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  1. Fine with me 🤷🏻‍♂️🙃
  2. Probably organizing a party for his announcement 😉
  3. I've got a number of columns set up in TweetDeck to do some "listening" 😄
  4. Go Hunter Jenkins, this kid has OFFERS https://247sports.com/Player/KD-Johnson-46057484/
  5. Excited to have Chanse coming to play for the Buffalo.... Bison
  6. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/keano-calderon
  7. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/k-j-pruitt
  8. The class that Oats/Hodgson had coming in was undoubtedly a step above anything we've seen. That being said... if we didn't see that class I think we'd all be raving about the class we DO have coming in. We didn't lose any current players and the staff did a remarkable job recruiting in short time. The turnover rate is the same as it would have been and the talent is still high (likely still a step above what other MAC schools can pull).
  9. I'll do a bit more digging into the schedule but I would sign up for this ^
  10. Yea, and given the late release of the schedule it's pretty clear that the department simply settled for the first teams that would play at AA instead of doing everything they could to book a solid home schedule that benefits the team, the program and, when possible, the fans 🙄
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