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  1. K State has not been canceled yet
  2. I have a flight to MCI for the KSU game. I'm not expecting that I'm going to need that ticket. Let's hope basketball still happens, and that D1 sports doesn't financially collapse by then.
  3. Can we get a second mortgage on the field house?
  4. Can we just appreciate that we aren't being relegated in this hypothetical? How far we've come.
  5. If they do not have enough football players to field a team they can just find a snowstorm and drive their equipment truck into it and we'll just go on to week 2 like nothing happened.
  6. Cannot navigate to pages through clicking any of the page links. https://ubfan.com/bb/index.php?/topic/1068-transfer-portal/page/8/#comments
  7. How could we pull that off in this financial environment? Is the volleyball team going to take a bus to Tulsa?
  8. That's one of the issues that has been plaguing conference members, but we have not faced. IIRC only UB, Ohio, and Miami have had steady enrollment increases recently. Akron is in huge trouble there. They already accept the overwhelming majority of applicants, and yet their enrollment continues to plunge.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see McEvans start a few games this year. For how young the team is there is a TON of talent.
  10. https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/news/2020/06/14/ub-football.html First, there is nothing in this article to indicate that - obvious clickbait. The article eludes to Syracuse University being part of a "small number of elite college sports programs" (note that one of the article's authors is a SU grad). Bowling Green State University actually reinstated the baseball program over the past few weeks. There is no school named Akron University. Not sure if this is Alnutt misspeaking (unlikely) or the reporter not knowing the difference between the BCS and the CFP, but the BCS has been canceled for over 6 years now. Unfortunately, clickbait and inaccuracies seems par for the course for SU grads. This actually seems to be one of the better and more accurate articles written by a SU grad that I've read recently.
  11. Looking back, this post is kinda funny. Might not have been the first thing and was not public, but you almost nailed it Nothing will beat Torian Graham. In HS he gets recruited by schools like Kentucky. Some of these links might be dead, but the timeline is still accurate May 17, 2011 Commits to NC StateAugust 8, 2011 Decommits from NC StateDecember 2011 Re-commits to NC State, then Re-Decommits the same dayJanuary 2012 Transfers high school from Arlington Country Day (FL) to Creedmoor (N.C.) Christian FaithOctober 10, 2012 Signs with ChipolaJanuary 20, 2014 Arrested after being pulled over and ate some weed to conceal it from officersApril 20, 2014 Signs with HoustonNovember 17, 2014 Leaves Houston after playing only a few minutes in an exhibition gameDecember 26, 2014 Commits to (and enrolls) at Buffalo June 2, 2015 Signs with ASU He finally played one (1) season of D1 ball at ASU for Hurley in 2016-17.
  12. So why the secrecy? SUNY bureaucracy? UB delaying?
  13. ECU cuts men's swimming, among other sports, dropping the AAC to two members in men's swimming (SMU, Cincinnati). Have to imagine Cincinnati will join the MAC as an affiliate.
  14. I don't know of Sharkey's long term goals, but whenever FLJ retires or leaves UB (looking more like the former than latter) she could probably step in. She's been on the staff for a while now.
  15. Probably either pay a bunch of lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight it and hope the NCAA gives in. Or add some low cost bs sport and underfund it.
  16. No, I don't think they are great decisions, but if the school is pushed one way or the other, they have to make a decision. If what BB is saying about the MAC not being able to sponsor men's indoor T&F unless miraculously an affiliate decides to join, it puts UB in a tough place. Do the men and women compete in separate conferences? How would that work when it comes to the championships? Do we just say fuck it and decide not to compete in the indoor NCAA Championships for men? I feel the exact same way for the men's swimming and diving program. And I have no connection to that program. Luckily for you and I, we don't have to deal with this shitshow, we'll just see the result of it.
  17. Ask Akron, who dropped their men's cross country team but still has track & field. Or Central Michigan who did the opposite, following Toledo (2003), Bowling Green (2002), and Ohio (2007) as schools that sponsor men's cross country, but not track & field. Or Miami, who hasn't sponsored men's indoor track since 1997, but continues to sponsor cross country and outdoor track & field.
  18. So basically three options for UB, unless the MAC is going to entice William & Mary to travel all the way to Akron for a championship (unlikely): Horizon League/MAAC/American East for one gender, one sport (dumb) ECAC it (less dumb) Drop and replace with another men's sport (you have my attention if it's soccer or swimming & diving)
  19. CMU discontinues men's track. Only Akron, Buffalo, EMU, and Kent State currently sponsor indoor track in the MAC now.
  20. JUCO -> D1 players are immediately eligible. Won't have to write any emails here. Best of luck to him though.
  21. And impressive recruits coming in.
  22. Cost they charge for room and board does not vary much across the state. The market rate for housing varies a lot though. Any current UB students reading this: move off campus ASAP.
  23. Unless we get a statement from a former teammate, looks like it.
  24. Look up what UB is. Even out of state, it's a hell of a deal. Except for the fees (and room/board if you do that on your own), UB's cost to attend is pretty much what it costs to attend any other SUNY. I imagine that's also what helps cripple the school too. Hard to compete academically with schools like Michigan and Penn State when they charge double the price/have twice the resources.
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