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  1. You don’t understand the idea of hiring a guy who hasn’t done any coaching? I assume your talking about head coaching right? By that logic, our football coach shouldn’t have been hired…but people were talking about how great of a recruiter he was. Wonder why he got the job and Bryan didn’t.
  2. Just start Hardnett going forward. I don’t care how tall the other player on the other team is. Brock can’t jump anyway.
  3. Those refs easily gave North Texas another 10-15 points. It was just obvious how biased they were. Buffalo should have won easily.
  4. What is the status of Hardnett anyway? Also, this game reminded me of the West Virginia game where we ended up pulling the upset. We chipped away at the lead. This time though we stopped feeding the best player who was Williams. He was having a CJ Massinburg game. But poor shot selection and the officiating was suspect at times with all these double techs killing our momentum and flow of the game. We’ll be good the rest of the way but I thought this one was winnable honestly.
  5. I got a feeling we’ll need 7 wins to go Bowling this year…gotta win out.
  6. And we lost our 2 best starting linemen to transfer Gall to Baylor and Novitsky to Kansas. That didn’t help.
  7. Back to the stadium discussion, hear me out on this one… why not follow the Bills path and build new but instead knock down current UB stadium and build new on the same exact site. While the new stadium is being built, play at the new Bills stadium and test it out to see if you can play 1 or 2 big games a year there with Notre Dame or Michigan. Forget lowering the track, go big and build new to get it right. The rest of UB stadium sucks anyway. Just rebuild on site and aim for 30,000k seats.
  8. Riggins and Ruiz are two key players that did not play. Hope both are back for conference play.
  9. Something to think about…Coastal basically returned all their starters on both sides. Imagine if Buffalo returned Patterson, Novitsky, Gall and Lefebrve…plus the same coaches from before would the score be us losing by 3 at home still? Doubt it. We would be ranked too.
  10. I gotta say McDuffie has been more impressive so far to me then Marks. Honest opinion. Also, Johnson has been the best wr even over the transfer from Eastern Michigan. We should give them more plays because they are producing so far.
  11. What is the next project that UB athletics is looking to build? Was it the new weight room/ rec center near the field house?
  12. That is what you have practice for...nice try defending an idiot move on your coach's part. Classless. Good luck getting destroyed next week thinking a live practice kick is going to make a difference.
  13. That is a stupid reason. It's like saying "hey our WR or RB hasn't scored a touchdown yet this game today so let's run a play where he has a chance to score a TD for his confidence for the next game" even though we know the game has been decided, we are up 25 with 10 seconds left.
  14. Why the hell would the Nebraska coach kick a field goal up 25 with 10 seconds left? That coach is an idiot. Classless.
  15. As our kicker was about to attempt his 4th field goal...the TV announcer says "Well at least he's getting some live reps...." I laughed then slowly frowned...
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