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  1. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2831483-boom-or-bust-why-tyree-jackson-is-the-drafts-most-intriguing-qb-prospect
  2. From the day Oats left until the last few days patience was the only thing that was keeping most of us grounded. Im just happy we got the coach, staff, current players, now some recruiting momentum. All in all Ive been very pleased with the post-Oats departure and where its headed. If they land all 3 of these guys, or even 2 (with one being Skogman) Im going to be pretty excited again.
  3. Totally love this guys look and game. These would be 2 great additions and make our bigs core nice for next season. His offer list is not too shabby at all. Would feel pretty excited with this one.
  4. Interesting, so he can at least hit an outside shot if the chance comes to him. Kinda has an odd bit of Idbihi feel to his shot lol. Just from his quick highlight video he looks to move well. Like someone else said, kind of more polished version of Ikenna which would be perfectly fine.
  5. I think Jeseph merged the 2 threads (which made sense to me) and this title simply overwrote the other one.
  6. I enjoyed this article specifically about him and his draft prospects but it was before the NCAA tournament. https://heavy.com/sports/2019/03/cj-massinburg-nba-draft-projections-mocks/ I think that is generally when multiple websites had him projected in the 2nd round. He had a quiet NCAA tournament not helped by playing a team like TT in the second round. Ive also heard performance in the PI doesnt go a long way regardless. CJs workouts are probably going to be the most important in deciding if he gets picked late 2nd or not. Either way cool to see his team win the title and Perkins had good statlines all 3 games.
  7. This isnt true. CJ has been in some mock drafts and is definitely got a chance to be a late 2nd rounder. Some crazy website even had him mock drafted into the 1st round which I think is a certain reach. Getting a mens player drafted would be the last check on my bucket list for this years team. Hoping CJ has a good showing here to boost his chances of mid-late 2nd rounder.
  8. Update! Actually found a stream of the game just to watch his 4th AB of the night. Down 1-2 in the count I was thinking how cool it would be if launched one out to make me eat my last post, next pitch he cranked a high fast ball out. So Murphy actually finishes the game 1/4 1HR 1RBI 1k Down 10-6 in the 9th, it also extended Seattles record 16 games in a row to start a season HR streak.
  9. That's what I was thinking. And again if so, a very good retain especially if it helps maintain the offense. Thinking Quarles might quietly be the best keep down the road. Overall despite BH leaving, and maybe some disappointed about the hiring process, things are looking more positive. The staff is in place. Current players have held.
  10. I thought the same thing, only lacks the uprights or you could play some legit indoor games lol. I suppose you could have some temp ones made to roll in for practice.
  11. Yeah thats the problem, reasonably good players will leave that normally would stay. KJ is a very good WR but when he left I started to feel how this is going to look in the years to come.
  12. I still don't see why Tyree left just to get a late draft spot with mechanics he could have refined next year. Reminds me of that Bowling Green QB many years ago (right around when Big Ben got drafted) with the dreadlocks. He left 1 year early got drafted late by I think Pittsburgh and faded out quick. Name escapes me.
  13. Yeah Thorpe is like Oats or even BH to me, just an unknown. Its nothing I can really give an opinion about other than trusting JW with his staff. If I remember Oats had some NBA guys rotate on our AC staff, those are the only hires that will move anyones needle really, just from name recognition. All that said, Im just excited that JW seems to have his main staff in place and we can really get at the recruiting (I assume Thorpe becomes that guy). And like someone else mentioned I like his Chicago connection. Great area to poach from. We shall see how good of a job he does with it. I think the Jamie Quarles keep doesn't get enough attention. I remember when there was a lot of buzz about him a rising star of sorts. Wasn't it said Oats was looking to have 2 former assistants join him at Bama? I know BH was one of course but I wonder if the other was Quarles.
  14. Saw that Hurley is making 2.4 as well at ASU (same as Oats if I recall). For some reason I didnt think ASU was paying that type of money to their basketball coach. What could Saint Johns offer?
  15. Murphy got back to back games the last two days 0/3 2k 0/3 1k (game currently going on) Unfortunately with Narváez hitting so well I imagine Murphy isn't going to steal much play time any time soon.
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