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  1. Probably not gonna happen, move it to spring and see what happens, even though nothing is going to change by then I’m sure.
  2. No, we aren’t forgetting Skeete.....lol.
  3. When a recruit gets the name of the school offering him correct >>>>>>>>> sign that man!
  4. I cannot wait to see Koonce and Riggins this season and how they’ve progressed. Those two are going to be sack machines. And Onwuka too. The defensive line is so talented.
  5. And out of that, expect to get significant minutes from only Hardnett. We will just have to see how far along Skogman is.
  6. Maybe he’ll choose grambling then transfer after not playing and post about how he’s grateful for his time there and then repeat the process 2-3 more times.
  7. How about you guys start a general discussion about how you can’t bear to see someone post their opinions on a forum. Which, if I can recall, is allowed. If you don’t like someone’s opinion, ignore them. It’s not hard. This is a thread based on the transfer portal. If you don’t have any useful updates, then stop posting in the thread. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.
  8. It’s a nice temporary piece of the puzzle and maybe it will help out guys like Robinson and Malik. Guards are looking decent right now. Hopefully it’s a better turn out than Johnson and Grant.
  9. Not so.......good news. Lol.
  10. No surprise to see Patterson there. If this season doesn’t happen, what could have been. This was gonna be Patterson’s year to showcase himself even more than last season and get drafted. Who knows what’s gonna happen.
  11. bLeSsEd To HaVe rEcEiVeD aN oFfEr fRoM sAn JoSe sTaTe 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  12. Got it, wasn’t sure on the extent of what went into the probation. Sounds like we got off easy.
  13. So we are on probation until April 2021, Does that mean we are not eligible for the Mac and ncaa tournament?
  14. It's possible Oats may have told him to maybe consider Buffalo as he would have an opportunity to get some minutes on a team that just won 20 games with one true forward active. Never know.
  15. I wasn’t buying the staying close to home BS, but for him to go to WMU? Yikes. Something not right in that situation. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t get many minutes the first couple years and winds up transferring.
  16. Me thinks 2 of them get dismissed from the program.
  17. Christ.....call me crazy but I think 18 games was enough. Add 3 more games that you basically have to win the in the conference tournament to get an auto bid since an at large in the MAC never happens. To tack on more games seems a bit more taxing on teams in the 5 month schedule.
  18. They weren’t rumors, they were merely guesses and speculations. Primary because Bertram is a grad senior now who I would have assumed would probably go home since Bertram has not been up to snuff. At all. And I’m not so sure Fagan will leave because he has a big opportunity to get some big minutes if he actually plays well.
  19. I would say we all did because he pretty much hit his ceiling with BG and to play one year at a major school is something I think he should have done to challenge and prove how good he is. But, Awh well.
  20. Disappearing in the murky, low mid major waters. Farewell, Andre.
  21. Yup, the losers at UB compliance all the time loves to stick their nose in everything, even though people in twitter aren’t breaking any rules.
  22. Another scholarship that can filled by a better player who has more eligibility. No more Antwain Johnson’s please.
  23. Yes we did, the guy was another Grant in the making.
  24. this means we can use the scholarship on a player that has more than one year of eligibility.
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