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  1. Problem is, for so long, UB was just mediocre in basketball. The Lack of a good product for so long creates a void. Yeah we’ve been a good program for probably 8 years now. It’s going to take time and constant consistent success for basketball, and even football to become popular. All of us here commenting are responsible too. We and every UB alumni has got to attend games and show our support, I make it a priority to attend games in person as much as possible every year. If you’re able to go, then go. Buy merchandise that supports athletics. Become a donor. So many options that we as individuals can do to get the program to grow. It’s gonna take some time though. As long as the athletics is good, then little by little the programs should grow. As far as non alumni fans go? Constant success is the only way to attract fans for basketball. Then when you create a fan out of someone they want the team to be successful and to be a great product and you have to maintain maintain maintain a good product. We as fans too have to maintain standards that we are better than pre Hurley era and we should expect MAC championship games yearly and should get back to the tournament.
  2. I would check with the UB ticket office. I think they are gonna be all on sale through Ticketmaster.
  3. I like the schedule as well, I just wish we could have added some more.
  4. I can confirm it’s available for apple users
  5. Gotta print screen that or use the snipping tool, nobody can read that man.
  6. Are we sure we aren’t among the worst in the MAC?
  7. I have Williams, Mballa, Segu, Hardnett around 58 PPG combined. PPG team wise will probably be similar. Rebounds per game might drop just slightly (we were #1 in the nation in RPG). But I see up being somewhere top 20. The biggest expected increase is probably free throw average. I expect them to be ballpark 75% as a team this season. I previously covered it and they brought in some fantastic free throw shooters (Jack, Perry, Jones).
  8. Wasatch Academy is up there as one of the best basketball schools. Tough to get playing time but he did. I think a year of JUCO is going to do him some good. Hopefully we stay on him, he’s got a ton of potential.
  9. Just gotta remind ourselves that we are one of the worst teams in the MAC. Embrace it, and hope for a brighter future.
  10. We must embrace the suck. That’s about it.
  11. His athleticism opens up more options, it allows the coaching staff to try different things within an option style offense, running a more effective RPO style offense. With Kyle, you aren’t able to get that. With Myers, and THREE running backs? It creates endless possibilities. Vantrease has been shown to be nothing more than a game manager. Especially this season. When he is under center, the offense is both predictable and uninspiring. So why not try Myers? Why not try to make adjustments and to fix what is clearly broken. It’s better than sticking with what they are currently doing which is basically rolling over and surrendering meaningful drives. They should have had that figured out over the summer but here they are heading into their 6th game at a crossroads. If you want to witness Buffalo continuing down the path they are in, be my guest. Me however, I want to see a change, and I think everyone here should be open to it.
  12. Lance left because he got paid. Same reason why they all leave. Same reason why Turner Gill left. Money. When a window opens up to be a head coach at a “power 5” school, you jump on it.
  13. This has got to be the latest the Bulls have been to try and finish the OOC schedule in recent memory. Usually the schedule is set by mid-late September, and here we are almost a week in October and still struggling to finish the schedule.
  14. Predictable game plan. They do nothing to adjust. It’s just getting stale. Horrendous last 6 quarters of football.
  15. Been saying it since before the season started and it’s evident now, start Matt Myers. If you’re going to have a non existent passing offense, at least start a guy who’s athletic and who can scramble. Wasting away a season on a below average quarterback and running a predictable offense.
  16. I think Mading’s size is going to be an issue with him potentially being a liability on defense. I could be wrong of course, but he may get pushed around down low a bit due to being severely lanky, and struggle against some heavier players. I’m not sure how he’s going to fair. Time will tell though.
  17. Yep. The fact that report came out by the athletic citing UB as a location issue but they’ll pursue Colorado state or San Diego state or Air Force is such a crock of sh**. They need to put their name in the hat and get the heck out of the MAC.
  18. Jack is already an established starter in his career, he will be in the starting 5 for sure. And Brewton should be getting big minutes. It’s an exciting year.
  19. They are only hurting themselves. Their resume is bad, so their chances are getting even the NIT are slim even if they have a great record and lose the conference championship.
  20. If they have no intentions of establishing a passing game, then why not just start Myers and have his athletic ability open up the playbook? It’s not hard for teams to figure out that we 7-8/10 times we just just gonna run the ball.
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