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  1. Well, the Bulls hung in there, but I think we can all agree that for all their supposed athleticism they are not only a poor dunking team…they are a poor shooting team… and they are a mediocre to poor team.
  2. Segu, Jack, and Mballa have had poor performances. Skogman? OMG, if he’s the future just surrender right now…he’s the most inept, timid, player I’ve ever seen.
  3. I’m streaming game with no issues. Got to get after it.
  4. I feel good about the Bulls based on their play in the last four games. Bulls 83 Rockets 79
  5. I’m not a Hurley fan, but his team had fewer than 10 shots from the foul line, and Stanford had over 40.
  6. I was way off with my claim that the average salary in the MAC for a men’s BB HC is $700k. I just looked it up some of the data is out of date, because R Murphy, and K Davis, (plus others) for example are no longer coaching in the MAC. But using the data anyways, not counting supplemental add ons or bonuses, the average base salary is a little over $350k. Mea Culpa.
  7. You are right. I am way off the mark on that.
  8. You can’t pay a man $300k for inferior work and results. It’s time to either pony up to the MAC average of $700k, or just bite the bullet and hope that $300 (or less) will tide you over.
  9. Whitesell’s base salary this year is $300k. I think you could get a kid just out of school who would gladly coach the Bulls for a third of that. That would lower the tuition a couple of bucks, at least.
  10. There’s no doubt Whitesell must go. First of all he’s a lousy coach. Second of all he costing UB a King’s ransom. Alnutt’s got to tighten the belt. Get a young maverick to get the Bulls back to respectability.
  11. Bulls up 10-4. Have to change it up before things get out of hand
  12. That did not look good for Ohio’s Carter.
  13. Ohio’s dug themselves a hole, but let’s see what type of fight they have. Either of these teams will be a handful for the Bulls.
  14. Now is the beginning of wisdom. Bulls looking to skewer the 330th ranked team in DI.
  15. Bulls have to find their identity. It won’t be pretty.
  16. And…..the Bulls are back on top! Let’s go Bulls! We are going to beat…oh, forget it - the Bulls are just a bad team.
  17. Any time you play in the MAC crowd noise is a factor. Western Michigan fans are tough.
  18. Oh, I agree with you. The schools are hypocritical too. Absolutely. Case in point the Ivies which turn themselves into knots to curtail the number of deserving Asians admitted to their schools. Who sets the rules? That’s a good question. I don’t have the answer other than to say that the NCAA, theoretically, allows students with SAT scores of 400 out of 1600 to play DI sports. And yet they’ll nail a kid (and school) for getting a free Whopper and fries. It’s absurd. Who sets the rules? Time for someone else.
  19. How plausible is it that many, if not most, DI programs will contemplate disassociating from the auspices of the NCAA? The guidance of that body hasn’t exactly made life easy for the vast majority of schools. I would love it if a few schools would have the guts to completely sever their connections to an arrogant, officious, and hypocritical association. There would be an avalanche of schools following suit.
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