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  1. Will the UB Fall Sports team athletes be allowed to use the facilities for weight training, running, team drills, etc.? Or is the moratorium a total ban?
  2. Aren’t we forgetting Jarryn Skeete? Turner Battle? Yassin Idbihi?
  3. I’m cynical enough to speculate that the the increase in MAC regular season from 18 to 22, envisions smaller crowds next year - whenever next year may be. So the additional games somewhat would offset the lower attendance figures that are certain. It’s whistling past the graveyard.
  4. UB would have had to almost triple its financial package. Oats had to make a rational decision. He made the right choice. No one was blindsided with the exception of Alnutt, perhaps.
  5. Unless you’re really that regimented, go with the flow.
  6. We should be grateful that it didn’t happen last year.
  7. UB is not a basketball school. It’s men’s’ and women’s’ basketball teams have been more successful than its football team. Agree that football is the squeaky wheel. Also agree that UB is financially low balling athletics relative to other conferences that fans have mentioned as desirable destinations.
  8. As far as the Bills-Sabres country goes, winning will sell. as the Bills-Sabres country goes, winning will sell. There seems to be a floor under the attendance figures for both the Bills and the Sabres. Not sure why, because they do suck. Maybe it’s the media. If they suck, the stadium/arena will be empty. I don’t agree. They have both been bottom barrel franchises for ages. The fans show up. And they pay a lot more than my wife and I do for our season tickets for the mens’ and women’s’ basketball games. The Bulls have been WAY more competitive than either of the two major league professional teams over the past ten years. The closest UB Football has come to winning a National Championship was winning the MAC Championship & Bahamas Bowl, and the closest UB Basketball has come to a National Championship was getting crushed in the Round of 32. Okay, and your point is? Keep paying the big bucks for your trips to KeyBank Center and whatever Rich Stadium is now called.
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/josephnardone/2019/06/23/uconn-leaving-the-aac-hints-at-harsh-fallout-for-wayward-league/#51c629392152
  10. It’s possible, contrary to many posts here attesting to the athletic superiority of the Bulls, that UB was in fact deficient in talent this season. They certainly didn’t manhandle anyone. Every game seemed to come down to the last couple of minutes. They were middle of the pack - in a conference loaded with middle of the pack teams. They had no take charge guy. Whitesell was fired by Loyola because it felt he was a .500 guy - which he was. And yet Whitesell’s successor at Loyola, Porter Moser, has had one stellar season there in nine seasons. Perhaps Loyola is satisfied with that. Sad, seeing as they won it all in 1963. Whitesell’s probably got one more year at Buffalo. Then? Is UB committed to top tier DI basketball? I doubt it.
  11. Dayton is a basketball school and has been for decades and decades before UB. The A10 and the MWC have been ranked among the top 10 conferences for the most part over the past 20 years. The MAC has been ranked in the top 10 twice in the past 24 years. I’m not sure what their coaches earn, but it probably dwarfs what UB pays Whitesell. In the last game at Dayton over 13000 fans were in attendance, at San Diego St there were over 10000. You can not remotely put UB in the same class as those two programs at this point. And should UB remain in the MAC, it will never achieve the status of either as far as basketball is concerned. By the way, there were 3700+ fans at Alumni Arena tonight to cheer on the women’s and men’s teams.
  12. Rounded to the nearest percent: Johnson in 2018 from 2, 3, and foul line: 47%, 38%, 87%. Johnson in 2020 from same: 43%, 27%, 82%. To exacerbate the problem he took more shots this year in all categories. His free throw shooting was still great. Good luck in the next stage, Antwain.
  13. Agreed. He’s a kid who just never got untracked offensively. Same could be said of Grant. Both had their moments, but at the end of the day they just didn’t get it done.
  14. Is it intensity? Or is it awareness? And whatever it is, he wasn’t the only one...85 points against the 12th seed at home.
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