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  1. Their board speculated a lot about a breakup during his absence 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Win 4 in a row by beating Kent St. at Kent St. and this season gets interesting again in a hurry. Go to their house and get shoved around again and many will lose interest again in a hurry. What'll it be? Kent has been suspect against strong defense scoring 54 twice (NIU/BSU) and getting drubbed 70-49 by a EMU team that's quickly getting hot with their zone defense. They also put up 87 at home against Ohio. Defend, defend, defend, rebound. If we bring physicality to those 4 components we can right this ship.
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic but I still think that most if not all of my criticism holds true. This has been a much better stretch but I need to see how we close out the season before I'm going to join the "great job" side. As I posted, we're trending up and I like it!
  4. In Mballa we trust.
  5. The team needs to show up in a big way here. Huge opportunity to get back into the hunt for a bye and they need to make up for getting absolutely demolished on the road...
  6. I get nervous every time I see an update in here lol
  7. @admin would have to comment on that. I can assure you that nobody intentionally deleted posts.
  8. Nothing in the Moderator Panel 😞 I was wondering the same...
  9. Valentine's Day special - this is a MUST WIN against a pretty weak Toledo team. Gotta string together wins here if we have a chance to save the season.
  10. I wouldn't want to sit and think about losing 4 of the last 5 for a week but I'm honestly not sure if this team is worried about it.
  11. So this year many have blamed our decline on youth/new lineup/lack of a leader. How, I ask, is that problem solved next year? We thought Jordan would step up and lead - he hasn't. We thought Graves could take over the team and be a true number one - he hasn't. Our transfers have played well in small spots. We have struggled against anything better than a bad defense. We turn the ball over a ton. We don't make FTs or practice good fundamentals on shot selection. Who fixes it, and how?
  12. 9pm ESPNU (Blackout promo) game against what is turning out to be a top-tier MAC team. Better show up for this one or crowds are going to be thin down the stretch. IDK what to say -- defend, don't turn the ball over, make free throws, care, try, beat a dead horse?
  13. Lol @ thinking Lance wouldn't leave if MSU came calling (which they won't)...
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