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    Nothing has changed in the virus since late August. B1G saw the other conferences not following them and playing football, and were pressured into playing by players, donors, coaches, sponsors, fans.. I think they are doing the right thing. Will a few games be postponed along the way? maybe, but the ways to mitigate risks and keep the virus from spreading among teams is known. There's a blueprint. Also, the demographic who are being affected the most are not college football players and staff. It's elderly and immunocompromised with co-morbidities. Those folks should stay clear of college campuses and anywhere else for that matter. All this is my opinion of course. The MAC should be following the B1G and playing Oct-Dec when things are somewhat level and before the Flu season is in high swing. No one plays spring (or late winter) college football. I think it's just a way to appease players and coaches for now.
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    They should not be playing this year. And likely neither should any sports for the entire ACADEMIC year.
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    If players are tested consistently and there are no fans, it would be pretty safe. A lot of these bigger conferences are ignoring that a bit. If the Mac can find a plan for testing and to play a conference schedule, I’d definitely be for it
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    Nothing is likely to be learned about the long-term effects by February, either....yet basketball is on track to start by Thanksgiving. The world has to go on while taking precautions and mitigating to the best of ones ability...but things must go on.
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    Cam Lewis officially signed to the Bills 53.
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    https://buffalonews.com/sports/college/reports-mac-to-reconsider-decision-to-postpone-football/article_4bdf8192-f912-11ea-8161-1b961a59b8bd.html Momentum is shifting toward playing. Personally I don't think we can trust the numbers anymore since so much of this is politicized. But hey, it's your life. I'll watch.
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    Nationwide low positivity testing and slower spread. Shut downs for flare ups. State by state mandatory mask requirements. An ok from the CDC and FDA doctors that it is safe to play. Winter sports may have to be canceled as well, the above are not met. Remember people are only as safe as the least safe person they meet. If the entire 2020-2021 academic year has no collegiate sports I am fine with that. The health and safety of students is more important than the money they generate or the entertainment they provide.
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    https://sports.yahoo.com/reports-ncaa-basketball-season-to-tip-off-in-late-november-213142008.html The NCAA has approved a plan to start the college basketball season on Nov. 25, according to multiple reports.
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    I guess somebody did something to have an ice cream named after them.
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    According to the Game Book (aka stats) he did make it onto the field. Probably on Special Teams.
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    I agree, I could see him starting and only playing like 10mpg. We have a tendency to do that.
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    https://twitter.com/zsmart3/status/1303850192261779458?s=20 Word is we are pursuing him hard along with FGC, FIU and East Carolina.
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    Kick him off the team and get it over and done with. That kind of behavior is inexcusable. STABBING someone??? Utter stupidity.
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    Depends who wins the election.
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