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  1. Some guy named Belichick might disagree with you. https://footballscoop.com/news/bill-belichicks-detailed-plan-defend-hail-marys-genius
  2. More than just more playoff expansion, preliminary discussions now of breaking out college football from NCAA. https://es.pn/3c032Do
  3. Is there an update on this? The suspense is killing me.
  4. I live in Texas these days and follow Rice sports. I just saw this and wondered if UB had anything similar? It seems a great way to integrate the athletics program along with the general academic programs. https://news.rice.edu/news/2022/rice-creates-major-sport-analytics-offer-training-rapidly-expanding-field
  5. Some interesting comments from Notre Dame. https://www.si.com/college/2022/04/23/notre-dame-jack-swarbrick-division-1-change
  6. Jeenathan played 37 minutes and scored 14 points in Denton TX.
  7. I hope we do sign Phil Connors if only to help out with replay review.
  8. Has anyone put together a cheat sheet on who has transferred to or from, committed, de-committed, grad transfer, juco, freshman, etc? I have to admit that I am completely confused on who's still here, who's new that I should be excited about, and who is an up and coming prospect.
  9. Related but only oh-so-slightly, I've always felt as if San Diego State should be the athletic model for UB. Mid-major school in a professional sports town as part of a State university. Successful in football and basketball. Better facilities but, I think, a similar academic standing. And both cities are known for their local weather 🙂
  10. I agree with all of this, but I think NYU might have some brand infringement with a UNY.
  11. Will this invite/allow discussion of Buffalo becoming "New York State University"?
  12. McDuffie is the big surprise to me. But with his position coach moving on to Georgia Tech, I wonder if there is a wink-wink deal for McDuffie to follow? Pure unfounded speculation on my end.
  13. Mike Krzyzewski is 74-year-old. As an old guy myself, (67), 62 isn't that old.
  14. From an SEC athletics conglomerate to an ACC middle of the road program? I think it's wishful thinking on Maryland's part. Oats just signed a $3 mil/year extension with 'Bama. I don't know how much Oats misses the Midwest Winters, but based on his family background, I'd guess Michigan as maybe the only real potential temptation.
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