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  1. Anyone predicting 13-5 heading into the season was really thinking pretty positively. 13 wins in this league isn't easy. Just because we got 16 last year and Akron had 17 a few year's back, doesn't mean that 13 wins is a given for anyone. The talent levels are much closer than most think in the MAC. A 67% win percentage only gets you to 12 wins, and winning 2 out of every 3 is no small feat, especially the year after graduating 4 All-MAC players. Beyond Jordan and Graves getting solid minutes over their careers here, and AJ getting good minutes 2 years ago (and sitting out all last year), this team didn't have a lot of game play experience at the D-1 level. Mballa, Williams, Segu didn't play very much last year. Grant didn't play tons at Houston 2 years ago (again, sitting out all last year). Hardnett sat out all last year, Brock has sparingly played, Nickelberry from JUCO last year and Memphis beforehand, and Gallion is a newcomer. The players now have gained a great deal of experience over the course of the season and are gelling at the right time, getting their defensive games in order and growing with each other. If you want to knock the coaches, you're crazy. If you don't think that this team is far better now than earlier in the season, you're even crazier. While all teams have the goal of getting better throughout the season, it doesn't always happen. Injuries, fatigue, in-house drama, etc. occur hindering growth. This team is definitely looking like a team ready to roll as opposed to ready for the season to end.
  2. Exactly. Every team is going to lose in this league. They're all too tightly bunched to think otherwise. Luckily, the team has put itself in position to take care of it's own business after it's recent run of wins. Friday is going to be a war, both teams want it and could use it. Hopefully we can finish with one more point than them in the end!
  3. Well we've got 2 guards signed, so hopefully that is a plus in what you're looking for. http://verbalcommits.com/players/chanse-robinson http://verbalcommits.com/players/josiah-freeman Surely can never have too many shooters. Many are itching for a big man with the remaining space. My retort to that has been that we've got Fagan and Skogman added to next year's roster, so is it necessary to add another big when the 3 guys that we're losing are guards/small forwards? I'm all for just going after the best guy available, NFL draft style!
  4. It's amazing how many on here wanted to ship the coaching staff out of town and now they're all quiet (especially one or two loud ones). The team is 8-5 in league currently, on pace for a 20 win season, after losing 5 seniors (2 of whom are probably top 5 all time players at UB and 2 others were All-MAC selections), 2 bench coaches and multiple other basketball personnel , and an entire recruiting class (and even a bench coach right at the start of the season). Great coach Coach JW, JQ, AT in quieting the doubters and putting yourselves and the team in position for a bye heading into the MAC playoffs. Big game on Friday!
  5. The 1 seed would be a stretch even if they go 2-0 this week. Down 2 games to 2 teams with only 5 left would be tough to overcome unless UB was to go undefeated the rest of the way, which will be a very challenging thing to do. 3 or 4 seed seems very reasonable to attain, provided they can go at least 3-2 (4-1 would be a virtual lock at a top 4 seed). None of these final games will be easy, nor will any in the tournament. They just need to take it one game at a time and let the chips fall where they may from the other games.
  6. I believe it goes to the team's record against the top ranked team (and working down the ranking ladder from top down).
  7. Do you ever have anything positive to say? The game is 40 minutes. Ball State played some super defense early, then seemed to run out of gas (and got a few in foul trouble), combined with some changes on defense by UB slowing down #11 (while allowing #5 to have a few openings in the 2nd). The team is now 8-5, currently in 4th with a really big game on Friday after two double digit wins in a row. Give credit where credit is due. Yep, it was ugly early, but the team kept their composure and took care of business and really played a great final 25-28 minutes.
  8. The team will come out ready to rock and get a little payback from their early season match-up.
  9. 4-2 or better down the stretch, including these 2 won, would likely get it done for a top 4. 11 wins in general likely gets it done, but it makes the chances a lot better if they can beat those that they're equal to, since they'd be 1-1 with each and 2-0 vs CMU, all of whom are in a tight bunch right now. One game at a time. Win a nice one at home. Make AA your house again!
  10. They choose to redshirt those who aren't quite ready for this level. If there is little to no difference between others on the team, they can give the freshman a year to train and practice in order to help the team the next year (i.e skogman - needing to get faster and stronger, and his skill set along with those improvements will help him long term). I'd wager that these 2 are not redshirt material next year.
