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  1. Ugh thought that 4 pt play was going to bail us out
  2. Definitely like winning 4 in a row after the 0-2 start. Overall Im fairly happy. Can't always have perfect turnover every coach change. For the most part I think we can compete every night with what we have. That being said Akron and BGSU coming up will be the real barometers. Kent also probably will be tough having lost 3 in a row.
  3. Wild sports day Im trying to navigate. Sabres on 1pm UB 2pm Bills 4pm I want a 4/4 Fri/Sat
  4. As much as the Kent loss stung I'm glad they won. Looks better in that sense at least. Great start for the MAC
  5. Fantastic win for the Bulls. We totally dominated from start to finish. Couldnt ask for a better way to win our first bowl game. One of the final things to check off the list for the program. Quietly really enjoyed this season overall.
  6. Such a weird team to figure out. I certainly don't think this is a bad team. They beat DePaul and have looked good against decent teams. But what a weird ugly loss. Like always I'm not doom and gloom. I'm just confused. At this point we might just have one of the most Jekyll and Hyde teams ever. Good luck to the sports bookies lol. All you can do is have no expectations heading into each game and hope they find consistency in the conference play...
  7. I feel like Army is a team they should really be able to take it to at home. Then we have the Big 4 teams all at home. At least one of those games will end up closer than they should.
  8. This is how people are. Even on this message board. Even during our awesome years. All people want to do is complain complain complain. They can do whatever they want but what a waste of time. If you've followed the team long enough you'll appreciate how awesome of a time we are living in the program history. Its way more fun having a patient approach especially with this team. Lots of learning and geling to do. I was letdown during the Vandy game but I know what the roster is capable of and was very excited about the DePaul game and the result was a pleasant surprise.
  9. Fantastic run to get the lead up to 47-32! Long way to go though. Let's keep this up
  10. Here we go with the doomsday posts 🙄 like clockwork, even in the good oats years lol Anyway I was hoping we'd make a statement last night but it went the opposite. Oh well. I still love this roster and they have had some good performances this season. Last night was not one. This is a young team. A lot of turnover in the starting lineup and coaching staff. It takes time. If you seriously think we are going to be a top 25 team every game for the rest of time you're just going to get pissed off. If you've been around here for more than a decade you appreciate how damn amazing the last half dozen years have been. And you understand that even this year's team is as good as most of the teams before the recent run. Zero worry here from me. Learn and grow during the out of conference schedule. Like someone else mentioned, go 9-4, that's amazing. Get ready for the MAC season. All that really matters. The OOC portion to me is to figure out where the jucos and role players fit in. We have a set 5 that I like. But the team absolutely needs guys like Johnson, grant etc to at least find a role. We've always seemingly had a Juco guy who had a good impact as a 2-3 out there over the years and so far it looks like we might not which would be a bit of a blow. We still need to figure that out.
  11. Love seeing all the coverage sites pop up over the past few years. Good luck, I have it bookmarked!
  12. Theyve won 5 in a row but not the highest competition. Like RMA said looks like Patterson and Marks could have some fun against this defense. Would love to get a Bowl W in the program here. I dont know why but I always think of these schools as D2ish/basketball only still even though I think theyve had D1 football since 2013... Also this has to be the best bowl travel destination right?
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