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  1. Getting a shot with the Memphis Grizzlies summer league squad. Depending on if Jayvon Graves is back with the spurs UB could have 3 guys in summer league
  2. Another data point on top D2 players. Trevor Hudgins, the D2 player of the year who led his team to the D2 title, earned a two-way deal with the Rockets. Averaged 23 PPG, 2.4 RPG, 4.3 APG.
  3. It's not necessarily split evenly, teams determine how the million would be split up, but yes that is certainly a consideration. If someone like Graves significantly boosts your chances at getting to the money though I can't imagine some of the other guys wouldn't reduce some of their cut though.
  4. Yeah those are the two that I feel we're missing. I'm guessing Graves is hoping he lands on the Spurs summer league team first. Jordan being missing is surprising but who knows what all these guys have going on in life outside of basketball.
  5. Dennis was CJ's childhood friend, but I'm sure he's built more relationships with everyone over the last year. Lillard knows at least Montell McRae, he's a Cleveland guy and obviously he played against everyone when he was at BG. I liked him a lot at BG he was one of the few MAC guys that could compete athletically at the time with UB. He's probably depth more than anything, but wing depth was a need. Harris and Hamilton were our only two wings last year IIRC
  6. Not a two way deal like I had hoped, but he can be converted into a two-way. Better than just signing to play in the summer league, it's a one year non-guaranteed deal that gives the Jazz more rights to him. I believe CJ was on the same thing with the Nets. He's going to get his shot, go get 'em Jeenathan
  7. He’s pretty open about the fact that it’s kinda a crapshoot when there’s a lot of roster movement. You can play with adding transfers and removing players and the page calls it “The Sausagemaker” lol https://barttorvik.com/rostercast.php I can see a wide range of outcomes for the team with a lot of “lottery tickets” coming in. I think a median outcome is probably a middle tier MAC team below teams with more continuity like Toledo, Kent, and maybe Akron. I see a scenario where Adams regains his freshman form, Foster makes a smooth transition, and others play well and we contend for the MAC. And I see a scenario where the pieces don’t fit and the wheels fall off. I wouldn’t bet on either end
  8. I disagree here, the jump shot is definitely part of Mading’s game and I think he has a bit of an ability to handle. If anything this signing signals to me that they view Mading as a wing. They now have Chatman/Williamson/Jack/Hardnett + Smith as “bigs”. Position designations can be weird, but that’s 5/13 scholarships already that aren’t expected to create or shoot. Obviously all won’t play but I think Mading is going to be able to do more. He’s the guy I’m most excited to see this year
  9. Not much on him, even when he was at Chipola he was behind eventual Florida St starter Naheem McLeod. Trust that Foley knows what he had in him though. Surprised he didn’t redshirt last year as he was a fall semester addition and was on an extra 14th scholarship due to COVID rules. Still has 3 years left due to COVID Seems to fit the role of a long/athletic rim runner in the mold of Montell McRae/Raheem Johnson that we’ve been missing in recent years
  10. 6’10” forwardthat started at Chipola College under Foley. Didn’t really play at Seton Hall
  11. I haven’t heard anything, but maybe Vick Hart the FIU transfer? I don’t know of any connection between he and Chatman but he RT’d Chatman’s announcement. Maybe they visited together? Didn’t do much at FIU but he was recruited out of JUCO by UB. Complete shot in the dark lol
  12. Yeah I think they are locked in to Syracuse (I'd be mad if they aren't since I pre-ordered tix months ago). Rucker park is awesome though, I'd love to see them there in a future year. After Buffalo has hosted of course
  13. Dom Welch. Funny that he was one of Oats’ first offers while he was at UB then we stopped actively recruiting him because we were so loaded (his freshman year being our top 25 year), but now Oats needs him at his SEC school lol
  14. Looking a bit more at Arashma Parks. As a redshirt freshman at Temple he played a limited role (203 minutes). Kent State’s Justyn Hamilton played on that same team (in his junior year) and got 241 minutes. Small sample size but Parks had better on-off numbers than Hamilton and Hamilton has since went on to win 6MOY this past year at Kent State averaging 8.6 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 1.3 BPG. I haven’t watched any video on Parks yet so I don’t know how he actually plays but an interesting reference point for him
  15. Many also take classes over the summer. The hand wringing over kids’ graduation status is hilarious. Nobody has any insight into their situation at all. They’re playing pin the tail on the donkey to try to find an excuse to justify why it’s less fun for them or whatever. The past couple years have been a huge confluence of events including a pandemic + an extra year of eligibility + the new frontier of NIL + the new one-time waiver. Over the next couple of years, kids with COVID eligibility will be gone, extenuating circumstances due to the pandemic will subside (hopefully), kids will be aware of what types of NIL deals are out there before looking to transfer (or even committing as a high schooler), and coaches will have changed their roster building strategy. I don’t see anyway that this wave of transferring doesn’t significantly slow down over coming years. As in all things water finds it’s level
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