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  1. I suspect we’ll hear news on this today 🤞🏻
  2. If they added WBB success (which they should) we'd likely separate from Miami.
  3. According to sources, UB's latest addition! https://twitter.com/joshuamballa https://247sports.com/Player/Josh-Mballa-46046889/ He'll "sit one play three"
  4. Well that became officially quickly.
  5. If he redshirted and he transfers due to a coaching change I believe he can apply for immediately eligibility. I could very likely be wrong on this...
  6. I needed a vacation home for visits to Buffalo
  7. It's somewhere between a shot in the dark and a shot in the mostly dark but there's a hint of light.
  8. Some rumor mill action on https://247sports.com/Player/Josh-Mballa-46046889/
  9. Sibande "undeclared" and will return to Miami
  10. Also Ohio transfer Kirk went to C(olorado)SU
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