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  1. Especially since you embedded a tweet that has the same error...
  2. Yay we get to argue about committing vs signing again!
  3. Committed to Fresno State per Verbal Commits
  4. I don't know the story here but Silverio averaged 7.8mpg last year and got a waiver, could this be a good sign for Mballa?
  5. We saw how Hurley and Oats didn't enjoy facing each other - I assume the sentiment would be the same with Oats and Whitesell.
  6. I'll be there if I'm still in Evansville come December!
  7. Let's poll freshman on campus and see what percentage says at vs of.
  8. Lol it's all good! Overall I just don't think it matters when a recruit does it - for many, they probably aren't that familiar with us until we start talking to them. When ESPN/Media outlets get it wrong it's a different story.
  9. First time I've seen that execution on a menu but overall I like the site - love the focus on the logo!
  10. Must we go through this with each new offer?
  11. The Oats class was undoubtedly our best class ever and when all is said and done, stacked with P5ers - that being said. Whitesell and Co. have put together quite an impressive group that should have us all excited. If it weren't for seeing some of the previous names (and where they ended up) I think we'd still be calling this one of our best recruiting classes ever. A key difference is how many of this year's class will be eligible to play for 3+ years at UB.
  12. Lol @ final 12 - social media has turned recruiting into such a circus.
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