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  1. Jeseph

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    I don't remember the exact but it was something like 6230
  2. We know about Avery and Walker (and have to limit their scoring/outside shooting) but I think one of the keys to the game will be our approach to Whittington who went for 18pt 13reb against us in the last game. Play tough inside, rebound well and keep those home rims friendly!
  3. Jeseph

    Who's going to Cleveland?

    Yep, making the drive up from Evansville, already booked lodging! I know @BrazenBull and @BullsFan14 will be there as well.
  4. Jeseph

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    UB moves up to 21 in NET ranking but Toledo fell 9 spots to 65, we need them to win a couple to remain a Q1 win
  5. Jeseph

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    Keep saying it until they do it. One thing I've noticed having attended a decent number of road games over the years. Most arenas have some sort of traditional at the start of/early in games. What will our tradition be as Buffalo continues to recognize the success of these programs?
  6. The Evans stepback and Xavier Ford being referred to as Kyle Korver were my top moments. I still find/watch those on ESPN when I want a little UB boost.
  7. TV Coverage: ESPN2 One of my favorite games in UB history was against Kent, at home, on ESPN2. Lets destroy them again in front of a huge home crowd on Friday night.
  8. Jeseph

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    Graves deserves more credit for the season he’s had. He’s making a case that this is his team next year.
  9. Jeseph

    Raymond Hawkins

    More here
  10. Jeseph

    Ohio @ #25 UB (2/19 - 7:00pm ET)

    We've had a player or two really step up and take over when we needed a run lately. Who gets hot early in this one? I think we see the real Harris tonight and he goes for 20+
  11. Jeseph

    Big 4 Update: UB solidifies "lock" status

    That was true before the season started.
  12. One of the better pieces I've seen on Oats and the team. Somebody donate a few million, please.
  13. Jeseph

    Big 4 Update: UB solidifies "lock" status

    Lol so we're a lock if we win-out the regular season? Which is not a "lock" at all..
  14. Jeseph

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Which team(s), in particular did you have us passing this week?
  15. Jeseph

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Lost 6 votes this week despite winning 2 on the road (one being Q1). We've got some work to do to get voters to fall in love with us again. ...and we'll need some help with losses by teams around us.