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  1. I mean I agree with you as I stated in the original post. I'm not here to defend the ethics of the NCAA, but the rules are the rules. I'd rather not see harsher punishments to the programs we all obviously care about because boosters have the insatiable desire to tweet at 17-20 year olds. You can even like and RT their content to "show love", it's a weird line but the NCAA suspends kids for playing in charity exhibitions over the summer, so I don't know that we're safe from NCAA BS when we're already on probation.
  2. I don't imagine tweeting at recruits to come to UB will ever cause an issue, but concern is reasonable when: 1.) A history of violations is cited as an aggravating factor in the NCAA's report which BrooklynBull expressed concern about. 2.) There were people on here saying a certain assistant coach was behind one of the accounts tweeting at recruits (which is another violation)
  3. Didn't look into the meet based sports (i.e. swimming/diving and track), but they had a losing record in literally every sport listed with a record on their athletics site besides MBB and many were closer to winless than .500. They even list their rugby team which isn't NCAA sanctioned and they having a losing record in that as well.
  4. Alright I'll take the bait. Since you point out Bona's injuries, UB is missing key players Xavier Ford and Rodell Wigginton in this game. Both Kenpom and Barttorvik have UB ranked more than 50 spots ahead of Bonaventure. Making it seem like its actually harder to make the tournament in a 4 bid league and hiding behind that is also weak. Nobody's holding a gun to Bonaventure's head and making them stay in the A-10 when they belong in the MAAC. Consensus: UB Bona was ranked around 90 in the metrics, rank 56th with a negative wins above bubble (resume metric) with 9 teams with better resumes also missing the tournament. You might agree that you were an all-time snub on Bona boards but by predictive metrics and resume metrics you weren't even close. This was UB's worst team during this stretch (particularly early in the year) and Bona's all-time snub team needs a buzzer beater to beat them. Consensus: Bona by a buzzer beater 6 points at home is handily? Conveniently missing the fact that the Bulls are missing Big 4 Player of the Decade CJ Massinburg in the game. Again, citing a conference you don't belong in's accomplishments as your own. Consensus: toss-up This might be the most laughable part of a laughable post. Beating kenpom #56 UCLA in a defacto home game in Ohio by 7, is not a wash to beating kenpom #28 Arizona featuring #1 pick DeAndre Ayton by 21 on a neutral court. I applaud the stones it takes to post something that idiotic though. You got this one right.
  5. If we're not recruiting at the moment it's not a huge deal imo. We have 12 of 13 scholarships for next year accounted for at the moment. Everybody just had ~20% more work put on their plate in the middle of the season. The video coordinator is sitting on the bench at games which I don't recall seeing done in the past. The DOBO was doing the scout for the next game in Charleston which is not really in his current job description. I wouldn't mind if we sat on the scholarship and waited to see which big men are transferring in the spring, that (or something similar) may have been the plan all along
  6. I was thinking this after whoever posted the top 30 list for Pangos above in this thread. I'm not familiar with all of the names on the list but a lot of them are the top 5 star guys. #236 nationally seems a little low to be in the company of those guys.
  7. Sign https://ubbulls.com/news/2019/11/15/mens-basketball-bulls-sign-josiah-freeman-to-national-letter-of-intent.aspx
  8. I was a terrible basketball player and I was never once named a JUCO all-american smh
  9. I see both points of view here. I'd consider zone more if we were considerably outmatched talent wise or if this one game meant more. I don't think this is a spot where we need to be changing our gameplan though. Our team has a bunch of good guards that can stay in front of people and we lack the length to maximize the benefits of a zone. If we need to change our whole defensive philosophy for a team that's grading out as a mid tier MAC team on the analytics sites then we're in for a long year lol. Anyway this game doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of our postseason hopes, it should be an opportunity for the team to grow in their identity. All that said it would be fun to see Whitesell sprinkle in the zone during ATOs if nothing else than to keep their inexperienced coach on his toes.
  10. Sure, I agree with you, we should play more home and homes. Unfortunately we just haven't been able to schedule that caliber of opponent at home (whether by UB schedule maker choice or not). Regardless if we were to start scheduling quality home and homes the first game I'm cutting is the annual D3 game (this year Naz), rather than the Toronto event or any event of that ilk. At least we're not EMU/CMU, scheduling multiple non-D1s.
  11. As we already rehashed in the other thread you linked the attendance could've been 0 and that was a good event for the program. We don't get Harvard at AA and now we have a top 100 win under the belt. We already have 5 non-con games where we're paying shitty teams to come to AA, a 6th provides no value. I never disagreed on Bona having a better turnout. My point in the last post was saying I don't really care what the turnouts are like. There's not a national (or conference, etc.) championship for fans caring. Even if there was Bona would've finished behind Buffalo last year by about 1000 fans per game.
  12. You can choose to ignore it but it doesn't make it wrong. People on this board don't need lecturing on the value of the basketball program. The whole thing is a dumb argument anyway. If Bona's moderate fan showing at a 7 PM game in Toronto is the best thing the program has going for it then...
  13. You know Buffalo was an original invite and Bona only got in because South Carolina dropped out lol. I see you're also in the prestigious Boca Beach Classic playing San Diego while UB is in Charleston playing lowly UConn. Maybe someday we can be as coveted a program as Bonaventure.
  14. To be fair it was the #1 D2 team that only lost to Duke in an exhibition by 6
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