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  1. Already 11 players on the roster. I don't think they need 13 players unless some guys get hurt or have to miss games.
  2. I think Nate has a chance at a two way contract if he plays well in summer league.
  3. Tough break for Skogman.
  4. If you want to get paid more you probably are. Companies offer new hires more than when they internally promote someone. Obviously money isn’t everything so there are more factors to consider than that.
  5. Interesting that she went to GT after high school. She was honorable mention all WNY her senior year. Tough to find much on her.
  6. Averaged 9 PPG and 6 RPG two years ago
  7. Bringing in Stone's teammate as well. Averaged 18 PPG and 7 RPG. Shot 57% from the field.
  8. Grad transfer DE from NC State. Had 3 sacks last year.
  9. Agreed, impressive that he even got minutes in the ACC as a freshman. Just can't ignore those shooting percentages though. Overall I think it's a good pickup for UB.
  10. This is an intriguing pickup for the mens team. Averaged about 10 minutes a game for BC last year, but his numbers are pretty bad.
  11. Two years of eligibility left is nice too.
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