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  1. Gotta view the portal as free agency. Sometimes in free agency a coach wants a plug and play quote unquote missing piece. Or sometimes they want someone who might be better in a new system. So relating this to UB, in previous years I think Whitesell has tried to find that plug and play guy. He’s failed at it. And sometimes stuck with that player longer than he should have. I very much think Whitesell, like other coaches, is still trying to navigate and find the right combo in this new realm. Not every coach can hit portal homers like Musselman. For continuity sake, or as much continuity is possible in today’s system, I don’t mind transfers who have multiple years left. And won’t be plug and play let downs but rather guys who come in and grow and develop. Compete and earn a role rather than expect to play despite ineffectiveness. We can all think of the recent names I’m hinting at.
  2. Sorry I don’t know Bonnie basketball but who is that?
  3. I agree with what @Chet and @Tee4three just said. And that all comes back to coaching. Whitesell does run an appealing style but that doesn’t mean that everyone on the floor should have the freedom to iso. Example is Mballa last season. How many times was he allowed to iso from the 3 line, dribble drive then get stripped. It’s about giving the right player the freedom. To Tee’s point about Graves…when he had Clark or Jordan creating for him, he was lights out. But put the ball in his hands iso and no good. Whitesell needs to give PGs freedom to create for others. Space the floor and get shooters looks. Which is why last season Skogman worked better than Mballa. Bc Skogman could play in and out. And Mballa was just flat out used wrong. Much like Graves the year before. In retrospect, Mballa probably would have been better served being the 6th man. Perkins role. But of course, would he have bought into that role? I do think the NBA process screwed with Mballa more so than Graves.
  4. A lot of it comes down to coaching as well. Whitesell may have given Mballa too much freedom. Graves seems to be doing well in an nba environment, particularly the Spurs organization. Getting to the nba takes discipline…something that’s been missing at times from our team.
  5. Spot on. He and Skogman clashed. And to the point of this article, if Mballa buys into the role of defense and rebounding and rebounding and not being a focal point offensively then he can thrive. But last year he was given too much liberty. And we got what we got…a flawed tweener.
  6. https://www.gatorcountry.com/florida-gators-basketball/transfer-portal-target-buffalos-josh-mballa/ Great write up here summarizing Mballa. Note what it mentions about his offensive game, him buying in and the leash he was given at UB.
  7. Harris is confirmed coming back.
  8. I personally don’t need my head coach active on social. But I’m not 18. Don’t need Whitesell to be like coach Burke but he has to have a pulse. And more importantly the team social accounts need to be waaaaayyy more active across social platforms. This goes for all sports. Social media is a big outlet for these athletes…the school needs to have a social footprint that keeps up with them. And it’s not a gimmick either…pro teams social accounts are very engaging and active.
  9. Simple meant that there was no chatter on the boards about him. Unless I missed it.
  10. As many have said, our winning years were when we played two PGs on the floor, had guards who got after it defensively and rebounded. Then pushed tempo and transition offensively.
  11. Lotta guards now on the roster. Which I don’t think is a bad thing. But you know kids these days, how will they all eat?
  12. https://www.indianagazette.com/sports/iups-foster-enters-ncaa-transfer-portal/article_aae17277-e70a-5ee4-b3eb-3ac64a0953d1.html
  13. Talk about coming out of nowhere. Anyone got the scoop on him?
  14. Didn’t realize you posted this here. I just posted it to another thread. My bad.
  15. I agree…but we should also branch out regionally. Take on temple, Pitt, Cuse, Maryland. I don’t mind being a buy game for big time Big 10 programs. As I feel taking the payday is a good money source.
  16. She’s def a worthy social media follow…she’s very active. New age. Relatable to players. And she’s on fire in recruiting. Really pounding the pavement.
  17. Her last name is McNabb…enough said there. Realistic this was as sure fire as Jack bolting for Cuse. McNabb committed to coach Jack not UB. Maybe it took slightly longer bc McNabb was having the when to transfer convo. Meaning she watched the off season play out and thought I can de-commit now or play a season at UB then transfer. Either way imo she wasn’t long for UB once coach Jack hit the thruway. I’m kinda excited that coach Burke gets a clean fresh start from the jump. Her program now.
  18. Welp…hopefully for him he finds playing time and becomes a big time player there.
  19. All NIL does is bring out into the open what’s been going on for decades. Boosters have been paying players. As constituted currently, it’s “legal”. Anyone remember the movie Blue Chips?
  20. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/i-dont-know-what-the-solution-is-isaiah-wongs-money-demands-exposed-college-sports-complicated-nil-issue/ Great article.
  21. You guys see what’s going on in Miami? Billionaire guy literally buying players to come play at the U.
  22. With a P5 job come expectations. Given that they basically have a team with players who just made the dance, I think it’s fair for the expectation to be the dance.
  23. It’s an “upgrade” but she flirted with Baylor and South Carolina. I guess she can get more playing time and a better role at Cuse. And as already said…it’s familiar
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