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  1. I dont see alcohol sales adding too much to the bottom line. Need to keep winning.
  2. just make sure any freshman you poll are over 18 ...
  3. Dual Threat QB out of Winter Park Florida https://247sports.com/player/casey-case-46082010/ https://buffalonews.com/2019/07/09/ub-football-gets-commitment-from-2020-quarterback-casey-case/
  4. Safety out of PA has committed. https://247sports.com/Player/Trey-Blair-46079296/
  5. i believe he is #4
  6. It comes with my insider subscription
  7. Id like the move. Not sure if we are ready facility wise but do it if you can
  8. It doesn’t look good. Could just be that normal Buffalo paranoia...
  9. Oklahoma State very close to home.. hopefully we can pull him in
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