama and was in the McD all-american game. I didn't realize Rojas was SEC caliber. I mean, I know that playing in ECIC in section 6 a year ago has him ready for the SEC grind. I couldn't care less honestly. I just want to see us fill out our roster. Can we lock down these threads about guys who are guaranteed to no longer be attending UB? They've been released and they will not be Bulls. I wish them all nothing but missing NCAA championships year after year, much like Navigato.
  5. I'm certainly not worried about "down the road". I could be wrong, but I think Jim is here to stay, as long as he is successful and wishes to remain as head coach. Let's get today right before we worry about tomorrow. If we do this right, tomorrow will be set up on it's own, just like when Bobby left and Nate stayed, Nate left and Jim stayed. It will take care of itself, just keep putting the right guys on the floor and pushing the right buttons with them while they're out there.
  6. So you think that Jim and Jamie aren't actively talking to these guys? A "recruiter" has to be the only one who takes care of these items? I highly doubt it, especially in the off-season.
  7. I guess it depends on who some people's standard of "no one" represents. To some people, "no one" means none of the "5 big names" that people gathered as being the "best options". If they weren't commanding a huge payday to be our coach, they weren't considered as someone who was good enough for the job. Just because the best person for the job was already here, doesn't mean that no one wanted it. Without looking elsewhere, one may not know who the best option is. Someone compared Danny White's quick turnaround with Nate as a negative shot at Mark Alnutt, because Danny hired him so quickly. Danny was here from the day that Nate was hired under Bobby. Danny saw Nate for two full years as the #2 guy behind Bobby. Danny also was a basketball guy. Mark wasn't here when Jim was hired 4 years ago, and has only been here for less than a year. He's also a football guy first, so for him to take a few extra days to look outward and get a committee's opinion, might not necessarily be an indictment of him with regard to the situation.
  8. Yep, the past is over. Time for now and the upcoming season. Jim is great, so is Jamie. Let's see who else is going on the journey with us, players and coaches. We'll stand behind them.
  9. I haven't listened to it yet, but it's not surprising. Jim is a great coach and an even better guy. I don't know how anyone can have anything bad to say about him.
  10. I just want to see the fun continue, next year and beyond, without worrying about metrics, just winning games with an excellent coach and great players who play as a team.
  11. Well if thats how you feel, then you are the one who feels that they are too good for UB.
  12. I prefaced my statement with "to heck with them", as in they think they are too good for UB, which is why they left. I assumed my sarcasm was clear with that, but I'll say it again...to heck with them. Our program got them to being "better than ub" (in their eyes), they should be appreciative, not back stabbing. I digress, this discussion is about Coach Whitesell, and I'm behind him all the way. Nothing would make me happier than to see him lead these boys to victory and see him tattooed on a certain poster on here.
  13. To heck with KJ, Mabry too. They're too good for UB. I haven't posted about this topic. I think our 1st task isn't about transfers, but trying to get Allen, rojas and cadwell (williams too). Then see what else is out there.
  14. Same. Without the need to pay for the high salary of Nate, there's no need for it. Also, after all the people who have jumped off the bandwagon already, I think the numbers will be dwindling in the stands already. They will come back if the team is a winner, but for now, there are many non-believers who aren't the hardcore fans like many of us.
  15. I'd wager that Jamie Q would be committed to the players here as well. I hope that he stays on staff as well.
  16. The biggest win would've been paying Nate more and keeping him and thole whole staff/roster together, provided that could've happened. As it stands, "UB wins" remains to be seen. I wonder what the cost of the search firm was. I fully throw my support behind Jim from this day forward. At least this brings some closure, for now, unless other shoes drop. I have to believe that the current roster players respect and care for Jim and would be happy playing for him.
  17. His new deal has to be more than 250-350. Unless you were referring to his assistant coaching pay, in which case I apologize. If he only gets 250-350k as head coach I'd be floored (I'm not tattooing anything on myself however). Additionally, if we're only paying 250-350 for our head coach, they filled the coffers with the savings from nate and the buyout for him
  18. Jim is about as nice of a guy as one can be. He's also an EXCELLENT basketball coach. He has been around the game for a long time and knows many coaches. I am very much rooting for him.
  19. Well, that is good to hear. Like I said, if they are not desiring to be here once the new staff is in place, and they want to go, then I could live with the releases. But until then, they are unable to talk with other teams, at least directly I would assume. As they say, "there is hope". If UB or any other school just decided that they weren't going to release someone, what would the repercussions be? Obviously it would be a bad look and/or media storm, but what would the player do? Just be like Laveon Bell and sit out the year, multiple years, career?
  20. I always question this stuff and I don't know that I've ever received an answer, so I'll see if anyone can clarify here that may know. We officially signed Allen, Rojas and Cadwell. They have "asked for release" from their agreement. Hawkins and Williams were just commitments, so they weren't "binding", I get that part. A few things come to mind: -Are we required to release them? Additionally, are we required to release them immediately, or are we able to say, "Hey, give us a few days, let the new coach be named and let them speak with you. If you're still unhappy, we'll grant your request"? -What happens if we don't release them? The whole thing just seems odd. If we release them and they are able to sign and play elsewhere (like Navigato), then what is the purpose of the whole signing thing? It seems stupid if that is the case, as evidently the agreements aren't really binding in any way.
  21. And who wouldn't have been on the team if Ikenna was still there, Grant or Johnson? I doubt that Ikenna would've made THE difference in any of our losses. He wouldn't have won the Marquette or TT game since they were big point losses. As for the 2 MAC games, it's unlikely. He was a nice guy and a nice role player, good glue guy, but his slow pace of play wouldn't have been advantageous to this quick paced offense for more than a couple minute spell here or there.
  22. My bad, meant Johnson. Just was spouting quickly and wrote the wrong name.
  23. I'm more worried about any of ours going on to this list than I am worrying about gaining anyone at this time. Until we have a full coaching staff in place, we can't really go after any of these guys anyway. I would be more than happy if we are just able to have a lineup next year that includes Jordan, Anderson, Grant, Graves, Segu, Williams, Fagan, Bertram, Rojas, Cadwell. Then hopefully the new coach can try to work on Allen and Williams again, maybe get lucky to get one of them back (not promising, I would guess). In my opinion, we would need to target a Big that can play right away, although I'm not sure if those guys exist, that would be better than Fagan or Brock. Then see if anyone has slipped through the cracks, find that next CJ, then maybe go after one of those guys listed above. A lineup of those guys would be competitive in the MAC, even without all of the bells and whistles of Allen, Hawk, Williams. Anderson will be a strong force in MAC play. Graves should be a 1st team type player. Jordan would be a top 15 guy in MAC play. All 3 of those in my opinion should be top 15-20 in MAC. Williams, Grant and Segu would provide quality in MAC. Not a 32 win team, but a solid team. Just have to keep them in place. I love that you've started this list however, good work. It will be fun to look at in a week or so when the pieces start coming into place.
  24. That's an all relative question, at least to me. There's more out there than money in my eyes, and I do just fine with what I've got. I've never been offered that opportunity though, and I never will with my main job, so I'll never be able to test it out. I still say that there has to be a cut point where the "3x" money just gets absurd and you're just over the top. Going from a living wage to 3x that, such as Hodgson did (at least presumably) is a great bump. Going from where Nate was to where he is now, is near that "absurd" point as I referenced earlier. I do get it though, as it's not just a money move, it's a recruiting move, prestige move, and a chance to truly become a national icon at a "big school" like that. I just hope that FLJ stays and is happy to stay. She's excellent at what she does and has built something very nice here.
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