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  1. ubxcretired

    Washington Post article on Nate/team

    Perhaps my favorite Nate Oats photo ever.
  2. ubxcretired

    EMU @ #16 UB (1/18 - 7pm ET)

    Not pleasing everyone is one thing - playing some sort of slow jam R&B at every break is another. He's got an amazing talent for sucking all of the air out of the building after a UB run as the crowd gets on their feet and goes nuts by playing some slow low energy song. Crowd sits down. Arena gets quiet. He watches the video board and repeats the same three catch phrases. Rinse and repeat. It's the most effective application of a momentum breaking timeout I've seen in college basketball. Hoping this gets better when the students and pep band return, but that DJ table needs to be disassembled yesterday and control of break music turned back over to UB production.
  3. ubxcretired

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    Side note- the "DJ" is terrible. Trying to pump up the audience with slow tempo R&B?.... Yeah, not working. Playing Happy may be cliche at this point, but it's a cliche for a reason.
  4. ubxcretired

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    They're college students - not a bunch of old folks like us. 9 PM is when you start to think about going out. Noon is an early morning start.
  5. ubxcretired

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    As we head towards Miami - I always like to take 2 minutes and remember perhaps the second greatest post game press conference in MAC history (with the first being the BGSU Dan Dackich wihtout socks gem). https://youtu.be/UnilJdwyPRs
  6. SU is offering $10 tickets to anyone with a high school or college ID for the game tonight. Not sure how many students we have on the board - but definitely the best deal on tickets. SU Student Ticket Offer
  7. ubxcretired

    If You Build it They Will Come

    UB finals don't end until Monday, 12/17, so the dorms are still open and hopefully a good contingent of students will still be around. Need them making as much noise as possible throughout. TrueBlue should be hyping this one!
  8. ubxcretired

    Ticket/Seating for SU Game

    Went ahead and bought through StubHub - Sec 113, Row G for $22 ea plus fees. Looks like there a a bunch more seats in that area for similar pricing.
  9. Looking at ticket info now. The UB ticket office says they have tickets for sale for $30 ea in 313 (upper corner of the dome). I'm seeing a ton of tickets on StubHub in better spots. For those who are going - where are your seats?
  10. I fully agree with this sentiment.
  11. Before we get all high and mighty over the swearing by the student section, recall that during the first OU game after the 2005 MAC championship game, there were long stretches of chants of "F Ohio". I do recall Reggie taking the mic a few times before games encouraging the support, but discouraging the cursing and off-color heckling. And I'm not defending the cursing- I thought it was dumb back then when I was in the middle of the Student Section, and still think it is dumb, especially now that I have kids with me at most games.
  12. ubxcretired

    Alumni Arena

    We've done it before! https://youtu.be/X_D6AFOAPIM (Yes, I'm aware that was before the 2006 renovation)
  13. The stream just came up live a moment ago.
  14. Looks like Friday they are only showing the Samson (other) bracket finals and not the Goliath Bracket (the one UB is in). Whichever game UB ends up in on Saturday will be shown on CBSSports Network. I'm not able to locate a link to a stream or other method of finding the game on Friday.
  15. ubxcretired

    2018 Mens Basketball Schedule

    We do not have a game against Niagara this year.