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  1. https://saturdaytradition.com/rutgers-football/targeting-buffalos-lance-leipold-might-be-the-best-option-for-rutgers-during-coaching-search/
  2. On this date in 1977 UB return to playing football at the Division III level after not playing since the 1970 season. UB lost the toss to RIT. RIT fumbled the return and UB recovered. On the first play from scrimmage Mark Gabriel ran off left tackle for a touchdown. The game was played in a torrential downpour that did not let up at any point during the game. The game ended on a muddy Rotary Field in a 7 - 7 tie. The last tie ever played by UB. RIT dropped football after that year. The rest is 43 seasons of UB football history.
  3. California has enacted a new law that will allow college athletes to profit off of their name, likeness and image. The NCAA is not amused. For what they are worth, my thoughts, the first of about five tweets on the topic. You may need to be on Twitter to read the full thread
  4. No. Longest is 54 yards by Gerald Carlson.
  5. We will win some and lose some. Then we will have to win three or four games in the MAC Tournament to go to the NCAA.
  6. I like your optimism, but given the length of time with no official statement, my guess was his initial request was declined by NCAA and currently in an appeal process. As far as I can see, not a lot of transparency on the waiver process, so it is anyone's guess as to what criteria they are considering. Fingers crossed Mballa gets a waiver. For what it is worth Mballa has a number on the roster, which Johnson did not have last year.
  7. It is 12 days until Miami. The game time will be announced later today. at noon on ESPNU.
  8. Finnegan had some special visitors before he was discharged and returned to Buffalo. All I can say is that Coach Franklin is a class act. Before the stadium opened up for fans he walked the entire perimeter of the filed and shook hands with all the people working as ushers and security who were at field level.
  9. Although 3:30 is a little early for Temple to end Shabbos that is when the Temple game will kickoff. National TV in ESPNU.
  10. Hate trains like that. Timing going back could be very difficult. It is not like a subway with trains every few minutes.
  11. Four o'clock tip against Drexel, will have to leave New York by about 10:00 and hope to get there on time. Black Friday.
  12. Unless the Army game is a return game from when UB played at Army, when Reggie was coach, it may mean a return trip to Army in the next year or two.
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