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  1. I think people may be overthinking White. The kid is going to be playing his senior year of college basketball 3 hours from his home town. I’d have to imagine that played a big factor.
  2. On the subject of JUCOs with Buffalo ties, Javion hamlet and James Reese are both headed to North Texas.
  3. 13.5 PPG and 40%+ shooting from three with three years of eligibility remaining? Yes please.
  4. I'd love to see Agee back in the fold. I was really impressed with his reel when we first started to recruit him and was surprised when our recruitment seemed to go cold. As someone else said, land 2 of 3 between Nickleberry/Skogman/White and our post game should be pretty solid immediately. If Agee fills the final spot I'd be real happy. As for Nickleberry, hard not to see comparisons to Jeremy Harris in his game. He looks like a good stretch 4 replacement for Harris.
  5. I'm sorry you missed every Texas Tech game in the tournament since. Everyone who has played TTU has looked overmatched. I suppose Cassius Winston's B10 POTY should be revoked for failing to outperform CJ last night against TTU.
  6. I don’t know that we will ever see again a player as productive as McCrea when he got going, but there always seemed to be a negative correlation between how many points he scored and whether we won or lost. Massinburg carries the team multiple times especially late game. He’s my vote.
  7. Yacklich would be an excellent hire and I think you’re right about him being in the running. coaching changes listed coaches in the running with an additional mystery coach “with the same first name as one of the other people mentioned in the last Buffalo tweet”: Luke Murray was one of the coaches mentioned, so there’s a solid chance Luke Yacklich is who he was referencing. I’d be really happy with either Luke.
  8. I would have been ok with Lanier at Buffalo but I'm more excited to be going a different direction.
  9. I love the idea of Luke Murray. Definitely not a guy I'd expect to stick around if he has success but I think he'd be a great hire.
  10. Pretty sure it’s a legitimate source. Supposedly run by an anonymous group of people in the basketball business. They have scooped a few coaching hires already this year and they’re followed by a lot of big basketball writers. They definitely don’t have inside info on every hire before it happens though so take it with a grain of salt.
  11. https://twitter.com/coachingchanges/status/1112877350176272390?s=21
  12. Coach buyouts typically cover the difference or a portion of the difference in salaries if the coach gets a new job. That may be the drop in salary but the actual financial drop on the coach's end may be significantly less. By the time his buyout window ends he may be looking to move up with some success anyways.
  13. Rob Lanier does not excite me at all. If we're going with a guy with good assistant credits who didn't do much as HC then we may as well stick with Whitesell. If we're going outside of Oats staff, I'd kick the tires on Mike Anderson, Avery Johnson, John Becker, John Brannen, LeVelle Moton and see if they have any interest.
  14. It seemed like the general consensus last season at this time was "why would he leave now with 5 seniors on the roster next year." I think we all knew he was likely gone after they graduated. We would have been in a perpetual state of "one more year" if we had our way. Sure we had reason to hope he'd stick around based on his comments this season and the contract extension, but he could have stayed 8 years and I'm sure we would have felt let down if he bolted then. There's going to be transfers and it's going to suck, but we've been through this before. Buffalo is a mid-major name program now and we can reload. I will say one thing: Cleveland didn't feel special this year - it felt expected. It's awesome to have an amazing team who is the heavy favorite but this is sports and we are fans and adversity makes things more exciting.
  15. They didn’t retire the number and I don’t see why 11 can’t be up there twice. Battle will have his day.
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