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  1. After a big 2 games where Tom went 5/7 3HR 6RBI he now has a season stat line of: .284 - 13 HR - 29 RBI Still has poor K:BB ratio at 65:7 but I think that'll always just be one of his flaws. Otherwise everything has looked good offensively this season. Like I said way back before the season, I thought he had fantasy potential and hes the most added catcher on Yahoo today. Ive actually started him a few times throughout the year
  2. Looks like CJ didn't get into the game.
  3. Loved that third game from Perk. A bit hesitant in the first two but really shined in that stretch.
  4. REALLY nice one on one move and one hander at the end of the half by Perk that the commentators liked. Otherwise they have him running around dizzy on ball screens. I get it, they have to throw this team together in days so its not looking completely pretty.
  5. Only caught some of the game. He didn't look out of place but also didn't get a ton of minutes (had 3 fouls in 13 minutes) Was cool to see him get the start Miami ran all over the Lakers the whole. Perk finish 3/7 0/2 3pt, 7 pts
  6. When you goto the Lakers website the first picture that pops up is of Perk! Watching the 7pm game on NBA tv right now, hopefully Perkins plays during the 9pm game, Im guessing he will
  7. Of course trading EE to the Yankees opened up that sport for more at bats which is nice.
  8. I quite enjoy following Murph this year. The Mariners are now using him at DH just to get his bat in the lineup. After hitting a 3 run HR yesterday is up to .300 8 hr 18 rbi on the season
  9. Yup literally since the day we got the coach search over with the momentum has been very good especially with recruiting.
  10. Just to comment on the Raps themselves, Ive always been a casual fan of them. Followed them in the standings, watch a few games a year. Although i dont follow them as diehard as i do the Blue Jays or TFC. Still very happy to see them win. Almost more so see Golden State lose. Better for the NBA to have parity like this. Maybe the fans will be hungry for some Basketball when our event comes around.
  11. On Sunday Murphy when 2/5 with 2 HR and 3 RBI. Homers in 3 straight games with 4 total HR in that span. Keep crushing it Tom.
  12. Nice might have to go to the archives to see which game it was given out at in 2005. Oddly im usually always on top of giveaways like this and Im not sure how I would have missed it back in 05.
  13. Was very excited to find this at a garage sale this weekend. Anyone know what this is from? It's from 2005 but I don't remember it being a giveaway that year. I've collected all the stuff they've handed out since probably 2000 and don't recall this. Either way was happy to find it. Funny enough also found 2 Victor bobbles at random garage sales as well for $1 each.
  14. Just wanted to also add I love everything about this event. In Toronto in an NBA arena against a quality brand/opponent. Id absolutely rather be playing Harvard than Rutgers. Not even close. Definitely planning on being there.
  15. Murphy has homered in 2 straight games this week. a 3 run shot and 2 run show respectively. Overall on the season hitting .297 5hr 11rbi Nice to see him maintaining his success in the backup role. His strikeout rate has remained the same. If he could ever lessen that a bit I could see him staying in the bigs for a while. He also pitched 3 innings over 3 games this season in blowouts. One game he even pitched a clean inning with 2ks
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