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  1. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-mariners-tom-murphy-is-making-the-most-of-it/ Sounds like he worked on changing his approach this off-season. Hopefully that means he can sustain some of the success he's had this year.
  2. i like the pick up, but 'game changer' is a bit premature there. he did not look very good in the limited time he had last year - definitely a (big) project.
  3. -$78k in realtor fees and ~$8k every month it's in there market. I don't see this thing likely being a big win for him.
  4. eh, asking price. look at that price history - the thing was put on the market every year, starting in 2014 at $1.9M, with the price coming down every year until oats bought it in 2018 at $1M. although i'm sure bama will make make sure he's taken care of it it doesn't attract interest on the market.
  5. I've posted this before, but the wnba is a joke. even top picks aren't guranteed a contract. max salary is like $115k (after 6 yrs). Last year's top pick signed for $52k/yr. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/05/sports/wnba-los-angeles-sparks.html https://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/18/sports/basketball/diana-taurasi-focusing-on-playing-in-russia-where-the-money-is.html
  6. So you're basically saying the same thing - talented enough to be top players on a legit top 25 team, bench players in the sec. But not sour grapes. And the board complains mid majors doesn't get respect from the majors / polls / committee. Ha.
  7. No, this wasn't some generic, out years talk. Dooley was previously talking about us being ranked next year. Maybe preseason votes (but not ranked), despite losing so many key seniors. Now, those recruits are bum bench players in a good conference, but could have helped make us better than those teams in the good conferences. Doesn't grok, sour grapes.
  8. We were talking about being top 25 and being the Gonzaga of the east. That's obviously, inherently, competitive with SEC teams. I don't think anybody was really all psyched at the thought that "we're really building a top MAC team!"
  9. the point was pretty explicit - a month ago people on this board were claiming our best recruiting class would help us become contenders. Now, the same recruits, which could make us into contenders, are apparently bench level players in a different conference. That's a lot of sour grapes, or a whole lot of being on oats' jock (or both, which is what I really think it is).
  10. You do now. 😉 A month ago you were talking about oats building a dynasty. 😂
  11. But we weren't talking about using any lower standards for us - we were talking about building into a perennial top 25 team and these guys being good enough to help us do that. That's not a lower standard than Alabama has.
  12. So a month ago we're talking about being legit contenders, and the best recruits we've ever had. Now these guys, who were going to help solidify our status as perennial contenders (and maybe bring us to the next level!) are sitting the bench at a school that didn't make the tournament. Yea, probably some sour grapes there from us.
  13. I disagree - this board, not too long ago was asking about interest and engagement. These are active threads that people are interested in, and they get locked. Makes no sense if you want to build a community.
  14. wes clark was dismissed from missouri.
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