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  1. Ball State looking like the far better team in the first half at Toledo...
  2. TV Coverage: ESPNU Well, this is a huge one. Yet again we play a team off their bye, on the road. Toledo has played really well since we faced them and will want revenge for game one. I expect this one to be wide open. Have to defend Sanford and Navigato again and will need and answer for Knapke inside. Bulls win by 8
  3. Yea, as a poster mentioned in the Akron game Perkins had been arcing his shots a bit more. Interesting he goes back to line drives, they drop. regarding the 3x in a season thing somebody on the Toledo board looked into it and the stats show that it’s not as hard as we think.
  4. Jeseph

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    22 in NET ranking after last night (Toledo stayed at 57)
  5. Quite the recap in Toledo’s paper.. http://www.toledoblade.com/sports/ut/2019/02/15/university-toledo-rockets-hit-their-ceiling-against-buffalo-mac/stories/20190216080
  6. Jeseph

    MAC Tourney Tickets

    Gimme tix!!
  7. For no particular reason I have a good feeling about the game tonight. GO BULLS
  8. Jeseph

    Future of Alumni Arena

    Come see your UB Bulls as they look to extend the nations’s longest win streak at the Cellino & Barnes Center!
  9. Jeseph

    Future of Alumni Arena

    A bowl-style arena would be great and likely increase our already strong home-court advantage but I think overall facilities needs would outweigh changes to AA's seating. For one, this has been the only season where people have consistently showed up, it will take a lot more than that. Secondly, AA is a mixed-use facility. The seats are often collapsed for events/practices/etc. I'd love to see it but, I think it would be pretty distant in the future at this point.
  10. Jeseph

    Buffalo TV Coverage

    Senior Night moved to 6pm and picked up by ESPNU
  11. Jeseph

    True Blue food drive?

    Still going
  12. TV Coverage: ESPN+ Akron will get up for this one with our national ranking and what we did at their house last year. Akron plays the best defense in the league, we need to limit turnovers and rebound well in this one. Keep playing that team defense that we saw for stretches against CMU and Akron shouldn't be able to score with us. HUGE week for UB.
  13. Jeseph

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    We're a bad 0-1 (NIU). I'll take the results in the rest of the 23 games...
  14. Great points. These were largely unforced TOs. We can't be beating ourselves against a solid defense like Akron. Luckily their offense was brick-city after a number of careless turnovers. Playing hard and fast is our game, carelessness does not have to go with it. When we move the ball we have one of the scariest offenses in the country. The issue is that this mostly happens in transition. Once we're forced to slow the ball down or inbound on the offensive side of the court we struggle with ball movement on half court sets. Passes are made "for the sake of passing" and then we just go iso and hope for an opportunity. We've got to figure out a way to bring our cutting/slashing/court vision into our half court sets. Dontay's ability to get to the rim, and finish, has been unbelievable lately. He has been one of our most clutch scorers (and doesn't take plays off on defense as a result).
  15. We've had some big tests this season with varying results: USF (neutral) - W Syracuse (road) - W Marquette (road) - L BGSU (road) - L Toledo (road) - ??? I think we're due for a string of W's here to end out MAC play. This is our last chance at a Q1 win, an important game to maintain our chance at a regular season title (BG looking strong but Toledo has an easier schedule down the stretch). A win would be huge for "righting the ship", voter confidence, at-large standings, MACC (regular season/tournament) seeding. Toledo is a team of players that can stroke it when they're hot but get frustrated when they're not. We need to defend their scorers well and challenge Knapke inside with some double-team help when appropriate. Toledo's defense doesn't pose much of a threat so offensive efficiency should come down to focus and smart decisions. Let's let the defense power the offense like we've seen it do in our best performances, I want to see us hold this team under 75pts. FTs FTs FTs Most importantly, if we win on Friday, I book my lodging in Cleveland! GO BULLS
  16. Jeseph

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    More confidence in the LL extension 🙄
  17. We all know last night wasn’t “impressive” and the team has struggled but was THIS...? http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/game?gameId=401084001
  18. Just remembered that was Akron's first home conference loss
  19. Make FTs and get ready for Friday!
  20. CJ showing toughness playing 30+ with injury
  21. Take your arguments elsewhere we have a game to watch. we have these late stretches where we slow down and go iso. Gotta keep to our game, slow isn’t the way we roll...