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  1. Pretty much "beat" the MAC on this one for recruiting.
  2. Do we know that is what occurred here? Maybe Utah St. changed their mind after seeing transcripts and they're allowing him to leave under his own terms (publicly)?
  3. Didn't realize UB was in a hiring freeze. I'm sure that is why we haven't seen "ink".
  4. 🤔🤔🤔 My favorite piece:
  5. No more whispers here, I would think Jonah or others would be digging into this if it were in motion...
  6. This was honestly the most surprising part of this whole report to me. Though I guess in this case the claim was that TTU was treating him unfairly so teammate corroboration makes sense here?
  7. Losing payday games is no small consequence. Also, what happens in the year that UB plays a long MAC season mixed in with bottom-tier Sun Belt and Mountain West teams? At-Large only with a peak of a 13 seed as MAC champ?
  8. Would he have transferred to us if he had to sit? Or did Jenkins get him under the notion that “I can get you on the floor”
  9. It was actually getting one of our best current players on the roster. I’m not excusing him or his actions but we unfortunately have to admit that we don’t have Mballa without him and we all know that.
  10. lol lets not pretend that these are on the same level.
  11. Another report, this one naming Foley
  12. Neither of the vague reports from mid-tier sources has mentioned a name.
  13. Could be: https://chipolaathletics.com/sports/mbkb/coaches/Dennan_Morrow?view=bio
  14. I don't know anything about him at this stage. Another report (that may just be echoing the first) EDIT: Would be solid hire IMO https://chipolaathletics.com/sports/mbkb/coaches/foley_brendan?view=bio SECOND EDIT: While the recruiting position is (publicly) open this resume makes me wonder if he's not getting a better job on this staff?
  15. Make sense after our second commit from their program.
  16. All of which are immensely important.
  17. My guess is that it's just a fun way to keep the fanbase engaged even if the short term margin isn't there
  18. If UB Football's season were to be started without fans would you help populate the stadium?
  19. I'd imagine his stock will rise during his year at prep. Had some interesting offers as-is.
  20. Officially granted a 6th year to play in Buffalo
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