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  1. It doesn’t look good. Could just be that normal Buffalo paranoia...
  2. Oklahoma State very close to home.. hopefully we can pull him in
  3. Did they lose one of the other bowls?
  4. Really trying to shore up the receiving corps
  5. Wonder how much she would make overseas?
  6. Shame... who’s the next bull in?
  7. nice place.... Open the closets and maybe see some blood soaked A's .....
  8. Anything new on this player? Did he ever visit?
  9. I think that is like the 3rd kicker this cycle.
  10. He coulda been a contender ......
  11. A home and home with someone where we recruit heavily... North Texas? Maryland? Somebody on our level of play
  12. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/antonio-reeves-236995
  13. maybe they sold both of them that they could be the difference makers
  14. Any updates on the visit?
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