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  1. This is why WNBA teams can't even be mad when their star players get injured playing overseas in the offseason. Happens every year.
  2. Anderson's retirement should help. Not that it would have made any sense to keep him anyway if Tyree had a strong camp, but it'll mean more throws and opportunities for Tyree in camp/preseason.
  3. Others reported so far: Chuck Harris to the Bears, James O'Hagan to the Giants
  4. $75,000 guaranteed probably not what he was hoping for, but he has a great shot to land on the roster with a good camp.
  5. Tyree signed with the Bills, per Adam Schefter!
  6. Hopefully our guys are already getting calls from teams about UDFA signings, but still...ouch.
  7. 200 picks in now and Tyree's still on the board...yeah, someone gave him some baaaaad advice. Even with all the receivers who ditched, I don't see any way another year at UB could have tanked his stock any worse than this.
  8. Panthers are in the market for a backup QB to Newton. Reports say their preference is Will Grier from WVU but if they miss out on him, Tyree could be a good fit for them.
  9. A pretty decent chunk of this list aren't in power conferences either. Not sure what their definition is but it's not one I'm familiar with.
  10. Great game, even better story for Virginia to win it after last year's disaster. Congrats to them
  11. Definitely an easy guy to root for. Even with continued success I don't think we have to worry about him taking another job in a few years.
  12. Ah, makes sense. This was not how I read it initially. A little too desperate for good news I guess.
  13. Sucks but was probably just a matter of time. Rojas hurts the most. Whoever the new coach is better bring in some forwards with immediate eligibility, we have no size whatsoever and basically no depth or experience either.
  14. Penn State has been much better historically, and GA Tech just fired their last coach for possibly being abusive to players among other things. Though maybe that gives FLJ a longer leash there. She'd be an upgrade just by being herself at GT.
  15. Hopefully he's just "exploring" his options at this point.
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