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  1. A travel package is available if you want to join the women for 10 days in Spain in June. https://www.wetravel.com/trips/buffalo-women-s-basketball-international-tour-to-spain-sport-tours-valencia-82015921
  2. After 2-15-20. As of now the women open at their personal Waterloo, Norther Illinois.
  3. This as of the games played on 2-15-20. Could have the four seed after Tuesday.
  4. Binghamton just got a $60,000,000.00 donation to build a baseball complex. https://www.binghamton.edu/baseball-complex/
  5. And the last few years. He was in charge of video previously.
  6. On February 29th, during the MAC Championships, the swimming pool will be named the Dorsi Raynolds Competition Pool in honor of long tome women's swim coach Dorsi Reynolds. http://bullsbwf.com/raynolds-swim-campaign/ The announcement was made during the Forever a Bull podcast with Kelly Sahner, former women's basketball player and SA President. https://ubbulls.com/podcasts/forever-a-bull-with-kelly-sahner/100
  7. Try Mahalo next time. Clearly someone who did not see the original Hawaii 5-0.
  8. There is a Watch Party tonight in New York City at All Stars Sports Bar and Grill at 327 West 57th Street. This was where the Anchor Bar used to be. At prior watch parties pictures of the people there were shown on the screen in Alumni Arena. Will it happen again, do not know. But would you want to miss the chance to have your picture on the scoreboard in Alumni? Be there, Aloha!
  9. So today is a Friday in Buffalo in winter.
  10. Not an attractive job. There is still fallout from Larry Nassar that teh school is dealing with. Also there are Title IX issues with both football and basketball covering up exual assaults by players. The fact that Dantonio "resigned" just after qualifying for a $4,300,000.00 retention bonus, makes me believe that was his severance package and he was asked to leave by the school. Look possibly for Izzo to be gone after this season as well.
  11. In addition to the game being on ESPN3 it will be available on Directv on channel 798, depending on the package that you have.
  12. They are also 1/2 game out of the bye, in a three way tie 1/2 game back of the 3 seed.
  13. Followed by a celebratory shower.
  14. Now official word form UB to confirm Footballsccop.com:
  15. Per FootballSccop.com Buffalo: Graduate assistant Isaac Reed has been promoted to running backs coach, tweets ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg. Offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki will move to tight ends.
  16. Links to TBN are worthless to those who have enough sense not to subscribe to this rag. I had no problem viewing it. You may have hot your monthly limit of views. Clean your history and/or cache.
  17. At Minnesota in 2015. Home and home with Army in 2026 and 2027.
  18. Not sure why she needs to apply. She has only played three prior seasons and hasnot played this year. This year can be her "unburned" redshirt year and she comes back to play in her fifth year is school.
  19. It is actually a 20% increase. Last year $20.83 per game. This year $25.00 per game.
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