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  1. Cannot wait to see him on campus. What a talent.
  2. Extremely impressed with Hardnett’s development. One of the bright spots of the season thus far. Graves doing his best James Harden impression tonight
  3. Quitting 3/4 of the way through his senior season? What the hell is happening at BGSU?
  4. I think he still deserves the benefit of the doubt but I really wish I saw anything at all out of this coaching staff that made me think they're the guys to put Buffalo back on the top of the MAC.
  5. Jordan looks completely lost against the zone to start.
  6. Jordan has to step up tonight and Johnson has to continue his strong play. They're likely to draw the two most difficult defensive match ups. Bowling Green is likely the best team we've played since DePaul. We can't give them anything less than our A game.
  7. I don't think it's a given that Fagan won't have enough minutes to keep him around for next year. Skogman is a project and while Hardnett is quickly improving he has a ways to go before he looks like a starter. It's easy to forget that Fagan looked pretty good in very limited minutes last year. At this point it seems to make the most sense to redshirt this year and keep him at 2 years of eligibility left. Fagan and Hardnett in a rotation at the 4 spot with Mballa/Bertram at the 5 with Skogman playing minutes as needed could make this a pretty strong front court next year.
  8. What a clutch shot by Grant. Bulls win!
  9. Are you kidding me? Jordan should have just earned a spot on the bench.
  10. Something has to be going on with Mballa. By all means keep feeding him in the paint but he can't take more than a step with the ball tonight without traveling. Still a good effort.
  11. Crazy to think we've outrebounded Akron by 20 including 8 more offensive rebounds but have taken 2 less shots.
  12. He's definitely looked like a different player recently. If we're going to compete for the MAC championship we'll need him at this level.
  13. are player control fouls no longer a thing? Johnson just got DRILLED under the basket.
  14. Mballa has really struggled tonight when putting the ball on the ground. He usually looks a lot more fluid. Wonder if he's got something going on.
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