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  1. Sadly {I think on April 5th UB Women's coaching search begins. St. John Fisher's Melissa Graham Kuberka could be someone to look at.
  2. his dad is in UB's Hall of Fame.
  3. Coach at Rice didn't play freshman even in mop up time mostly due to Covid super senior returnees. At the end of the year NH elected to have surgery on a nagging injury. At IMG he was the starting PG and exhibited lock down defense.
  4. Former UB recruit and Buffalo News' 2019 Player of the Year; Noah Hutchins (PG) has entered the transfer portal (3+ years of eligibility)
  5. Noah Hutchins (Park/IMG) reclassed to 2020 and is still being recruited and holds a UB offer as well as 16 other offers
  6. I was criticized often on this board for my opinion on transfer & juco players to build a team. Lack of chemistry and accepting roles. To be fair, this is not a Coach W team and he is hampered this season by lost recruits. I disagree on the play of our "big". Soft hands and poor position on the "d" board,. A former Park player started at the 5 in D1 this week. Joe Jones III (a UB lost recruit) owned the boards for Georgia State in their win. Too much "hero ball" tonight. Lack of maturity including the bench. I believe not all players will buy into Coach W and things will drastically change when he recruits the type of players that fit his style. Give it 2 years. He wasn't fortunate to inherit the teams that Hurley and Oats did.
  7. Brunk wants Law School - - UB has a notable Law School and JW knows the midwest. Butler has 2 bigs Brunk would share minutes with so he announced his transfer.
  8. We'll never know if those recruits were originally thumbs up or down as far as JW. I've seen recruits not fitting a system being implemented released. I fully expect a pace slowed down and more complicated defensive switches. Higher IQ needed.
  9. In one of my early posts on this topic I wrote that "though I don't believe he may want the position, JW should gain the title HC as IMO he has been the "Power behind the Throne". Personally I've known him since 2004 and my son's Butler days and when my son apprenticed in the NCAA office for the Horizon League my son spoke highly of him in meetings of JW's basketball foresight. Bridget Niland (former AD at Daemen, currently at the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo) happened to work at that NCAA office at the same time. I also stated I have personal knowledge of Coach on the recruiting path as I'm involved heavily in high school hoops and he has been the one to offer at least 2 I'm acquainted with still on UB's radar. Those who read another post where I wrote contradicting Oats' claim that BH put the team together now have learned that Coach JW brought in CJM. Now I have to disagree with those objecting to the hiring of a search firm and the results. Though the optics may not look it, Coach JW most likely checked more boxes on thje search firms forms than anyone else. HC experience, recruiting experience, hiring experience, continuity, maintaining players and recruits, temperament, local area knowledge, MAC area knowledge, etc., etc., etc. I also think the big difference will be developing 4 year players and not 2 year JUCOs.
  10. I think its a great idea though I don't believe the men could deal with her gpa requirements.
  11. As long as many are discussing transfers... remember... Ikenna transferred out. He could have stayed. He might have made a positive difference in 3 games we lost.
  12. Oats was quoted as stating that "Hodgson recruited the entire UB team". That is totally false as there are some players, current & future recruited and offered by Whitesell and/or Marshall.
  13. It appears, there are 2 more UB staff exits. DBO and Strength and Conditioning. According to Oats, Bauman and Snowden are reportedly at 'Bama.
  14. apologize I was thinking ACC not AAC. UB is down to 14 total sports and only 6 mens sports failing to meet any FBS Conference requirement
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