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  1. Given Oats / Hodgson literally tried to sneak out without addressing the players I take their side with a grain of salt here. I don't wish ill on either of them, I understand why they left, I just don't care what / how they do beyond checking in from time to time.
  2. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/10/31/20941792/mid-american-conference-pre-season-mens-basketball-poll East: BG first, UB second Cleveland: BG First, Tol second, UB third
  3. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/9/27/20887044/bull-run-q-a-with-the-miami-student#comments It’s not looking good for Miami. On Monday, head coach Chuck Martin called his team’s injury situation “horrendous.” The injury report reads like a who’s who of RedHawks football. Brett Gabbert, Jaylon Bester, Manny Rugamba, Pete Nank, Tommy Doyle and Matt Skibinski are all questionable or doubtful this weekend. The last five names on that list are doubtful. Gabbert’s status remains murky. He’ll be a game-time decision.
  4. This weeks episode https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/9/4/20850461/bulls-and-beers-penn-state
  5. I worked hard on Ball and Oats, have not had time for a Whitesell themed poster yet?
  6. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/29/20829737/game-thread-robert-morris-at-buffalo and our story stream for the week is here https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/22/20826215/game-week-robert-morris
  7. You're probably right, I was just thinking with Nunn out (supposedly) and it being an FCS game he might get some extra work
  8. Remember that freshman can now play up to a 3-4 games (3rd or 4th I don't remember) of the season and keep the redshirt
  9. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/27/20835453/depth-chart-for-buffalo-vs-robert-morris Offense 1 2 Notes WR Antonio Nunn* Daniel Lee* Nunn listed as doubtful LT Evin Ksiezarczyk Gabe Wallace Wallace is a r-FR LG Paul Nosworthy Trey Derouen Same pair from 2018 C Mike Novitsky Danield Clifford Novitsky is a r-FR RG Tomas Jack-Kurdyla Michael Kenefic Same pair from 2018 RT Kayode Awosika Jake Fuzak TE Zac Lefebvre* Julien Bourassa Last Seasons Backup QB Matt Myers* Kyle Vantrease Myers is a r-FR RB Jaret Patterson Kevin Marks WR Tito Overton Carlton Todd WR Marlyn Johnson* Bernard Porter Johnson is a true FR Defense 1 2 DE Taylor Riggins* Frendy Darelus 2018 Backup DT Eddie Wilson* DeShondrick Foxworth Started 3 games as a FR DT Chibueze Onwuka* Ronald McGee Returning Starter DE Malcolm Koonce Ledarius Mack* Khalil Mack's Brother LB James Patterson Justin Mulbah LB Matt Otwinowski* Ja’Varius Harrison Last years Backup LB Kadofi Wright Tim Terry, Jr. Last years Backup CB Aapri Washington* Roy Baker Started 6 games in 18 FS Joey Banks* Dev Lamour Last years Backup SS Tyrone Hill* Cory Gross Started 5 games in 18 CB Devon Russell Ali Abbas S.T. 1 2 P Evan Finegan Returning Starter PK Alex McNulty Jackson Baltar No clear starter "or" LS Jeremiah Riordan* No relation 😉 HLD Evan Finegan Returning Starter KOR Ron Cook, Jr. Tito Overton PR Tito Overton
  10. According to ESPN affiliate website Ballin Europe, a player with no WNBA experience can earn between $6,000 and $7,000 a month while playing in the top leagues in countries like Spain and Italy. https://careertrend.com/the-average-salary-of-a-womens-professional-basketball-player-13657126.html
  11. Our yearly pick the score contest is back https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/22/20826232/2019-bruwpeg-were-just-getting-warmed-up This season if you win a week you're invited to join us on the last segment of Bulls and Beers to brag about your score and tell us who you think will win the next game
  12. Talking about all the fall sports (10K foot overview) tonight...
  13. They usually come out around 5-6 days before a game... But they need to be taken with a huge grain of salt especially this early in the year.
  14. Hey 46, we're kicking around the idea of letting the winner of BRuWPeG join us for B&B, I will let you know what we decide. In the meantime we love to have folks contriubte at the site. You can play with fanposts ( https://www.ubbullrun.com/fanposts ) and if you like it there is always room for another editor. feel free to email me at ubbullrun at gmail.com
  15. Not related to the awesome decision to sell beer at UB home games... Matt, Robby, Zach, and I all decided to respin up our weekly podcast this week. You can watch last nights show here ( https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/14/20805894/bulls-and-beers-2019-tonight-at-10-30 ) It was a lot of quick conversation about how last year went and then this season as well as what the editors have been up to. More than anything it was to try out the new platform before the season started. I'd love to know if you have any thoughts on what we could do to be more engaging for the fan base.
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