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KJ to the U

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9 minutes ago, rma said:

Jeff Thomas pulls a Manny Diaz and returns to Miami.  With the talent coming in, I wonder how much playing time KJ will get.

My heart breaks

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11 minutes ago, skrabukes said:

My heart breaks

You wouldn't even welcome him back, if he didn't enroll at Miami?

I understand not recognizing his stats while at another school.

But, I don't understand erasing the stats that he did give UB while in Buffalo.

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On 1/11/2019 at 3:17 PM, bull_trojan said:

So if KJ stayed and at next year's camp Lance said Charlie and Nunn were better and were gonna start over KJ, would you be talking about how we invested 4 years in him and how he deserves to start? No.

Nothing is guaranteed, you just want to win, that's fine, we all do, but don't drag down athletes who are just living their lives.

Like your argument is we gave him four years of training, he owes us the 5th year.

KJ would probably counter that he gave you four years of his life, battling to put this team in a better position. Now, he's taking the 5th year transfer he earned by graduating to do something for himself. He owes us nothing.

And you keep saying transfers makes us look JV. I think crying over individual players makes us look JV. You think we dont have another QB or WR on the roster...Look at Bama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State...they have the top QBs in the nation and back them up with even better QBs... If you're not stocking your cupboard like that (at whatever level you are at) then YOU ARE JV and that is what it is. This year we'll know if we're JV or not.

You might have forgotten Oklahoma...you know  the guys with back to back to back to back Big XII Championships; three CFP games in the last four years; back to back Heismans...

QB U....


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