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    Future of Alumni Arena

    uhh...I have. The track makes me disconnected from the game. I do not enjoy watching games there. I'm glad you do. However, many people in the community do feel this way, as you admit, and that's a problem if we want people to actually come to games. Admittedly I am rarely in the stands for football games. However, when I do go up in the stands I have never had a problem with seeing the game and the track is a non-factor in watching the game. You want the front rows to be closer to the field? Why? Everyone who has written about getting the front rows closer to the field thinks you will see better. Unless the front row is elevate you cannot see anything from along the sides of the field. At Iowa if you are in the first few rows you cannot really see the game, even from the 50 yard line. Your view is blocked by players. At Met Life if you have the club seats behind the bench on field level if you want to see the game you have to go inside and watch it on television. Regardless of the stadium or arena, if your seats are low, your view sucks. As for the highlighted quote from Skrabukes above, thanks. If you think there is a problem do not just whine. Become part of the solution and not the problem, DONATE! Every contribution no matter how small will help. My first donation after graduating was $15.00. After graduating law school and getting a job a set aside a few dollars every week and still do that every week now. As I started earning more I set more money aside and the donations went up. If you think you cannot afford to do that look at do every day. For all the people who wanted beer sales at games, give up one beer a week and you will have nearly $300.00 after a year to donate. If you smoke cutting back one pack a week and setting that aside would lead to a donation of nearly $700.00 (this is based upon $13.00 a pack in New York City, which I believe is low) a year, and you would be healthier. https://ubfoundation.buffalo.edu/giving/index.php?&custom=0581
  2. BrooklynBull

    CBS Bracketology

    As of now CBS has a real interesting quad in Des Moines. First round has UB against the Auburn Greenes in a 7-10 match up, with UB as the 7. The winner likely to face the two seed Michigan Manuels. 7 Buffalo 10 Auburn Des Moines 2 Michigan 15 S. Dak. St.
  3. BrooklynBull

    UB's Peers

    I have been to Iowa twice. Once UB football and a bar mitzvah.
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    Alumni Arena Jams

    That's a good one. I wonder if DJ Milk/DJ Yes can put that on for the next game. Let them wait until the Kent State game when I will be in town.
  5. BrooklynBull

    Alumni Arena Jams

    Can never go wrong with Springsteen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac5bb5Uy4uc
  6. BrooklynBull

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Wasn't the beginning of the season when people were saying that we have to play better and they when we do we will be much better?
  7. A non-guaranteed contract is one that is subservient to a larger agreement, i.e. a collective bargaining agreement (think NFL). When you agree to hire a person for a set number of years you must pay all of it unless you can terminate the person for cause or any other term placed into the contract to allow early termination. Even the NFL contracts state that a player must make the team to be paid for each year. A multi-year NFL contract is really a series of one year contracts that require the player to make the team in order to be paid. A fully guaranteed contract is what Carmelo Anthony has, with somebody paying him although he is not playing. Not a labor lawyer, but took contracts in law school.
  8. BrooklynBull

    Leipold Extended

    Coach Leipold signed an extension through the 2023 season. http://ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2018-19/releases/20190205grt6oj
  9. That violates basic contract law. All coaching contracts have to be paid off in full if a coach is not fired for cause. Not winning enough is not cause. You have to be fired like Briles was at Baylor to have a chance to not payoff a contract. Basic contract law requires the damaged party (fired coach) to mitigate damages (unless they get a clause in their contract like Gill had at Kansas, that the balance of the contract was to be paid off in equal installments 30, 60 and 90 days after termination, regardless as to whether or not a new job was obtained). That means they have to look for another job and any money paid in the new job will reduce the amount of money owed by the firing institution. The question that comes up is how far does a person have to look for a job geographically. In connection with a UB coach they would have to try to get a job at St. Bonaventure, Canisus or Niagara, if an opening occurred. A UB coach may not have to apply for a job at Gonzaga.
  10. BrooklynBull

    Leipold Extended

    The lack of long term contracts are used to recruit against schools all the time. Also the age of the coach is used to recruit against schools. Kirk Herbstreit talks about how he was told that Peterno was too old and would never be there when he finished at Penn State.
  11. BrooklynBull

    Class of 2019 - Malik Brooks

    And that leaves the entire class without one player from New York State nor any kickers.
  12. BrooklynBull

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    As Al Davis said. "Just win baby". Everything else will take care of itself.
  13. BrooklynBull

    Leipold Extended

    With only FCS, DI and DIII head coaching jobs still open, no. But leaving to be a coordinator at a higher level may still have been open some place. Also there are NFL staffs to be filled and you never know when someone may make a call. The coaching fraternity is small and everyone knows someone who knows someone. That person could say why do not you give a call to Coach X. Next thing you know Coach X is gone.
  14. BrooklynBull

    Leipold Extended

    The extension was done now because there were only two years left on his contract. http://www.ubbulls.com/sports/fball/2015-16/releases/20160420lbywuc He was renewed through 2020 after his first season. Not renewing him now would make it easy for him to jump as the buyout is probably low right now. The extension ups the buyout and helps with recruiting because recruits will know that he has a contract through 2023 (in my opinion that is not much of a cushion because that does not take him through the five years of the kids signing tomorrow. Look for another extension next year after another good season.
  15. It is not a five year extension. It extends the existing contract until the end of the 2023 season. If it was a five year extension Leipold would have been without a contract since earlier this year. It is probably an extra three years on the current deal that was extended after his first season. More here: http://ubfan.com/bb/index.php/topic/314-leipold-extended/&tab=comments#comment-4700
  16. BrooklynBull

    Leipold Extended

  17. BrooklynBull

    Buffalo in Charleston Classic - 2019

    More importantly are the dates. November 21, 22 and 24. Make your reservations now. It is the Thursday, Friday and Sunday before Thanksgiving. https://espnevents.com/charleston-classic/
  18. BrooklynBull

    Johnson to Combine

    Anthony Johnson announced yesterday that he has an invite to the NFL Combine.
  19. BrooklynBull

    Could this happen?

    UConn was a stretch to get into the Big 10. They are not an AAU school. All of them members of the conference were when they joined the conference. Nebraska is no longer an AAU member because of not enough research dollars at the school.
  20. BrooklynBull

    Could this happen?

    The Big 10 had rejected Rutgers earlier. They did a study and found that adding Rutgers did nothing for the conference. They ended up being added because Fox wanted to get the Big 10 network on cable systems in the New York City area. They used the YES Network as leverage to for cable systems to add the Big 10 Network. Take the Big 10 Network on basic tier or you do not get the YES Network. Granted that is a classic anti-trust violation, however, what cable provider wants to claim anti-trust violation against a provider.
  21. Not much. That is why a lot of the players, even the first rounders and stars, play overseas in the WNBA off season. The need the second jobs to be able to afford to live.
  22. BrooklynBull

    #18 UB @ Bowling Green (2/1 - 8:00pm ET)

    They have arrived.
  23. BrooklynBull

    New Features

    Last I knew the ads were covering the expenses to run the site.
  24. BrooklynBull

    Could this happen?

    As someone who has gone to watch parties for over a decade the answer is that the number of alumni who turn out is relatively small. The two biggest crowds were for Kentucky last March which was a Saturday and from pictures I saw for the MAC Championship game in December. The MAC Championship game had a large draw because it was originally set as a happy hour and converted to a happy hour/watch party. The non-watch party events draw much larger crowds than watch parties. Except for a few diehards, who were diehards when they were at UB, not that many people will show for a watch party outside of a the same core people.