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  1. I am also curious about 2/3 of this, but I don’t understand the interest in Georgia State. What am I missing out on?
  2. I’m glad UB got an early verbal commitment class this year. I think this shutdown will make recruiting more difficult for EMU and Ohio, who only have 4 & 5 commitments so far, per 247.
  3. LCJ - I don’t even need to hear his name, just seeing the initials makes me think of Loren Christie.
  4. Realized this statement is rather silly, without supporting data. Guess which line represents NIU...
  5. Turns out, none of the teams showed great correlation. Least of all NIU, as 2012 was their best season of the decade, and they didn't have a single player recognized by one of these lists. Instead of showing each team, I just lumped them all in together.
  6. You're welcome. Thanks for the suggestions. It has given me an excuse to explore charting tools that I haven't used before. Enough about the whole conference though, this one is all Buffalo.
  7. No problem Doc, I can make some changes. By listing the awards in that order I was essentially trying to do what you are asking for. By adding the three colors, I was attempting to provide reference points within the 16 bars to help differentiate between categories, but you are right, it is still much too cluttered. Going back made me realize that I had a filter set incorrectly on the original bar chart though. Here is an update to the original format. And now, the 4 categories, each on their own. And finally these 4 categories, compared with each other. While glancing at the original chart, I though the conference might be getting more defensive, but I wasn't really sure. Since 2017, it is quite clear that overall, the offense and defense are headed in opposite directions.
  8. Here is an itemized breakdown of the different award watch lists. It shows the summation of all the current members of the MAC. (Where have all the receivers gone?)
  9. If tabular data is easier on your eyes, I just added that here... https://www.ubbullrun.com/2020/8/1/21350741/2020-preseason-watch-lists
  10. By now you have probably seen https://twitter.com/UBRecruiting/status/1288099610670632964 and https://twitter.com/UBFootball/status/1286677524466999296 They both look great! But, I wanted to know how that compares with the rest of the conference. So, I looked back over the past ten tears, and counted all the watch lists the current members of the MAC received. Then, I wanted to see how closely this might translate to on the field performance. So, I added Jeff Saragin's end of season rankings to the picture.
  11. (I saw the Ohio recruit at the bottom of the table, and incorrectly thought it was their most recent recruit)
  12. Yes, I hope so. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit. Apologies, he hasn’t actually played yet.
  13. Another exception to Doc’s list, I think, is Skogman.
  14. “The stable is almost full”, thanks Chris
  15. The Edit function is not working. I wanted to say this is a great summary. I had forgotten just how highly rated CMU’s little princess was rated.
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