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  1. Interesting. Also to the point made by @UBinMDin the game against Michigan they played with focus and effort. And I saw abates trying to lead. But to me it’s gonna come down to the effort day in and day out in the dogs days of February. Or will they just turn it on in March and he carry’s them.
  2. All the makings of a team that won’t play hard on an every night basis. Coach can have the star of the MAC but he’s gotta get them to play hard every game.
  3. Kent St took Houston down to the wire on the road and really got screwed by a no foul call that would’ve sent them to the line with a chance to take the lead with under 30 seconds or so.
  4. This is pretty much what we should expect from this group that hasn’t played together and is still trying to learn the system and one another. Usually for teams learning how to finish is the biggest struggle, that has been the case in a few games for us.
  5. Guard play has been strong so far. But we gotta learn to defend without fouling. GMU with 15 free throw attempts already.
  6. In agreement with a lot of what you stated. Will just add…JW is a great coach to have as part of the staff. Sort of the good cop to the “bad” cop that is the head coach. He might have been great to stabilize the program after Oats left. But it has become clear that he isn’t the one to lead the program forward into this ever changing college basketball landscape. It’s not an old man thing but dang it…it is. The game and college landscape may have passed him by.
  7. Great first half so far. Team seemed more under control, dare I say slowing down the tempo has helped offensive execution.
  8. This has to be a troll job right? We complain when we schedule 3 D2 teams and now we are gonna complain about a tough non conference schedule? Come on. The goal for this team is to grow and be better come February into Cleveland. Expect bad nights. Many of them. There’s a lot to figure out as many have already said. But I rather play a difficult non conference. That’s how you grow. Not playing cupcakes and developing bad habits.
  9. Somehow we beat Colgate. Who is up 42-27 on Cuse at half. I’m not bugging, as this is pretty much what was to be expected from a young group and players who have not played with each other much. My advice to Whitesell…forget the up tempo play. We turn the ball over too much for that and don’t have a true PG.
  10. I wish we would eliminate the play where the dribbler drives baseline then essentially gets trapped bc of the out of bounds line and does a jump pass around the basket resulting in a turnover
  11. Mark my words he will be a steal of a recruit. Like Skogman said was. Unfortunately he will most likely portal out in 2 years.
  12. Mading is on crutches in a walking boot…yikes.
  13. We are having trouble getting into any offensive sets bc JMU is trapping up high. Causing a lot of disruption. I’ll ask this…who is the true PG on this team? Seems so far in this game everyone is looking out for their own shot.
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