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Time Warner is starting their own sports network for the Rochester/ Buffalo markets... so far all I've heard that is going to be on it is Amerks & Knighthawks games... here's hoping they put some UB basketball games on it...

Ugh! Does this mean they're going to take away other sports networks like MSG? Or will they bundle them into an expensive "sports" tier? I want ESPNU back, I want to keep the channels we have. A new spors channel would be fine, I'd love it if they showed the Rhinos, Bisons, Amerks, etc. But don't take away other sports channels, please!

from the thing I got in the mail from TW yesterday with my bill... they're not getting rid of any channels, just adding it... in Rochester, they are moving TLC from channel 26 to 52 and then moving the Hallmark channel to channel 78 and TWSN will be channel 26. When I get home from work I can let you guys know where its gonna be going on for Buffalo. Here's from Bob Matthews column today from the D&C where he mentions it (scroll all the way to the bottom):

I haven't heard a thing about this in Buffalo. Alan Pergament didn't mention it in his Saturday Sports on TV column either.


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