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  1. He will forever now be known as Badnews.
  2. I would hope an evaluation or re evaluation is an ongoing process. Firing though is not an option now. But I dare say for the program to get anywhere near the level it was the last five years this is a hugely important off season for recruiting and player development. Two down years where we aren’t a factor in the MAC will hit our recruiting in a big way.
  3. Of course I do. It makes no difference now though. Just many dropped the ball. And it is also why all this talk about a different conference is a pipe dream. Too many of the movers and shakers unwilling to step forward and up and too many who think it just cannot be done.
  4. Widely shared but incorrect opinion. Regardless it remains a missed opportunity to capitalize on that success.
  5. Alnut before extending the offer got the ok from Tripathi who said you can offer anything you want but you’ll have to cover anything over 600k. Alnut then spoke to one or two big donors to make sure he’d be able to cover and then made the offer. I wish Alnut was prescient enough to seize the moment because I know tremendous amounts more could have been raised at that time utilizing the team’s historic success along with a vision of raising the profile of UB hoops.
  6. That does absolutely nothing for the student body and doesn’t take away any traffic away from AA which should be a 24/7 haven for hoops. It’s great for football. It was long viewed as a necessity. Glad it happened. Thank you Murch! But it doesn’t solve hoop related matters.
  7. 100% spot on. Further complicating the vision of Oats and White, and this gentleman’s why not question, is the failure, unwillingness, lack of vision, inability and/or can’t do attitude of UB its administration, athletics mentality and/or its boosters to step out and embrace the vision and change in attitude White brought to UB athletics and Oats seized upon and showed that it could be done. Glaring example is the total failure to build a first rate field house which has been a wish list item and a necessity for at least 20 years. To me it is inexplicable that it hasn’t already been done. UB athletics needs it. The student body needs it.
  8. I think the best way to describe tonight’s performance was the return of Reggie ball. The great thing about the Oats’ years is that we beat the teams we should. We sustained some real head scratching losses including tonight. After having been the team defeating higher ranked teams the last several years tonight was a bitter loss. The pressure is really on for next year if we hope to reclaim a top spot in the MAC.
  9. He isn’t trash. But he certainly proved to be overhyped from the pre season prognostication.
  10. So we‘ll be better than top 15 in the country next year?
  11. Playing one on one basketball is not an offense.
  12. Buffalo’s defense is atrocious! I’d like to see points in the paint stats for the half. Our offense is just as bad. No rhyme or reason to it other than dribble and try and beat your man. Absolutely no sense of team basketball.
  13. May as well dream big. And bullieve!
  14. I’m five time zones away. Following as closely as I can. LETS GO EFFING BOYS!!!!!!
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