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  1. BasketBull

    Noah Williams

    Saw a tweet that reported '20 guard offer Tah'Jae Hill out of Rochester was on campus this weekend. Another potential candidate for this potential mystery commit:Tah'Jae Hill
  2. BasketBull

    Ball State @ #18 UB (1/29 - 7:00pm ET)

    Amherst wasn’t too bad. Got to the arena with minimal problem. I’m just afraid to see what I’m going to come out to after the game. Dominic Johnson and Jayvon Graves are both warming up. No boot for Dominic and he’s dunking.
  3. BasketBull

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    Great performances by Segu and Williams last night. Williams so often this season has avoided making the extra pass that makes this offense so deadly and just puts up an awkward jumper. He had one of those last night but his scoring came from crashing the glass and scoring in the paint. His success is going to revolve around his ability to drive to the basket and to crash the boards for rebounds. Enough hanging out behind the three point arc, at least until he’s able to be a threat from there. And Segu is just terrific. His play reminds me a lot of Ohio’s DJ Cooper. I’m really excited to follow his development into an All-MAC player.
  4. It’s great to have national tv exposure but I’ve been missing the ability to watch replays on the ESPN+ website.
  5. BasketBull

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I’ll say 17. Above us, Mississippi state, Ohio State and Houston will surely drop. Below us, Marquette should rise and I expect Ole Miss to make a big jump after beating 2 ranked teams this week.
  6. BasketBull

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    Caruthers was just so awesome today. I know Perkins is technically a bench player but it seems like cheating to consider him as such. I can’t think of a better “true” bench player than Caruthers in my time following UB. He brings unparalleled energy and defense to the court when he comes in. That run to seal it in the second half seemed to be entirely on his shoulders.
  7. BasketBull

    Elsewhere in the MAC

    The rest of the MAC is going to beat up on each other just as they did last year. I think there is less separation between the 2nd best team and the 9th best team than there’s ever been. Who could have predicted that 4 teams would be 2-0 and three of them would be NIU, CMU, and BGSU? I dont see another team being within 3 games of UB at the end of conference play.
  8. BasketBull

    Elsewhere in the MAC

    Very polite of them to not risk going into OT for us.
  9. BasketBull

    Elsewhere in the MAC

    Honestly both teams look a lot like they did last year. Talented but stiff. I don't see either of these teams running with the Bulls well. They'll have to have a good day shooting the ball.
  10. BasketBull

    Reggie appeared offended by Oats "Super Bowl" comment

    UB was the first ranked opponent Canisius has had at Koessler. If it wasn’t their Super Bowl then it was pretty close to it. I have no issue with what either coach said.
  11. BasketBull

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I’m going to stop preaching caution because the AP has consistently put us ahead of where I thought they would. Go nuts, everybody.
  12. BasketBull

    SIU game will be bigger than people think

    I don't see this as a trap game. We scheduled them because we knew they'd be good and we've already played them once. There should be no mystery in this one. I'm not saying I absolutely expect them to win (SIU is good) but if they looked surprised or unprepared against SIU I'd definitely be disappointed. The more I think about the home and home non conference deal the more I like it & hope we continue scheduling the same way. If playing a non-conference tournament helps us prepare for the MAC tournament then this should help us prepare for the second time we play conference opponents. I hope the coaches are sick of game film by the time we tip off.
  13. BasketBull

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Don't be too disappointed if UB stays 17 next week. Not a lot of bad losses among the teams above us. Kentucky will take a hit but no guarantee they'll end up below us. Same with Wisconsin. Kansas State will drop down for sure. Mississippi State and Nebraska will climb. Marquette will be back in the top 25, Syracuse should be too (sorry Furman) Tough to say what they'll do with Iowa.
  14. I don't care if this counts as a quality win at the end of the season or not. This was a great win for UB.
  15. What an awful broadcast this is. We’re spoiled.