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  1. No, it is part of a potential overhaul of transfer rules for Division I athletes. They would be allowed one transfer and not have to sit out a year. It would be like the Division III rule in the 1970s, when the only transfers who did not have to sit were those going from on Division III to another. This was only valid once. If you moved to a third school you had to sit. All other combinations had to sit a year.
  2. The link is to an article in The New York Times that discusses the impact of the new CBA on former NFL players. It features former UB Defensive Coordinator Ed O'Neill and his son. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/25/sports/football/nfl-retired-players-benefits.html
  3. When I told my son that El-Amin's kid was at Northern it made him feel old. When El-Amin was a freshman at UConn my son was throwing a football with some guy in the basement of Gampel Pavilion before a UB - UConn football game. Later that year he was watching a UConn basketball game and called me over and said look that is the guy I was throwing the football with at UConn.
  4. Disagree. Sports are played by humans not computer formulas. All 4ths and 1s are not alike. Analytics are ruining sports. They are one of top five the things that has ruined baseball, not in any particular order: Tony LaRussa and bullpen by committee. Davey Johnson and double switching in the 3rd inning. Sports Talk Radio with fans questioning every move by a manager when they lose because of Analytics The National League's adoption of the DH for the bullpen (either flat out adopt the DH or let relief pitchers hit and stop burning through your bench) Also in football on 4th and 1 if a team does not kick, the coach is genius if they make the first down and a moron if they come up short the next day on sports radio.
  5. For years I have read here what people think different coaches should be doing in connection with different personnel in a variety of different sports. I think John Feinstein summarizes my thoughts on these posts. For those of you who do not remember Terry Holland he was head basketball coach at Virginia.
  6. How does he have any eligibility left? Looks like he has played his four years already.
  7. Better to not to contact them. Read: http://ubfan.com/bb/index.php?/topic/349-fanbooster-compliance/
  8. The NCAA is getting this right. Winter sports basically had their entire season. Did some lose out on conference and national championship tournaments, yes. But they got to play their last season. It is not like spring sports that were stopped early in the season. There will be issues with scholarship limits next year if they give an extra year in spring sports. If a school made offers of partial scholarships to the freshmen starting school in the fall what do you do with a player who comes back for another season, who you thought would be out of eligibility? The only athletes impacted for going pro are really baseball players who were expecting to be redrafted or drafted for the first time this spring. Are their other sports to go pro in after college that are spring sports? Yes. But there is so little money and jobs the loss of the spring season was most likely a make or break for them.
  9. In 2018 UB played in the Dollar General Bowl. In 2019 it was the Lending Tree Bowl. In 2019 they played in the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl. In 2020 it will have a new sponsor. http://www.tribune242.com/news/2020/mar/12/sponsor-withdraws-but-bahamas-bowl-expected-to/ Attention all bowl game sponsors, if you want to end your sponsorship deal make sure that UB comes to your game this year.
  10. There are also a number playing Australia , led by Stephanie Reid. I think Courtney Wilkens and Joanna Smith were there for a while as well. Smith was recently back in Buffalo when the team had their reunion weekend.
  11. The NCAA has imposed an dead period through April 15, 2020. There can be no physical contact between coaches and prospective student athletes. Phone calls, emails and texts are still allowed. There can be no official or unofficial visits. No Letters of Intent can be signed in basketball until April 15, 2020 at the earliest.
  12. https://ubbulls.com/news/2020/3/11/football-bulls-host-annual-pro-day-photo-gallery.aspx
  13. Just a friendly reminder that you drop ESPN+ now. Probably will not need until the St. Francis game in September. You may need it earlier if you want to stream either volleyball or soccer.
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