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  1. I know we brought this up before but do we even have a team next year? Honest question. What’s our starting 5 next season? It’s going to be brutal.
  2. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve decided to join the fan portal. I’m taking my fan talents elsewhere. First and foremost, I’d like to thank God, the coaches, players, Victor E Bull, Elmo’s for their wings and the rest of the UB community for the last 10 years as a loyal fan. I felt this is the best situation for me and my family that I move on. With that being said I will now be a fan of….any other team but UB. Please respect my decision.
  3. Tough watching another former Bull play for another school this year. Tonight Jacob Gall started at center for 7th ranked Baylor against Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. I don’t think some people knew how good we had it with Lance. He ran a quiet and efficient program with solid recruiting and had good game management.
  4. So glad I didn’t watch this game. Sounds like from the comments the refs screwed us again. Ohio and MAC refs are two reasons we need to get out of this conference. What a joke of a league.
  5. This portal thing is a game changer. There is no loyalty anymore and we are seeing basically short term careers of players at UB. Saw McDuffie enter the portal now too. I’m not a fan of this portal but can’t root against players doing what’s best for them and to find better situations if possible for their careers.
  6. Pathetic. Let’s start over next year. I bet this Coaching job will get a ton more attention then last time and I have no idea how we messed it up before. Maybe we need to pay more. Be ready to start the search right after the season ends in the first round at home at the on campus game. Then hire a well known name that is has played the game like Gerry McNamara or a former NBA player or a top HS or AAU coach. Be bold and get a name that can attract recruits. This program should not be in decline but growing into an every top mid major. I hate it when people on here mock those who expect more and there is nothing wrong with having high standards and expectations. Let’s turn the page soon and start fresh.
  7. I bet we start next season with Myers and end up with Cole.
  8. Good for him. I think if he was on a better team with a better offensive line, he’d have more tds. He can definitely play at this level. Wish the Bills would pick him up next year but only if they fix their offensive line too.
  9. It’s sad to say but this game could be the beginning of our basketball program’s decline and it could get a lot worse the next few years. We had a good run.
  10. Fire the refs. That last call on Williams was suspect. First the griffs player flopped like they've done the whole game then the ref makes the call boastfully like he's a cheerleader for the Griffs...come on.
  11. Anybody else muting the Canisius broadcast of this game online? The announcers have a good blend of annoyance and homerism that is completely unbearable.
  12. First off, great pass by the guy. Second, Barstool should be held accountable for ripping off other media’s production. F Barstool if they did this without giving credit where credit is due. I would not let this go if I were UB athletics.
  13. At St. John Fisher’s high school gym, where else do you think it will be….?
  14. Does UB get a share of profit from any of the bowls? Is it spread out among all the MAC teams? How does that work again?
  15. Since we are talking about coaches on the hot seat, what about former coach Witherspoon now at Canisius. This guy hasn’t done anything and somehow year after year has a job. I thought he was average at best at UB and he continues to underachieve but no mention of hot seat for him. I guess our expectations at UB have risen and we demand more since we’ve won recently. Canisius on the other hand is stuck in mediocrity.
  16. It’s all about the future and with Hurley and Oats at least we new what the future rosters would bring. This is the first time where we have no idea who will lead next year which should be a sign if we have the right coach. Also, the one big difference between Whitesell and Hurley/Oats is both Hurley/Oats had the potential to leave to bigger jobs, I’d don’t think Whitesell is that type of coach. He’s probably content with staying until retirement.
  17. Hate to be pessimistic but we are staring at a big rebuild after this year. I’d be surprised if we won 10 games next year with the less experienced roster we have. Anyways let’s focus and enjoy this season but concern about the future roster is an understatement.
  18. If I were Oats, I’d stay in Alabama for 10-15 years then make a jump to either Duke, Michigan State or Kentucky.
  19. So what’s the deal with this game being on tv anywhere maybe direct tv? Is it only online at nbcsports.com?
  20. Didn’t you lose at home to Northern Iowa Community Tech College? Also, A10 is for private schools. UB is a public state school which can afford Football and other sports at the same time. Also, bummer you dropped out of the top 25 after waiting 50 years to be ranked but it’s a long season. All the best to you and the folks in little Olean.
  21. You don’t understand the idea of hiring a guy who hasn’t done any coaching? I assume your talking about head coaching right? By that logic, our football coach shouldn’t have been hired…but people were talking about how great of a recruiter he was. Wonder why he got the job and Bryan didn’t.
  22. Just start Hardnett going forward. I don’t care how tall the other player on the other team is. Brock can’t jump anyway.
  23. Those refs easily gave North Texas another 10-15 points. It was just obvious how biased they were. Buffalo should have won easily.
  24. What is the status of Hardnett anyway? Also, this game reminded me of the West Virginia game where we ended up pulling the upset. We chipped away at the lead. This time though we stopped feeding the best player who was Williams. He was having a CJ Massinburg game. But poor shot selection and the officiating was suspect at times with all these double techs killing our momentum and flow of the game. We’ll be good the rest of the way but I thought this one was winnable honestly.
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