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  1. North Carolina just opened and I expect that Rutgers will open right after signing period ends.
  2. The difference was that White knew that Hurley was leaving. it was just a question of where he was going to go. Alnutt did not know Oats was leaving because neither nor anyone else saw Alabama coming in with stupid money.
  3. The good thing about the president's interference at St. John's is that we got Whitsell out of it.
  4. I believe I read somewhere that he got promoted to Director of Basketball Operations replacing Bauman Correct.
  5. St. John's is a horrible job right now. The president of the university,as opposed to the AD, wanted Lavin (and by extension Whitesell) and the AD out and Mullen in as coach four years ago. There was no reason for the president to be involved in decisions like that, except if there is a major scandal taking place at the school, and there was not one. Until he is gone it is a place to stay away from for anyone like Hurley. Unless St. John's is going to offer in the words of Nate Oats, stupid money, he should stay at Iona. There is a history of other successful coaches int the New York City area moving to St. John's and failing. He is in a great spot at Iona right now and the stupid money will most likely come to him from some place else.
  6. However, there is huge difference between is that Osborn can play this year. Jones either has to drop down levels or sit for a year. As long as the sit a year rule stays in place that will a deterrent for many to transferring.
  7. It was Omar Jacobs. Pittsburgh took him in the fifth round in 2006 and he was out of the NFL after 2007.
  8. June 12th vs. New York Liberty at Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York.
  9. That is the pre-tournament poll. The AP does not do one after the tournament.
  10. Who along with Rojas are listed as committed to Buffalo.
  11. Probably not on the list because he signed a Letter of Intent and is therefore not available unless he is given a release.
  12. Including being guilty here>
  13. Lunardi has Toledo as the team in from the MAC. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology
  14. Thanks for pointing it out. It has been fixed.
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