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  1. Nice to know we’re still making a list like this
  2. "College Free Agency" vote date moved
  3. JR generally tweets "and others" or something in these updates. I was more commenting on the fact that Buffalo wasn't mentioned.
  4. Think we can move on from this one...
  5. Digging deep here but I know Segu is close to Hardin so hopefully he has people like this in his ear.
  6. The BG forums called this early in the year and as @Kevin mentioned in another thread they essentially treated Turner as a senior on Senior Night in the Stroh Center
  7. An experienced guard would be huge
  8. I can't imagine a vacated loss would impact anybody that played and/or watched the game(s)?
  9. It wasn’t a specific win/loss benchmark overall. It was NOT 7 home losses (7 of those in favored matchups). It was NOT missing Cleveland for the first time in since 2003. It was NOT being out played by Dartmouth and Army (again, both at home). It was NOT the lack of energy, focus and defense that we saw this year. It was NOT the lack of improvement in just about every facet of the game that the team struggled with to start the year. It was NOT the change in general energy and swagger surrounding the program with Hurley and Oats.
  10. What does 20 wins get you? I know we weren’t going to replicate last year. But if you were excited to join the team you watched last season, would this season have you feeling the same way (after being fairly dominant in HS)?
  11. If the board negativity swayed him than the season swayed him too lol. These wouldn’t be mutually exclusive...
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