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  1. Cook is out inured, but Williams and Marshall are contributing.
  2. That’s a strange autocorrect for 14-0
  3. Massey gives UB a 93% chance to win, and NIU only 22%. Here are their RPIs: UB 117 vs Akron 287 NIU 127 at WMU 144
  4. Rebounding (offensive, particularly) must improve. Zid can’t be the leader with 6, total.
  5. Good thing games aren’t 4 minutes long. Why can’t they be 9 minutes?
  6. It has to be difficult to transition from a player’s assist coach, to their HC. Used to be the good cop, but suddenly need to be the bad cop so to speak. A great majority of this years class only knows JW as the HC, and there are no previous relationship styles to try to maintain.
  7. I hope they can be seen tomorrow…. There doesn’t seem to be a listed broadcast yet.
  8. He hasn’t been on the roster for months, why is this news now?
  9. Their women just beat Canisius by 27 too. Ugh.
  10. Idk what the portal has to do with this comment??
  11. VanT is on espn2 tonight, in case anyone wants to watch a game manager
  12. After all the talk about the difficulties of playing in Athens, I’m glad this game will be in Muncie.
  13. I thought I read somewhere that Paige was in class of ‘24?!
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