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  1. My ears are bleeding. Why is the production quality so low and the announcers so terrible. And this interview with the president is a super cringe
  2. Id also say thats a lateral move at best. AAC or bust for now.
  3. Can someone remind me when we find out the bowl selections? Is it just anytime now or do they wait until after conference championships? I couldn’t remember
  4. I was watching USC at 3-4 Colorado Friday night and the place looked packed. Maybe it’s also just the feeling of an enclosed stadium. It makes all the difference in the world
  5. Thank you so much I didn’t know that. Got to watch the replay. Lots of good stuff. Little bit of rust and a lot of new players that I need to learn their names. Hard to tell still but we will know more soon as competition ramps up. Couldn’t see the student section from the feed but they sounded pretty darn good for an exhibition game. I’m hoping it keeps growing once we get into the regular season. So freakin pumped that bball is back
  6. This team is just so inconsistent. I know 5-7, 6-6 and 7-5 are still completely possible and the 2 latter of those are what I would’ve considered a win before the season started but it’s just frustrating to see how well they can play at times thinking of what could’ve been if not for a missed kick etc. Too many times we do something great only for the next drive we watch either the offense sputter to a terrible 3 and out or the defense lets a team march 75 yards down the field in about 5 plays. I’m still feeling hopeful about the season and making it to a bowl game but it’s going to get harder next week. Hoping this team can get a signature road win. Akron doesn’t count. I keep trying to tell myself that sitting at 4-4 is better than what I expected before the season started. I truly think we have the talent to beat eastern but who knows what kind of football we will put on the field Ive been a firm believer that we need to do everything possible to get that open AAC position in order to advance the athletics program. App state being undefeated doesn’t help whatsoever but if we can somehow manage to win 3 of the next 4 and be 7-5 going to a bowl game it would be huge. Looking for b-ball to help us out some in a “down” football year
  7. Not being able to see the game I appreciate all the feedback. They didn’t do the banner lifting since it was an exhibition right? Can’t wait to see our updated banners... UB basketball is building a CULTURE
  8. I totally got the feeling we were going to lose the game too. We were just handing it to Akron but like you said we are lucky they are even more awful. I’m so conflicted with this team because they’ve shown flashes of playing extremely well. Winning 4 or 5 more I’d say pretty slim but even if we win say 2 more and end 5-7 that’s still a hell of a lot better than the 2-10 Quinn days
  9. There are some things about LL that I haven’t been totally happy with, especially halftime adjustments and getting the team to come out with a fire in the second half (or lack there of) but I’d still be upset to see him go. I really don’t want another coaching change and more “building a new system” which inevitably means a couple down years. Also many of us thought this year was going to be really really rough after all of the player turnover but we are sitting at 3-4 with a win over temple and an OT loss to Ohio. Yesterday’s win was ugly as anything and I think we play to the level of our opponents but I still think it’s very possible to get to 6 wins which is fine by me in a year we thought would be really really bad. LLs ceiling can be questioned but the floor is much higher than past coaches and I’m all for that.
  10. For me it’s Ohio too. I know we aren’t really their rival but that’s the only team that I really can’t stand. Same thing with basketball...hate Ohio. I was in school during the dj cooper days and the almost fight that broke out after a home game the one time with javon McCreas mom apparently and then dj came to the student section and tried to rip apart the famous poster of him in the bikini that circulated the MAC student sections. Also for basketball is kind of Akron. I know they have the Kent rivalry but it’s always really competitive. The only difference is I’ve had really good experiences multiple times with Akron fans. From the many times I’ve been around their fans they’ve been really respectful so there’s not really the hatred involved there
  11. Awesome. Beating out those other offers is great. New coach is off to a good start
  12. Love when we are dogs. We were favored at liberty and look how that worked out haha. Maybe it’s the extra bit of motivation we need to roll Miami.
  13. So tough to say. I’d love a 20+ win season. A lot of big shoes to fill but to still be a strength in the MAC would be a win. I just really want to beat bona
  14. Have no idea what to think of this team. This was much more of temple giving us gifts than us being good but still what a freakin win. A ginormous step to bowl eligibility. I too was upset with all the late injuries. Hopefully none are too serious. We have to be able to close out games but at the same time we had a new RB come in because it was a big lead. If we are up by one or two tds and trying to milk clock at the end of a game you know we are going with patt or marks. again, I know temple gave us a lot of gifts but still, in other years there’s still no chance we win that game and that gives me some more hope for the rest of the season. If the team can figure out how to play as well as they have at times for full games it could be great. If we come out and play like we did against liberty it’s gunna be rough. Either way, this was a win that really gave me some more hope for the season and I’m pumped for MAC play.
  15. To be honest I’m surprised the overall series is so lopsided
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