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  1. Honest question. If we push the season back to 2021, what happens to the seniors who would be seniors this year? Are they eligible next year as 5th year seniors and wouldn’t the roster be made up of more players with the incoming freshmen this year plus next years freshmen class? Anyone know how that will work?
  2. Starting lineup would be Wes Clarke, Shannon Evans, Jeremy Harris, Javon Mcrea and Mitchell Watt. Bench Lamonte Bearden, Dontay Caruthers and Justin Moss
  3. Wow a total of 2 MAC grad transfers got drafted...this was still a down year for any former MAC players.
  4. Anyone notice the significantly low amount of MAC players drafted this year?
  5. I say they have to play in the Cbi or whatever trash post season tourney IF they get invited. They need the practice and should play as much as they can. Also, need to find a top notch recruiter in the offseason. Maybe someone from the AAU ranks. We need better players bottom line.
  6. Both Grant and Nickleberry can stay on the bench....worthless.
  7. Anyone see Texas Tech beat the #1 ranked team Louisville tonight? So you know what that means...If DePaul beat Texas Tech and Buffalo beat DePaul, then Buffalo is better than Texas Tech which beat the #1 team in the nation. Basically UB has a case to be the #1 team in the nation.
  8. Both Grant and Williams have tunnel vision. They are turnover prone. I’d play Hardnett and Nickleberry more instead.
  9. 2 things from this game - Watching Grant attempt to play basketball is frustrating. Also, this lady announcer is no Cierra Dillard as an tv analyst. Doesn’t seem as polished.
  10. Be pretty cool if Khalil Mack showed up to watch.
  11. Any word on a return visit by Vandy or DePaul to Alumni next year? I feel like it is more realistic to schedule these caliber teams to come to UB that are in the middle tier of their high major conference than the bigger name Dukes or UNCs.
  12. Their game was atrocious like their shorts tonight
  13. They need to play the best 5 and only 5. Graves, Jordan, Johnson, Mballa and Grant. Everyone else isn’t doing anything or a defensive liability.
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