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  1. The high-end talent may not be what it was the last few years, but we should definitely have more overall depth and versatility with this group (even without Mballa). Excited to see what the coaching staff can mold this into. True dominant bigs may give us trouble but there aren't many (if any) of those in MAC and I like our chances to get it done again come March.
  2. Fair enough, will see how it does once the games begin. As of now though, I see a lot of teams with projections on players who either aren't on the roster anymore or won't be eligible this season. Nothing quite like the Nickelberry duplicate, though 😂
  3. It's a shame, he ended up on a much better "team" than Perk for summer league but got much less of an opportunity to show off his talents. Hopefully some team out there will still give him a solid chance in Europe or otherwise.
  4. Guess he might be reclassifying after all? His Twitter lists him as a '20 prospect now. Homeschool/prep school flexibility perhaps.
  5. Well getting ejected doesn't help. Though ya can't really blame him for throwing that guy's nasty headband like that 😂
  6. I still like his chances at a 2 way contract even if not with the Lakers. Commentator on ESPN2 just called him "the Zion Williamson of the MAC"
  7. Cacok has definitely impressed, but regardless I'd say Perk has shown enough to get interest from any number of teams for a G-League spot at worst.
  8. If a healthy DNP, that's crap. Gotta be some team with available minutes for him.
  9. Wow, Perk definitely making a case for himself with that effort. Seems they're figuring out that he can shoot the 3 too. Last game you could tell he was wanting the 3 from the top of the key coming off ball screens and they weren't looking for him. 2-4 today
  10. Huge!! Seems like Hardnett would have been more of a sure thing for immediate play given the redshirt last season. Mballa played in some games including the tourney game against us. Having both for next season would be unbelievable.
  11. That tweet about Arkansas' interest also mentions the possibility that John doesn't sign anywhere this year and reclassifies to 2020...either way I'm not holding my breath on him coming here.
  12. Laughable. I bet less than 1/4 of his initial mid-major auto picks actually make the tourney. Even that might be optimistic.
  13. Technically, Oats' departure is the only reason we could be a choice at all now for Hardnett. Likely wouldn't have had an open scholarship otherwise. 😄 Seriously, can't say enough about the new staff bringing in the type of class they have so far, and yes this would wrap it up nicely.
  14. It's an interesting scenario for sure. Yeah he picked the big name school over us the first time, so he could easily do it again. But maybe he didn't love sitting out last year at Cincy and decides he'd rather take the (pretty much) guaranteed minutes here over possibly riding the pine again at Michigan? As Bill mentioned, who knows what this means regarding Nigel John. Assuming Hardnett would be able to play immediately though, I'd be thrilled to get either of these guys to fill out our roster.
  15. https://twitter.com/ColbyGHoops/status/1141088006197194754 Says we have reached out to him, along with Michigan, George Washington and the Bonnies.
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