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  1. https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/29/ncaa-college-football-conference-realignment This is a fun read......UB in the Yankee Division with some pretty good company.
  2. Nice article. Thanks for posting this Brook. Sometimes you have to see the numbers framed in a manner such as in this article, to appreciate (and be reminded) just how far UB has come as a football program. Kudos to Lance.
  3. Assuming that Bo makes the team (the numbers game on "international players" hurts a lot of guys chances); and also assuming that the CFL plays; and also assuming that the border is open; and assuming they allow fans to attend the games, August 7th would be a great game to have a slug of you guys come to Hamilton. I'd try to arrange a pre-game event.....I bet Dar would even bring a cake. After all, August 7th is BJ Thomas', Sidney Crosby's, Kyler Murray's, Jalen Hurts', Carl Switzer (deceased - better known as Alfalfa) and my birthday. Likely a few others too... 🙂 I
  4. Need to win 6 of the first eight...otherwise it's a crapshoot for Bowl eligibility. Lance will earn his pay this year to get us bowling.
  5. Please let it be as early in November as possible.
  6. Okay...we've toyed with them long enough. Guess it's time to start to play.
  7. Nice article. Thanks for posting the link.
  8. Nice plug. Interesting comments about the starting five scoring, and that they are the only five to start every game. I don't think to check TBN from the sunny south....thanks for posting. I'll be watching the game, as usual.
  9. The more I see of other stadiums, including FCS, the more I really am embarrassed about UB's scoreboard. But more importantly, I'm getting older; I just can't see anything much on the damn thing that we have now. And it has nothing to do with beverage at our tailgate.... Khalil, I have a problem (vision), I need your help...……….et tu Brute?
  10. If you need help eating enough to burn the card, let me know 🙂
  11. We had ADMA come by our tailgate early on Friday, selling 50/50 tickets...students were all home for Thanksgiving. Last comment to him was, "let's get a win and go bowling". His reply, "ya, hopefully somewhere warm...and where you need a passport"! Was he hinting, hoping, or chumming?
  12. See where Mizzou is out...and the word now is that at least one 5-7 team will qualify for a bowl. May not be correct, but have seen it from SI and also on Twitter.
  13. Mtn West vs MAC....slight upgrade. Plus Albuquerque is a tad warmer than Buffalo.
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