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1  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: DePaul on: Yesterday at 11:26:19 PM
Can one of you Depaul people please answer this for me:

Depaul's last coach, Oliver Purnell, was hired for $1.8MM per year with a resume that included 20+ seasons as a head coach in D1 and complete turnarounds at 4 separate schools. Why is it that you all think Depaul is going to now offer Bobby Hurley at least $2MM per year with a resume that only includes 2 years as a head coach?

He turned around a program. His name is worth tons of free publicity, look at all, of the interviews he has had a national media not to mention the guest shot last Saturday night with CBS.  They also think he may make Chicago notice DePaul again especially with a new facility coming for 2016-17.

I resent that.. Ok not really, but Reggie was fired coming off of 4 out of 5 wining seasons. The team had lots of talent returning, led by McCrea. If Reggie stayed, we would have been picked to do pretty well in the MAC. Don't get me wrong, I totally supported Reggie been fired. But I don't really think you can say Hurley "turned it around".

I agree. Hurley hasn't turned this program around...yet. He could very well do that next season though.

We won the MACC. We play a very different kind of basketball. Attennce is up. Better recruits coming in.  Back to back POTY. Probably back to back repeat POTY.

I would say turn around. He should stay and take us deep in the tourney next year
2  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB Agrees in Principle to Extend Coach Bobby Hurley on: Yesterday at 05:35:36 PM
Please don't bash me for thinking this but part of me is kind of glad we did not pull off a Cinderella run this year and make it to the Sweet 16.  He would have sure been a Getty goner ( as Yankee announcer Joe Dimmagio used to say when a home run was hit)!   For what it is worth, my money is on him staying to if offered the Depaul job!  He has to think I didn't even win a tournament game and got offered a better paying job so I'll take my chances with a better team next year and build my resume.

I hope so too. Of course no one is offering me $2M a year so it's easy for me to say, but Hurley is not going to become less in demand next season. If the next UB team is as good as advertised his star will soar even higher than it is now. He will have his pick of jobs with a more impressive resume. 

But if we can nail down Bobby this year, then we also need to secure Nate Oats if Danny White feels that he is the logical successor. White also needs to put a huge buyout figure in Hurley's deal.

You do realize that a large buyout could be a deal breaker.  Hurley knows that he is demand.  Unless he wants to be a UB lifer he would not want anything that turns other schools off from trying to hire him, although it can be number that would give a coach for a yeqr for free.
As big has White can get away with. It might be chump change to some bigger schools.

If the new contract is for more then 550k a year, lets say 650k. Then I would imagine the buyout would be well over a million. Most likely it will be the remaining money on the contract. So there might be a very good reason why signing it might ruin his chances anywhere right now.
3  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB Agrees in Principle to Extend Coach Bobby Hurley on: Yesterday at 05:25:22 PM
Thanks PTR.

As for Arizona state. A few links showed that program needs some serious work to improve. I also seems like they want a big name guy who can coach.  The list by the local newspaper also has Chris Mack, and Steve Lavin on it. Some how i don't think either one is going anywhere ever.
4  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB Agrees in Principle to Extend Coach Bobby Hurley on: Yesterday at 12:24:26 PM
Good morning

I am reading these posts as well as those under DePaul.  I live in Chicago. DePaul is in a big conference and a great city. DePaul basketball is not a major presence in Chicago.  They pay currently 12 miles a way from campus. They are building a new arena that will be 7 miles away on the south side.  It has been years since DePaul was able to recruit the best of  Chicago area players. I would be shocked if they offer the job to Hurley after only two years at UB and with no Chicago connections. I will be equally shocked if Hurley does not take the job if offered. It will not be for $2 million but at a minimum twice the UB upgrade to $5-600,000.

Best case we keep Hurley for one more year. If we perform as expected next year, Hurley will be a real hot commodity. How will that impact our recruitment and what does that mean for our next coach.


He is sitting on a contract worth more then 550k a year now
5  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB Agrees in Principle to Extend Coach Bobby Hurley on: March 25, 2015, 08:40:46 PM
right now he is the power of the MAC

side note: how do we post videos?
6  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: UB Agrees in Principle to Extend Coach Bobby Hurley on: March 25, 2015, 04:48:47 PM
I pulled over to read this. For the love of god please stay Hurley.
7  General News and Announcements / General Discussion / Re: Time to leave the MAC behind on: March 23, 2015, 05:31:37 PM
Syracuse would block anything UB would have to do with joining the ACC. But a jump to the ACC or a similar conference is far away.

Cuse lost some political assets with the sanctions, also its the ACC not the Big East. Their may be some schools however that might like a thorn is the side of Cuse.
8  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Post Game on: March 22, 2015, 11:44:20 PM
WVU just beat Maryland. Bittersweet good news for us after the way we played them. We also have a team we played this year going to the Elite 8, Possibly 2.  With our season done our RPI is now at 28.
9  General News and Announcements / General Discussion / Re: Time to leave the MAC behind on: March 22, 2015, 07:43:14 PM
I think we are ready to make the next step in athletics. It's time to leave behind the Midwestern conference built around secondary and tertiary schools. The conference that never really embraced or appreciated us.  It's time to say "buh-bye" to the MAC.

Our next stop ought to be the American Athletic Conference. The AAC has some flagship schools like UConn and some very high profile second tier schools. Maybe we can get UMass to join us?

