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  1. Pretty much no way to predict this team going forward. All over the place with what they've shown. Although the bulls best approach seems to be run run and run and control time of possession. If Myers is asked to throw it doesn't work. Although I do think he has some good raw ability there... Maybe just not yet.
  2. Fun to see this duo together regardless if its the Griffs. Would be nice to see them get a hand during the home matchup.
  3. Yeah hard to predict what this team does come MAC season. They showed nothing in game 1. Had me convinced of everything first half against Penn St. Now I'm thinking they might grab 2-3 more wins rest of year. I think Myers has a great skillset and poise etc but it's only 3 games in so it would be hard for me to give up on him. He needs to work on his throw depth perception surely. I think overall his first 3 games have been fine with moments of pretty good. I feel like we might again have a defense that gives up too many big plays but an offense that doesn't have the firepower to catch up. At best this team needed to honestly be kinda like the bills. Alot of 20-17 type wins with good defense and a running game. The o line looked good last week so it's pretty bad they didn't carry that over against liberty. I don't know how good Temple is but they beat down the team they were supposed then beat Maryland who rolled Syracuse the week before. Looks like 1-3 😕
  4. Had a small gut feeling our defense would get carved up again. The slower run offense only works when you arent giving up a ton of points
  5. They should be able to run on everyone this year but especially today. Although Im excited to see more of Myers throwing ability if its needed
  6. Pretty cool and it sounds like he might even have a shot to be on the active roster for the game.
  7. Funny as I write how Seattle has had a nice thing with their 2 catchers i stumble on this article. Kind of cool Murph developed into a player of value this year. https://sodomojo.com/2019/08/31/mariners-murphy-vs-narvaez/ And on Murphys defense. Also never thought Id see him become this
  8. Tom finally getting everyday work (helps that Narvaez is hurt), although its exposing him a bit dropping is overall average to 274 on the season. It was kind of nuts that during a stretch in late August he had a 2 HR game, then didnt see an AB for 5 days! Then he proceeded to play 3 games in a row where he hit 1 HR - 2 HR - 1 HR, thus a 6 HR in 4 game span streak only to get sat for another 3-4 games. Think you would ride that a bit. Anywho it is nice to see Seattle giving him every day for the last week or so to finish out the season. Currently sitting at .274 17 HR 36 RBI Pretty nice however the year ends. Be fun to see him get to 20. Also despite still striking out a fair amount, his rate is quite a bit down despite well over doubling his career high in plate appearances. Defensively only 3 errors in 483 innings behind the plate and has also thrown out 9/25 base runners. Not bad. Id say so far everything has gone in the right direction as far as him game is concerned. Be nice to maybe see him catch on somewhere as a full time starter. Seattle might be a tough spot as Narvaez has also had a good year .282 19 HR 49 RBI however in almost 150 more ABs. Possibly one of the few things that Seattle can hang their hat on, two good hitting catchers.
  9. Just looking at the schedule now. I know we aren't going to get anyone great to come to AA like back in the day so I just look for some different/interesting schools to come here. WM and Army at least make for interesting D1 schools with win probabilities. As well as definitely Dartmouth. Interesting to see all 3 Big 4 schools are home games this year.
  10. I hadn't been really checking on anyone outside of Tyree and AJ I guess but did Hodge literally not get a shot anywhere?
  11. I would have to agree a bit. This style reminds me of the Hofer days of running qb and 4 running backs. Awful stuff. That said we have leaps and bounds more talent than those teams had. However going 5/10 for 69 yards for an entire game will not cut it even against Mac teams. I completely agree that they should have had him throw it around a lot more. Yes I get we will clearly be a run first team this year but we can't be Army level of run pass ratio. You are playing a bad FCS team, let him throw 20 passes. You weren't going to lose this game even if he struggled. I felt like this was a bit of a waste of a game that he could have used to get some work in. Overall I like Myers skill set and running ability, but I was hoping he had as good of an arm as legs.
  12. After a big 2 games where Tom went 5/7 3HR 6RBI he now has a season stat line of: .284 - 13 HR - 29 RBI Still has poor K:BB ratio at 65:7 but I think that'll always just be one of his flaws. Otherwise everything has looked good offensively this season. Like I said way back before the season, I thought he had fantasy potential and hes the most added catcher on Yahoo today. Ive actually started him a few times throughout the year
  13. Looks like CJ didn't get into the game.
  14. Loved that third game from Perk. A bit hesitant in the first two but really shined in that stretch.
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