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  1. ubmae86


    Thank about a terrible program to leave early for, lol. It looks like he's just chasing the money.
  2. It's sad but true. I shouldn't feel like UB night be big enough to just split off into it's own private institution, but I don't think the endowment is large enough. Also, I'm not sure they could even do it
  3. So, I only picked it up at the half, but that 2nd half was absolutely atrocious. Do we not trust the throw? Can we do a run anywhere other than right up the middle? The defense doesn't seem to be able to take anyone that isn't a running back on the initial contact. We got crazy lucky that they lost discipline, have us that 15 yards and muffed the extra point. Don't think we win in OT based on the second half.
  4. I'm thinking our d line will be alright against their run offense, but we can't be as soft in our secondary to be able to compete.
  5. Hopefully next week isn't terrible, but I'm not hopeful
  6. Like I said I'm an earlier post, name and money seems to always win out
  7. Well that was just awful... Too soon to say the game is over?
  8. The only redeemable part of that half was the last :34. I think we need to run the up tempo coming out of the locker room. It seems that it works. We also need to give them a bit more passing to think about.
  9. I mean, name and drop pockets man a lot in college football and unfortunately Nebraska has both. I definitely am hoping for a W against them, but will not be surprised if they win. Not to mention, we don't typically do well against The P5 conferences, even if we go up against a bad team or a rebuilding year.
  10. I kinda wish the UC Irvine game was out in LA, seeing as I live out here. Hopefully they'll play a home in home. I also wouldn't mind seeing UB v USC or UCLA
  11. Patterson led all rushers and all receivers in yards. I don't care if it's all high school kids playing against him, that's still good enough for me
  12. You know, FLJ is an amazing coach and I'd hate to see her go, but I would never fault her for going to SU. It's her alum and it's her home. As much as it pains me to say this, I hope she does her the offer.
  13. Looks like he might have 2 years left. Looks decent from the field and from 3pt range. FTs are actually on the high side for us at 76%. Maybe he can give some of the other guys FT pointers, lol
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