Danny White would never say it publicly but he has to see that the MAC is holding our national image back.  I say DUMP THE MAC!

I think its a little beyond thoughts inside of Danny's head. I would put money on it that there are some active talks going on at some level to move to a better conference. The 3 realistic one by region are B1G, AAC,  ACC, and the Big East.

The Big East is now private schools, the B1G would put us on the outskirts. So that really leaves the ACC, and AAC. While another 20+ win season or 2 in basketball may get the ACC a look, football will be holding us back, way back. So the AAC is where its at, much better program then the MAC.  It also adds another school up nort which will help Cincy and UConn.

But if we never want to lose another confrence game again we could join the American East.
10  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Silver Lining on: March 22, 2015, 03:49:04 PM
Without that win maybe Hurley stays one more year?

Think he will be staying regardless. As with all my other posts. He has the pedigree in the making to go to not a major program, not a job in a power conference, but be the next coach at one of the few positions that will be for life.  If does leave I hope its for legacy, and not money. I  hope he goes to UCLA, Duke, UNC (they would need to pay blood money), Kentucky, Kansas. I hope he doesn't leave to go to Rutgers or the other bottom feeders in the P5.
11  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Coaching Vacancies on: March 22, 2015, 03:44:15 PM
On horse racing.
I read a little about it.  He actually did quite well with a horse he bought for $1 million by the name of Songandaprayer.
Now the horse didn't win too much money in racing but that doesn't matter because he's a money producing machine in stud fees.
He had to sell his horse in the bankruptcy, but bancruptcy doesn't mean he lost money.  Now again, I have no idea, but I think he cut his losses and his stable went into bankruptcy but he ended up quite fine.  I think the $8 mil worth is current so obviously he's doing fine financially.

He defaulted on a $1 Million loan with PNC Bank. If you are worth $8 Million, you pay it. Since then, he has had assistant jobs and 2 years at UB, making under $1 Million combined.

Not paying the loan was probably a business decision.

Also Hurley's might play this smarter then just going for a money grab. He might be able to leave now and go to a small time program in a power confrence. Make a few million a year, and be under pressure to preform and win it all right away. If not he's gone in a few years.

Or he can sit back at Buffalo and wait.  Wait for the opening he wants and go after it.  Would you rather be the head coach of Texas Tech making a few mil a year without grantee job security or be the next coach at Kansas making close to 4 million a year and knowing you will be around a long long time?

Hurley is going for the "Kansas" job and not the "Texas Tech" job. At least i hope.

Also with our class we have next year. If half the kids meet expectaion I think were gonna walk trough MAC play and if we don't win the MACC again were getting a bid.


so far you can knock Wojo off the list, you gotta win and he is not right now.   As far a winnable OOC game we lost to one of those #1 seeds by less then 10. The other one well we got smoked in the last 10 minutes, but we still held in their.

So next year let's figure we have 2 games against #2 seeds. Should win those.
12  General News and Announcements / General Discussion / Re: Complaints about all things NYBI related on: March 21, 2015, 08:18:19 AM
Its a great ides to focus on NY. However we need the state to back it up money wise.

Out there you have

Ohio State, not University at Columbus

Penn State not  University Park University

I could go on but I think I made my point.  Every other state has there major public college that they show off proudly. We need Albany to do that here.

Probably the best example to follow would be Indania.  They have Purdue and Indania University, two school with nation wide attention in their public university system. But there also several other campuses that don't have that appeal. One of them is Ball State

So before any of this we need the money and support from Albany.  I would also rather be first in our efforts to take NY for our own before the other schools get wise.
13  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Coaching Vacancies on: March 20, 2015, 01:07:31 AM
One news tidbit that I was like it won't happen is Bobby Hurley to Fordham.. Their fans think they could get him.... That is a bit on the imagination side... A team with losing record, bad facility (worse than ours), and the only thing I believe they could do is try to give a big $$ contract... But I doubt he would bite..

Those Fordham guys are insane. Why in the hell would you leave a UB team that is in the tourney and will only be better next year to coach a Fordham team that is awful and needs a complete rebuild?

Your point is my point... Unless they pay him in the millions and Hurley wants to be closer to his father's HS program... I just do not see it happening... At the end, Bobby would ride this out because his team is only going to get better... Imagine the recruiting pitches he has now....

They will pay him 3-4X what UB is paying him if they want him.

Good thing Hurely probably doesn't need that kind of money. Not saying you shouldn't go after it but a quick search showsBobbh is worth around 8 million. After his new contract here its probably closer to 10 mil. Needless to say more money won't be life altering like it was for Turner Gill.

I think he is staying,  I'll get worried if he keeps this up and Duke opens up. 
14  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: BEAT CMU on: March 16, 2015, 11:31:30 PM
Just woke up, put on the tv, King of Queens was on.

Keving James was wearing a UB shirt.

The next shirt he wore said championship

He came to UB and did standup in the early 2000's a few times. I think it was also in his character's backstory that he failed out of UB.
The character dropped out of Nassau Community college after 8 days. I'd like to see the UB shirt episode.

It lasted all of 5 seconds, but very cool
15  UB Sports / Buffalo Bulls Basketball / Re: Coaching Vacancies on: March 16, 2015, 07:09:06 PM
Also NY uses SUNY as a piggy bank. Would make a bet that if we end up in a P5 all that extra money would somehow make its way into Albany's general fund and be used on special programs
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