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  1. Not a lot of people remember this season because it was before all the fun started but UB was the last team to beat that Kent team! I think they went (totally being lazy here and not googling it) like 31-5 with UB being their last loss before the Elite 8 run. I was in High school at the time and remember repeating that fact to everyone during the NCAA tournament run. I still remember listening to that game on the radio. Antonio Gates was playing for Kent in that game. I vaguely remember Brown hitting a crucial shot late.
  2. xDerekRx

    Ranking Prediction

    Who cares. Ive told you before, this isn't even a hockey town. They ride the Sabres if they are playing well. I dont care what the paper or WGR reports on. In my circles the UB ranked buzz is very real. My extended family as been going nuts this year. We even have a massive group text going for each game. There are even a lot of fans that only came back when UB basketball football starting playing well a couple years back. Everyone but the Bills has the bandwagon effect, even UB. Those of us who are always here just keep moving forward. I enjoy the national coverage, which we get more of honestly. I just honestly am having too much fun with this season to get upset about local media who aren't worth the time any way.
  3. xDerekRx

    Ranking Prediction

    The number I had in my head and was hoping for was #14 today and thats where we ended up (14/15). Very exciting. This has been quite the ride. 3 very tough games coming up. We could lose 2 out of 3 and we still all very proud of this amazing team. I mean losing on the road to Marquette and SYR, depending how the games look, are not at all anything to be ashamed of. As far as rank goes, I could see that possibly dropping us out. I think to stay ranked we have to win 2/3 of these games. Again the rank isn't the end all be all of this year. If #14 is the highest we ever get, amazing. I will never forget it. And then we keep rolling through the MAC with this deep team. I am excited to goto the SIU game and get a program that says #14 to replace my Le Moyne one with the #17 :) Just for fun let your imagination go wild and we beat SIU, SYR, MAR... Top 10 for sure.
  4. xDerekRx

    Ranking Prediction

    If a voter understands (and not many may), a road win at the RC against an improving SBU team is a very good win.
  5. Not enough has been said but graves was huge tonight. He looked so calm knocking those 3s early in the game to give us a spark. This team is so deep with talent it's incredible
  6. I think it's a fine win but the next 3 are certainly ones that could. SIU is playing well and beat the A10 favorites. I didn't like the home and home idea earlier but it's a solid opponent to get at home. Then of course we get the 2 big ones. Can't wait for those as well. So 3 very tough games in a row.
  7. They'll probably want to go drinking tonight
  8. Well regardless of how ugly it was a great win to have. But UB showed they are a far superior team than bona. They had this game almost the entire way and that's considering how sloppy we played. Bulls could have run away with this game 30-40 pt win which would have been fun but I think some of those local game nerves got em a bit. Also Perkins was irrelevant in the game. All those things considered and we still blew them out. I'll take it. Loved shutting that Reilly center up
  9. Really gotta finish off possessions. Too many missed layups right there
  10. Gotta ramp that defense up again but finishing better on offense is a must.
  11. I didnt expect Bona to roll over in this game, I expected a run, lead down to 15
  12. Absolutely the worst TV broadcast Ive watched. The angle cuts are just at the absolute worst times. Totally agree on the under the basket camera
  13. Great first half. Love that 3 by Harris right at the end of the shot clock. Defense was all over them. Outside of Stockard they have nothing going at all.
  14. 41-23. Bona with a touch of life, UB needs to finish the easy chances though. No let up
  15. Ben Wagner (Bisons, Blue Jays) is ok... but honestly hes a Ub fan and sometimes almost seems to be fighting the other guy