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  1. BrooklynBull

    Early Signing Date

    It is now only 30 days to the start of the early singing period for football ON November 14TH.
  2. BrooklynBull

    Homecoming Game - Akron

    It was homecoming and I never wore a jacket (except for rain) when I was in school, so I was reliving my past for the presentation.
  3. BrooklynBull

    Midnight, Ok, 7:30 Madness

    For those of you unable to make it to the event it will be available on ESPN3. http://www.espn.com/watch/_/id/3448290/bulls-madness
  4. BrooklynBull

    Homecoming Game - Akron

    In Stampede Square the reunion for former athletes is on left side of lot as you look at the stage.
  5. BrooklynBull

    Homecoming Game - Akron

    Football weather!!!! Finally.
  6. BrooklynBull

    Matt Weiser

  7. BrooklynBull

    Matt Weiser

    Matt Weiser has signed with the Orlando Apollos of the Alliance of American Football. Also on the team is Roubbens Joseph. The league starts play right after the Super Bowl next February.
  8. BrooklynBull

    @ CMU

    Not sure about the forecast, but it will not be a muddy field. The play on plastic.
  9. Senior Carissima Cutrona's career is likely over. The Senior tore her ACL for a second time on Sunday. Given how much she has played this year an extra year of eligibility would be unlikely.
  10. BrooklynBull

    2018 Football Schedule

    10/6 - TBA 12:00 - at Central Michigan CBS Sports Network 10/13 - TBA - 12:00 vs Akron (Homecoming) CBS Sports Network
  11. BrooklynBull

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Down to $190.00. Be the person to put the drive over the top!
  12. BrooklynBull

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Ten days and $940.00 to go. Be a part of the solution!
  13. BrooklynBull

    Toledo Game

    According to UB website in addition to the ESPN+ coverage of the game, the game will be available free in the Buffalo area on channel 2. http://ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2018-19/schedule
  14. BrooklynBull

    Homecoming Game - Akron

    Kickoff is at noon and for the third straight week the game will be available on CBS Sports Network.
  15. BrooklynBull

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    Because all of the tickets have yet to be sold.