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  1. I thought she looked familiar! Should have asked. I shared with her the video of Coach G's words of encouragement to Cierra.
  2. I guess what I meant is Perk is the only one Bobby is more familiar with.
  3. What do you mean here? Donor dollars to fund the team's travel? Regarding the last four in, it would be nuts if the MAC got 3 bids and Tennessee missed the cut for the first time ever.
  4. The 2hrs pregame party kicked off about 45 mins early. Get to STB!
  5. Did you make the trip from Hawaii, or are you based out of the lower 48 now? We were at Southern Tier for a bit last night, in the back downstairs, then people went their separate ways at the half of the second semifinal.
  6. PTR, you have approximately 3.1 forum posters in that pic. @Jeseph, @UB_Prush, myself, and the corner of Bobby's head. @BasketBull also there, over your left shoulder.
  7. Paul's coming out in the morning, drive to Lancaster and hitch a ride!
  8. Figured I'd throw this one up. Going to be another long day tomorrow. Hope Cierra takes Coach G's words of encouragement to heart.
  9. Not according to the Buffalo News. Rachel Lenzi wrote an article detailing the contract.
  10. Buyout is now 750K. Last year's was 1M, dropped to 500K after this season.
  11. Jeremy, CJ, and Perk were really close to double-doubles. That was cool.
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