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  1. Bona lost at the Reilly Center today. Northern Iowa killed them on the boards, and shot lights out. The Bulls should easily outrebound St Bona. Can they shoot well enough to come away with the upset?
  2. Bulls showing who’s boss.Like the Skogman start
  3. If Buffalo and Ohio were to both have only one or two losses in MAC play, AND play each other in a close game in the MAC championship, then I could see the conference possibly getting an at-large bid. However, that scenario is a pipe dream. Mballa got schooled yesterday by a guy that outweighs him by 40 pounds. He’ll be fine in MAC play. But this is a one bid conference, so hopefully the Bulls stay healthy and play up to their potential from here.
  4. There is no way that wasn’t going to be the case. Bulls lost Graves, and picked up Jack. That’s a wash. No way the MAC is getting 2. So it’s going to come down to Cleveland.
  5. The rest of the non conference? Illinois St, St Bona, Canisius, W Kentucky, UC Irvine, and last, but not least St John Fisher and Point Park. Oh my God, what a joke!
  6. Perhaps Tripathi should consider rebranding. How does Stephen F at Buffalo sound?
  7. Bulls are a much better team than this. Watch for an explosive second half by going inside to Mballa. Have to clean up the TOs, of course. And get tougher on the glass, but I’m not worried at all.
  8. Bulls have to up the tempo. That’s their bread and butter - getting points in transition off TOs. They’ll get going once they settle down…or is that a paradox?
  9. Stopping Lofton is the key to beating Bona. He’s not a good shooter from outside. His eFG% is right around where Welch’s and Holmes’ are, but he takes the most shots from the field. His eFG% is actually the lowest on their starting five. But, if you foul him, you pay: he makes his foul shots. I expect Mballa to dominate Ossuniyi. Williams is the most talented individual, and the scrappiest player from either team. This game should be an ugly one. The team that avoids fouls and can stay on the court, while valuing the ball, and making its free throws will win.
  10. Very happy with the second half, especially bench contribution. About the only bad thing was TOS.
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