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  1. Not related to the awesome decision to sell beer at UB home games... Matt, Robby, Zach, and I all decided to respin up our weekly podcast this week. You can watch last nights show here ( https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/14/20805894/bulls-and-beers-2019-tonight-at-10-30 ) It was a lot of quick conversation about how last year went and then this season as well as what the editors have been up to. More than anything it was to try out the new platform before the season started. I'd love to know if you have any thoughts on what we could do to be more engaging for the fan base.
  2. #4 - Akron.. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/7/24/20726372/ub-road-trips-2019-akron
  3. #5 Oxford Ohio https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/7/22/20703672/ub-road-trips-2019-miami-at-oxford
  4. Just having some fun in the off season... Ranking our road trips from a fan perspective #6, EMU https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/7/18/20699624/ub-road-trips-2019-emu-and-ypsilanti
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