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  1. How often is the team allowed to play international pre season games? Three games every third year, I think? That extra preparation and bonding time would be so nice for a team with so many new members this year.
  2. Yes, we need an update! This is outdated… https://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php?topic=15030.0
  3. Thank you! I figured they would, but my feed cut out before it actually happened.
  4. I didn’t hear that, exactly. But, I did see that a former winning team (overseas elite?) made 7M from winning 4 years. Since only the winners get paid, that’s obviously more than 1M per year.
  5. Sure, who knows. I don’t mean to make a big deal of it, just an observation.
  6. Strange though, that they didn’t shed their shirts and photo the names on their backs after the final game.
  7. With each team playing for something larger than themselves, it’s difficult to poke fun at the other team.
  8. No doubt, that’s huge. But, I also don’t like how espn is making more money from non major teams*. … university teams that need all the resources they can get. *or former teams
  9. I feel bad for whoever wins this year. 1M meant much more when the tournament began. Now, with the highest attendance and tv ratings ever, 1M is a bit of a joke.
  10. The rules are probably in digital format.
  11. How much will Zelle transfer a latecomer? 🤣
  12. That site is really no different that this… anyone can post anything. There are no editors, and facts aren’t checked. We are all just fans, trying to share our knowledge of the team we follow.
  13. Wow, that’s lengthy. So many great quotes. I hadn’t heard basketball competitions described as matches before.
  14. Agreed. While it might have taken longer than wanted, a team has been assembled. I look forward to the season.
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