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  1. We are now a true fan base.
  2. Texas Tech Michigan Not an easy bracket. And the location is brutal. Better for everyone in the bracket that isn't Buffalo. I'm pissed with this, tbh. I feel there is so little respect for a team like UB, and it's what will cost us Oats this year or next. He sees the lack of resources and the lack of national respect more than we do. This is a crap seeding.
  3. I guess. I'm just wishing we got Hartford. We would've had 1000's in the stands. Now there won't be but a handful .
  4. Terrible location. Wonder if we'll have 100 fans in the stands. What could have been, had we won one more game in conference.
  5. Gotta get their crap together. Fan bases want access these days. Feeds need to have backups.
  6. THis is pathetic: if you stream last year's selection, why not this year's? Big mistake by the Comm team. I'm miffed.
  7. Will there be a livestream of the party at Santora's? I remember one when we got Arizona last year...
  8. Bertram turned the ball over inbounding it. Wiggins is next level good. Re-effing-lax. BGSU is going to be the class of the MAC next year, even without Wiggins.
  9. Yeah, let's play Bertram. Worked out well. Macrea is a great player. Everyone relax.
  10. Not possible. (By the way, I think it was India who gave us the zero.) And no, I am not related to Brooklyn Bull 🙂
  11. "Stainbrook missed 'em both!" Great call by Whetzel.
  12. agreed. That was great. Anyone else shed a tear or two? CJ is such a special person. I would hire him for any job, including President. We need leaders like him.
  13. Sheesh. You guys are tough on Segu and Williams. They are putting it together in their first year of D1 ball. Both have had spurts of really good play. They will be great next year.
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