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  1. You gotta call. You will get an answer very quickly by calling.
  2. Did you call the ticket office? Always your best bet.
  3. To be fair, Lance’s second season we lost against Albany, and we were 2-10 that year, I think this year is shaping up to be that.
  4. I was critical last year of it but this years schedule is really really great. They did a nice job.
  5. Really not a good showing from UB at all. The offense is as pathetic as ever and the defense can’t hold on forever. Onto next week.
  6. Not to sound like a snob but it’s not like the other programs on his list are night and day better than us. There’s always a chance.
  7. Twitter is great for sports related updates and being in the loop for sports and your favorite teams. Otherwise it’s a toxic wasteland
  8. Get Montell Mcrae off the floor. No reason to replace him with Ford.
  9. Wes Clark hurt, you have got to be kidding.
  10. We gotta avoid taking easy fouls, they aren’t doing well offensively, so many point at the line for them. Also I don’t love these mid range shots from Xavier Ford.
  11. UCONN’s a pretty solid get, Hurley is turning them around. Top 10 recruiting class in 2021, top 20 transfer class in 2022. They’ll be a top 25 team for sure.
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