  11. Anytime Frank Spencer refs, expect the worst. He's by far the worst there is. Thank goodness we haven't had him.this season until today. I remember when we had him a bunch when Hurley was here, lost control of every game.
  12. I don't know what is tougher to take, the awful officiating or the constant errors by the announcers. They're both brutal. Thank goodness we're up by a bunch or I'd be going completely out of my mind watching this.
  13. Now that's Buffalo Basketball. Toledo has 15 free throws to UB's 1. UB has 14 fouls to UB's 5. But who's up by 24 at half? Buffalo. F-U refs and your BS.
  14. I agree. I'm thinking a 6 point win. Fingers crossed that I'm right!
  15. Coach Jack and the team deserves better from the student body, especially after the last few years of tremendous results. While I know that women's bball doesn't equal men's (essentially everywhere), this team has been an exciting one to watch and anyone who doesn't go because "it's not as good as the guys" is sadly mistaken. I know that the numbers are up. I remember being at games of far <100 many times in year's past, but thankfully the community has really grown close to Coach and the players and has given them very solid support, and deservedly so based on their record in recent seasons.
  16. so 15x less than the number of giveaways for the men's game? Sounds equitable.
  17. It's pretty sad. The public at-large has bought in to Coach Jack and the women's bball team and has given pretty solid support over the past few seasons. It's too bad that more students don't show up. Maybe a t-shirt giveaway for the women's game would be helpful, whereas 2 men's games in a row got a 750 shirt giveaway. This team is young and has it's limitations. They definitely didn't look to be at their best today and Toledo shot the lights out, including a 2nd home game in a row with 1/2 court shot made for the opponent. I like this team a lot moving forward.
  18. Hopefully the efforts on the floor are more than enthusiastic.
  19. Assuming all players currently on the roster stay, we would only have 1 spot remaining for next season. Still a lot of time left in this season before we worry fully about next season. If everyone remains in place, next year looks solid on paper. I still want to see a big jump this season. I appear to be in the minority on here, but no matter what happened yesterday or earlier in the season, this team is still capable of winning a lot of games this season. While we all would've loved to have seen more wins to this point, it is what it is, but until this season is over or they show that they are incapable of winning games, I will not give up on this season or the players and staff that comprise it.
  20. In 14-15, UB was 6-6 in league, rattled off 6 straight to close the season, followed by a MAC championship (only had to win 2 games due to the triple bye of the time). Prior to the 6-6, the team had lost 3 straight in league. Without going back to the old posts of the time, I'd wager that they look a lot like tonight's thoughts. While not disagreeing with most of what's been said about tonight's game, I'm still far from ready to throw in the towel on the season. This team has been in every league game right to the final buzzer (with the exception of one blowout win and one blowout loss) and just gets a bounce here or there and bingo, it's another big run. Are the rosters the same? Not exactly, but there isn't a reason to write this team completely off. As much as we probably should've won this game (and several others this season), we just need it to click down the stretch. As some people were saying earlier in the season "only 3-4 games in March matter" and while I dismissed it at the time, it's got some merit. This team still has a 6-12% or so chance to win the league (figure a 50-50 shot to win a single game x 3 or 4 games). Unlike last year, where the team was probably 50% or so to win (around 80% x 3). Would you give any team more than a 15-20% chance to win? I surely wouldn't bet any team in this league at 4-1 or worse odds and I'd gladly take UB at 10 or 12-1.
  21. Another one bites the dust... https://buffalonews.com/2020/02/04/ub-buffalo-football-chibueze-onwuka-defensive-tackle-transfer-portal-2020/
  22. At least we have the Sabres to keep our sanity, oh wait...
  23. That was bad. Only 1 player who played more than a handful of minutes who shot over 50%. 28 - 3 point shots and only 5 made? That's never going to get it done. Not sure what positives can be drawn from this one, and I usually can find some. It's not a season end-er, but damn if it's not close. Again, as crazy as it seems, this team still could win against any team, including the MAC tourney. At the same time, they could be 1 game and out. The saying of "good teams win the close ones" makes me worry though, as we've lost a whole lot of close ones. I have many questions that come to mind about a lot of different things regarding this team so I wouldn't know where to even begin at this point.
  24. all we've done the last several possessions is chuck 3s and throw the ball to EMU. Ridiculous.
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