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  1. Navy is in the AAC who plays their conference championship the same weekend as the MAC.
  2. Remember that last week we hung right with what will be a top 15 team in the nation at home. Much like the NFL, the MAC will be a week to week league. Teams will look great one week and poor the next.
  3. Neither of these teams are very good...
  4. Much better after the blocked punts but ODU is also a poor team. Tough to judge when they've made so many mistakes.
  5. 1 guy rushing the punt and we run directly into him
  6. Ok, this is absolutely brutal.
  7. A blocked punt and a blocked fg back for a td inside 5 mins lol
  8. Many ppl did not attend due to the mask mandate, which, if you watched the game, was clearly not enforced. I think I saw maybe 1 or 2 out of every 50 students wearing a mask. If you are going to have the policy, then actually have it. If it is completely a paper policy...just drop it. It will negatively effect attendance and when it clearly is not enforced at all, it just looks like virtue signaling bs.
  9. All conference championships are that weekend....there would never be championships against bowl games.
  10. The MAC championship is December 4th.
  11. Maybe the SEC should institute a million dollar minimum wage for AD's so that they all can feed their families and pay down their student loans.
  12. I am officially entering the fan portal. I want to thank everyone here that has supported me on my journey while supporting UB. I am considering multiple offers from P5 conference fan bases as I continually look to build my brand and grow my ability to be a fan. Forever a Bull.
  13. Well...certainly not a step-up
  14. Hey, these players have it tough
  15. So why do so many players feel the need to enter the portal when there is a coaching change? If they believe they are good enough to play at a "higher level" why wouldn't they do so regardless of coaching situation? What are they afraid of...not getting time if they stay? Funny. Just seems like a big excuse to me. I'm also sick of people making it seem like Mo should be begging and gravelling at the feet of these guys in the portal. If they're in the portal and aren't back yet, see ya. On to the next ones. Maybe the young guys will be fine but I'm pretty confident Mo will bring in guys better than those who have left.
  16. I'm fine with top of the top lol...as long as it can actually be enjoyable rooting for a team without constant worry of coach poaching and widespread player turnover.
  17. It's not even worth being a fan of a non-power 5 athletic program any longer. Coaches leave, players can come and go with the wind...it is impossible to get excited about what might be a good season upcoming when everything may change at any time at a moments notice. I just don't care any longer. I think I will go look for an SEC team.
  18. Of course...thats what happens to little 'ole Buffalo. Yet, we will be expected to thank him for all the "good times." He can shove it.
  19. For those who will say, "Well, Mangino won there..." he had one outlier season, a few ok season and some bad ones. Since he left, they have won 6 conference games in 11 seasons and never more than 3 total games in a season. They have tried re-treads in Weis and Miles, younger up and comers in Gill and Beaty...I guess Lance is neither? Who knows what will happen but I doubt it will be good.
  20. Besides everything else that is odd about this, the biggest thing that gets me is...Kansas??? Everyone has seen this time and again...it is a football black hole. Oh well...same old, same old being a UB fan.
  21. Lol...ubfan or a major social media platform, basically one in the same right?
  22. Remember when we beat them by like 20 plus on their home floor a few weeks before the title game? What happened with Preston in that game?
  23. A fully healthy Summer combined with all of the returning talent could make UB the MAC favorite. Of course this depends on if any of the other top seniors in the conference like Hooks and/or Kelly choose to return, but either way the women should have a shot at a great season.
  24. The MAC is a good conference that has been valued nationally, especially over the past 5 years. Given a hopefully more normal season with full non-conference slates next year, there will be every opportunity for the conference to be a multi-bid league again.
  25. Yes and if Boals truly is good, he will leave...and soon.
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