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  1. There was and will only be one true big man, Clarence Clemons.
  2. Have you seen some of the other football stadiums in the conference? UB Stadium is hands down better than Kent State and Eastern Michigan. Eastern's indoor facility is a bubble.
  3. It would be nice. UB could save a lot of money on scholarships if this was true.
  4. No. It is one of 6 bowls for the MAC. https://getsomemaction.com/news/2019/6/4/football-mac-to-face-big-ten-as-primary-bowl-partners-in-the-quick-lane-bowl.aspx
  5. Only $85.84 in US Dollars today.
  6. Right now UB has to schedule payday games. That was part of the funding model for building the Murchie Fieldhouse. I have never heard anyone at UB say that it is not ok to boo Army. I would boo them, Navy and especially Air Force any time or place where they are playing UB.
  7. Or may be they find that UB is tough academically.
  8. Cool. Looking forward to the house warming party. Will you be sending a boat to pick us up? Oh wait, I still have 2 years of NCAA eligibility left. That would likely be a violation. Not a violation. While you may have only played for two years, you are clearly beyond five years since you started college.
  9. There is nothing to compare the number against. This is the first yea rthe information is public. It could be the same amount of students looking to transfer as every year before. It is now in the open for the first time.
  10. UB women's basketball assistant head coach Cherie Cordoba is headed to LSU. Good luck coach and Geaux Tigers!
  11. At least you spelled his last name correctly. That is more than I can say for him.
  12. He has been teaching at Joe Licata's football clinics.
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