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    I’m most interested in seeing us get back to a sub 10 turnover game and dominating on the boards. Win both those battles and we win by 15+
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    What happened to that guy who would run around the court with the UB flag and the crowd would cheer him on to take more laps?
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    Do the votes have to occur every 8 hours? I just voted. Tried to vote again. No go. If anyone deserves this, it’s got to be Oats. Thank God for the medical practitioners that provide the care for the patients and their families stricken by this scourge.
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    This weekend's recap. Lots to like for UB #1 lost to Syracuse #25 Indiana lost (2x) #20 Oklahoma lost #7 Kansas lost to WVU #2 Michigan lost #9 VT lost #14 lost #17 NC State lost #18 Ole Miss lost #4 Virginia Lost to Duke but beat VT #8 Texas Tech lost (2x) #11 Florida State lost (2x) USF/Marquette both won twice. Should help the SOS too. No more 0 loss teams, only 6 1 loss teams in the country UB is up to 3rd in home winning streak at 20. I mean UB should be #14 heading into this week.
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    How can we compare UB to Gonzaga? It’s absurd. Look at next year. I don’t care who is coaching the team, UB is losing Perkins, Massinburg, Harris, Caruthers, and McRae: 62 points per game. Plus the defense that they give. And the leadership. Who will pick up the slack? I like Graves - he’s athletic and can shoot from three and get to the rim. I love Jordan - he’s a defensive stud and a real team player, but not a real scorer. Now we get to the current freshmen: Segu, Williams, and Fagan. Segu is quick but short and light. Not much to go on so far from his body of work, but like his hustle and looking for the open man. Williams is a rangy and raw talent. He’s got to be reigned in though. He’s a shoot first guy and when you’re 2 / 31 from three that’s bad. Too early to see what type of defense he’ll provide, but I haven’t been impressed. Fagan - just have no idea. The transfers and JCs: ? Does anyone really think that the Bulls will dominate the MAC next year? If Oats remains to coach next year, they have a slim chance of returning to the dance. If Oats gets hired by one of the big boys for big bucks, God help his successor.
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    Not pleasing everyone is one thing - playing some sort of slow jam R&B at every break is another. He's got an amazing talent for sucking all of the air out of the building after a UB run as the crowd gets on their feet and goes nuts by playing some slow low energy song. Crowd sits down. Arena gets quiet. He watches the video board and repeats the same three catch phrases. Rinse and repeat. It's the most effective application of a momentum breaking timeout I've seen in college basketball. Hoping this gets better when the students and pep band return, but that DJ table needs to be disassembled yesterday and control of break music turned back over to UB production.
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