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  1. I would like to know from any insider here what other schedule options may have been in play? I don’t believe there wasn’t any D-1 school we could’ve played. Now to your point about the net…should we care? We most likely aren’t gonna be in at large consideration. Win the MAC tourney.
  2. You don’t get at large bid or consideration by just playing Q1/2 games. You gotta win them. For UB to even sniff an at large we gotta pretty much win every non conference game except for Michigan (although a win there goes a looong way). Then not lose more than 3 conference games and make the conference title game. Tough ask. I think for the most part the schedule is good. I just really hate the two glorified exhibition games. Would rather play a Q4 home game or go on the road and play a tough Q1/2 game.
  3. The SA did this when I was in school for trips to the MAC tournament. And that was to Cleveland. It can be done. Was already done. Oh and it was free! No tailgate just a bus ride.
  4. I rather play Quad 4 games at home and be tested than play glorified exhibition games. That’s just my opinion. If we fancy ourselves to be a good team we should win home games against Q4 teams. I get all the pros of playing Point Park but it’s Point Park.
  5. I generally agree. Especially since the Sabres have been bad recently. Not counting this season’s start. But generally in Buffalo it’s Bills and Sabres. Which is why I thought we could come in and piggy back off that and be a draw. Too all my peeps in the Buffalo area…is Bonaventure getting more hype than UB in the Buffalo area?
  6. Me either. I hate that narrative. Buffalo is a city that is starving for winners. A city tired of being a lovable loser. I don’t see why we don’t get more support. It’s a good product. I understand when there’s a schedule conflict. Example: when basketball goes up directly against the Sabres. Which happens too often for my liking. But in general we should be getting more support from the community and student population.
  7. I’m torn on this. Bc I agree from a football standpoint. But then look at what Cincy has done. And we are knocking on the door of making deep runs when it comes to basketball. For example…had we beaten Kentucky a few years ago the way that bracket opened up we could’ve been in the Final 4. We aren’t far off in basketball. So what I want is bigger and better facilities and consistent winners. Do that and the rest should follow. I don’t mind staying in the MAC and dominating but let’s upgrade UB.
  8. It’s no secret our big 3 is gonna have to carry us and be thee guys. Everyone else can settle into being high end role players who are consistent and occasionally have a big night. I think it’s unfair to expect the freshman to make immediate big time impacts. If they do that will be a bonus. But the big expectation is that guys like Jack, Brewton and Skogman step up and be contributors. That’s why that article express concern over our depth. We have the bodies, it’s just a matter of who is gonna step up in support of the big 3. Year 1 under Whitesell, he struggled with a rotation and sorting out roles. Last year he was better and the results were MAC title game. This year we need just a little more production from guys 6-9. That way guys aren’t gased in the title game like last year.
  9. Beat to the punch. I came on to post that. Good stuff @DocCas86 First action for the boys, hope everyone stays healthy and they get some good coachable moments.
  10. How funny will it be when there’s cannibalism by the bigger conferences of the smaller ones. But then as a result there’s regionalism within those newly grown conferences.
  11. Curtis will be key. We really missed having a backup or second point guard last season. Someone who can spell Segu and/or be used on the court at the same time. Just look to our tbt team and the teams under Oats…and you’ll find use of multiple PGs.
  12. I don’t think the A10 has football. Football leads the way and all the other sports are forced to follow.
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