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  1. While I am sure Whitesell has input, usually there is a designated person on staff whether it be a coach or operations person that does most of the scheduling. From there, they would have an administrator that oversees men's basketball involved to help with the contract.. No contract can be signed without an administrator,
  2. You are assuming Va Tech wanted to play us... Very few high majors are buying a mid-major team with 8 seniors who are picked to win their league. I also understand the buy game argument, but its not fair to ask this group to play the entire non conference schedule on the road. They are already playing 6 of their first 8 away from home
  3. With this administration we budget for one thing... FOOTBALL. I think a lot of this goes back to our Athletic Director and his unwillingness to understand we should be a basketball school and that is where our success comes from. My guess is most of the 95K from Michigan went to buy more ice for football. Danny White understood the importance of hoops. We might not agree with the way he went about things, but he was the only athletic director who saw that potential and that is why we had our biggest successes either with him in charge or thanks to the moves he made..
  4. There are many reasons for this and we have talked about them before. 1. Teams do not want to come to Alumni Arena and play a roster of eight seniors...I bet you we will have no problem finding opponents next year. 2. Money - It's expensive to bring a D-I team in for a buy game. Probably talking at least $50k...That's a lot of money.. You want better matchups?? Donate to the Blue and White Fund. My guess is we are paying Point Park and St. John Fisher no more than 10k each. 3. NET Rankings - These games don't impact the NET. As mentioned we we have enough Q3/Q4 games on our schedule already with the bottom half of the MAC. Bringing a team to Alumni Arena would only hurt the resume. I don't think it would be fair to tell this team that have to play every game on the road because no teams are willing to come here. So unfortunately this is where we are at. The UC-Irvine game is a really god get. The others are what they are.
  5. Guys this is nothing new having our best big man come off the bench.. His name was Nick Perkins. Did LaQuill play great on Monday... yeah he was pretty good, but he also had four fouls in less than 18 minutes so you have to pick and choose his minutes. Brock played eight minutes and Skogman 18 minutes.. So he still played by far the least amount of minutes of anyone. We get so caught up on who starts a game... we need to make sure our best players are around to finish the game and right now I don't believe LaQuill would be around at the end of the game if he started. He just fouls way too much.
  6. Would they be coming in as full members or football only? My concern is that it doesn't really bring anymore money into the conference, but travel budgets are going to go way up... How are teams like volleyball, soccer, tennis and others getting to WKU and MTSU... I just feel like this is going to take a toll on the department with maybe not so much upside. Interestingly enough, UB and WKU already have a home and home set with WKU coming to Alumni in MBB in 2023... Would be funny if that is now a conference game.
  7. Everyone here is making it seem like this team turned down a bunch of road opportunities to play these non-DI games. I don't believe that is the case. The P5 schools don't buy teams like Buffalo because they know there is a chance they could lose them.. A $75K check and a loss isn't a good look when they can go ahead and play CMU or WMU instead and get the win. As for the home game scenario, it again I think one comes down to money. A D-I Q4 game probably costs UB about $50k to bring them in. They can bring a non-D1 in for $5K. And again a home win over a Q4 probably drops you about 15 spots in the NET rankings...The non-D1 doesn't factor in to the NET.
  8. Not sure if everyone has seen this, but the department has partnered with 26 Shirts to produce a Horns Up shirt. Proceeds will go to help Monika with her ongoing medical expenses https://26shirts.com/products/ub-volleyball-one4mon
  9. Looks like a Junior College guy: https://www.nwfraiders.com/sports/mbkb/2021-22/bios/rigsby_brennan_vufk
  10. I did a quick look around the league to see how many non-D1 games teams were playing. The East surprised me Akron - 2 BG - 2 Kent - 2 Miami - 3 Ohio - 1 I think this goes to the point that scheduling for teams who are supposed to be good this season like Akron, Kent, BG is very hard. Akron and Kent are both playing an NAIA school called Point Park that in most years plays 3-4 D1 opponents. For the West: Ball State - 1 CMU - 0 EMU - 1 WMU - 3 Toledo -1 NIU - 0 The three schools with new head coaches (CMU, EMU, NIU) playing a total of one non-D1 opponent. They have a much easier time scheduling because team's don't mind buying those opponents and getting what they consider easy wins.
  11. Correct.. I saw this document: https://d1docket.blogspot.com/p/2021-22-docket-sheet.html If you take out the MEAC and SWAC teams, which really don't do us any good from a NET standpoint and the teams we are already playing, you are correct in that there are very few options. Hartford, Merrimack, and Colgate are all intriguing options to me.
  12. My guess is they are trying to exhaust ever D1 option before settling on the second non D1 game. I believe the Twitter account is called D1 Docket but they do a good job of schedule announcements and have a website showing what teams still haven’t announced schedules. I think we are about one of 30
  13. I totally get where everyone is coming from... But I also think a lot of this is our terrible offensive line.. By far the worst line we've had in five years.. Look at how bad Marks has regressed.
  14. I agree with this 100%. The play calling has been awful. We run it up the middle on first and second down and then put KVT in third and long every time. Look what happened in the fourth when they need to score. They let him throw long and he connected on some passes. Between the questionable play calling and the weak o-line, I don’t think the QB is the problem
  15. It's not a horrible idea, except my guess is the game would have to be in Athens since Ohio already plays here and my guess is UB is looking for a home game since they don't really have any. When all is said and done, I think it is going to be two non-D1s. I do think the 22 game schedule is a better idea and then this schedule would be done.
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