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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/04/feds-say-new-york-mobsters-tried-failed-fix-ncaa-basketball-game/ I'm 99.999% that it's not ub but the guy's lawyer is located in buffalo.
  2. Trying to create my own Gonzaga of the East
  3. Between this and Hawkins ending up at Alabama. We were going to have a really really good team next year. 😓
  4. I feel terrible but I was telling recruits how great Alabama is. Should I report myself to the NCAA to remove my guilt.
  5. They really missed a big chance last year. Had they beat Kentucky the bracket fell apart. 8 seed Kansas State then Loyola to make it to final 4. This year they were gonna face powerhouse from Texas Tech forward
  6. Probably later Friday because the opponent is playing Wednesday night
  7. These refs shouldn't be allowed to ever officiate a game again. It's an embarrassment to the conference.
  8. 8 fouls before the 1st media timeout. I wish I won the Powerball to pay the fee to get them out of this joke conference
  9. UB favored by 9. Interestingly Ball st 1 pt favorites over Bowling Green
  10. FWIW, I have the mobull pass. Usually my tickets are in 111. For senior night I'm section 308 so tickets might be getting close to a sellout
  11. My 1st experience was my sophomore year when they got hot 2nd half of the season and had the 1st over .500 record in years. The next year was the heartbreak vs Ohio in the mac finals and I remember the bus ride back. I think the following year they received votes but faded away as the season progressed. To see where they have gone since then is mindblowing
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