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  1. xDerekRx

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I like it, hanging in for another week! Keep that record streak going
  2. xDerekRx

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Indeed a massive game. Playing so ho-hum lately we need to have this one and take it back home to get a good win streak going. Not sure what to expect. Toledo we matchup well with so I do expect us to win but again would like to see the TO issues decrease even just a bit from the Akron game.
  3. xDerekRx

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    We have some small issues still lingering but TOs are certainly the biggest. The amount of them that is. It just really slows down such a fantastic offensive team. We are good enough to still win all of these games but cut down the TOs, get the flow going again and we get back to running teams out of the building.
  4. xDerekRx

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Yup, it was fun being ranked all year. Extremely fun, but whether they are 23 or 26 this week, the 2 games in front of us and how we look are what matters.
  5. Love they were able to get into this tournament with a really strong field. It was fun playing in and winning a smaller tournament like we did this year, but win or lose it'll be fun seeing them compete with these.
  6. xDerekRx

    Dontay Caruthers

    This has been the best surprise in this stretch which is a pity so many others around him have been cold. His Defense has always been there in his career but a nice addition with his shooting lately.
  7. xDerekRx

    CMU @ #23 UB (2/9 - 3:30pm ET)

    Among other issues Id like to see those 3 things as well... D playing 40 minutes (id honestly take 30 good minutes), Harris with a big game and a nice FT %.
  8. xDerekRx

    The Rest of MAC Play

    This post pretty much sums up their play most of the MAC schedule. Amazingly they could be undefeated despite all this too. Shows how good they are playing at maybe 2/3rds capability. Perkins has been weird this year, he needs to find it just as much as anyone to help us.
  9. xDerekRx

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Happy they stayed at 23/25. Never thought 2 MAC losses in back to back weeks would keep us ranked had you told me that earlier in the year. Pretty cool really. But like others have said with the "bye" week even a win could see the Bulls fall
  10. xDerekRx

    Dontay Caruthers

    He's remembering that he used to be a scorer recently, which should be a boost to an already great offensive team once everyone is clicking again.
  11. xDerekRx

    At-large birth on the line

    If they end up #25 somehow on Monday, no I wouldnt be totally shocked. But 50-50 is probably what that'll be. Id agree with that.
  12. xDerekRx

    At-large birth on the line

    Pretty spot on here as well. Too much world is ending posts around here. I get it. I'm just as used to it at the sabres message boards. And expectations create even more negativity and knee jerk reactions. But the Bulls are good. The world is not over. Being unranked, so be it. It was a great ride and I still can't believe we were ever ranked this long. The two losses are exactly as you said. And they should be looked at that way. Only thing that matters is they slowly find that all around game they had before. I think they will. Lots of games left. Ub85 some people are going to choose the omg the effort defense turnovers hustle and Harris all suck. Seasons over. Hello nit. No way we win in March... Yeah i get. Ive watched every minute of every game. I see what they look like. But why am I writing a post mortem half way through the Mac season ?
  13. xDerekRx

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Yeah I guess can always be worse. A ranked team scoring 24 pts total. Insane
  14. xDerekRx

    At-large birth on the line

    Pretty spot on. Its such a long season. It really matters most when you come together. Ideally like the Bulls to get rolling again by mid Feb. They've had this long stretch now of jumbled inconsistent play. Really it just puts everything back into perspective. I think dropping out of the rankings is a real possibility now. And the at large again, I think we lost our last possible game for that. Meaning winning out and losing MAC final might still leave a shot. Again MAC season is so long, and such a grind. You're really not allowed to take a week or two off to find your cohesiveness as a team. This team is so good naturally that even when not playing the best, they still win games and when they lose, its close. No consolation but shows where the potential lies once they get that fire back.
  15. Sky is * falling *not Lot of games left.