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  1. I can't put Moss on the team but can't put anyone on to replace him.
  2. The student fees also cover our ticket "purchases" to all the games. They may be "free" but accounting wise they are not.
  3. Just smash your keyboard add an I and a P, its most likely a school in Indiana.
  4. Glen Head is an upper class town too. If thats worth anything at all.
  5. Pitt also popped into my head for this.
  6. Gonna ask the obvious question. Did any of them even declare for the draft?
  7. Extending a contract and releasing a statement are granartees his staying ......
  8. The Charleston Classic sounds pretty brutal.
  9. Take Graves comment with Perkins. I think they are very positive endorsements. Graves most likely isn't as press savy as Perkins is yet. It may not be in his personality to state things certain ways or he may not realize what he is saying. Either way he didn't say "we could of done better but i'll i'm still ok with it..."
  10. Maybe she is really looking for that "Dream Job" and not just another step up.
  11. If there is a feed or recording available that would be awesome.
  12. I think there were more legal implications with the vacation to Florida BH took then anything else. There could of been the only way to keep players from transfering. Whitesell may of put some pressure on the school as well. The risk of him leaving and having a final four coach say no might of been to great. There are too many reasons . Hopefully there is some kind of story explaining all this
  13. We will find out in the coming days then the contract is FOILed
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