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  1. According to Coach...Keishawn will redshirt this season
  2. McCrea has to be on the roster. He had a little Draymond Green in him. Could score, rebound and pass.
  3. https://twitter.com/coreyevans_10/status/1274398152242708480?s=20
  4. I just wanna say that this picture gets me hyped
  5. The portal has become the NCAA equivalent of free agency. How will things change when the inevitable comes into play...pay for play? Will there be a such thing as players having to sign contracts that state they can’t transfer? Who knows. Adding to this...currently coaches in big schools aren’t using all available scholarships bc they want the wiggle room of being able to dip into the portal. Just crazy.
  6. UCLA jumping into the mix. Long list for him. Good schools in the mix. Except for Eastern lol
  7. Or maybe Graves isn’t coming back.
  8. She was. She was. Unfortunately she got cut before she really got a chance imo.
  9. Love it. Makes me itch for November. Love to see Rondo working that pick and roll. We need more of that. Would love to see Mballa work more on low post moves/mid range pops. In the MAC he can dominate anywhere on the floor. Great to see Nickleberry playing after the whole concussion ordeal.
  10. Ok since we are nitpicking...neither Pellom nor CJ were drafted. We’ve never had anyone drafted (that’s what I meant). CJ has also never played a regular season second as an NBA player. He’s a member of the Nets G league team, after being waived by the Nets in the preseason. He’s waiting on that call up lol. Pellom, to date, is the only player ever from UB to play in the NBA.
  11. Now they need to make changes to the waiver process. They also ruled today that starting in June workouts can begin. And given that western NY just reopened, signs of life. https://twitter.com/PeteThamel/status/1263278006874918914?s=20
  12. It could be worse, we could’ve been Stephen F. Austin. Yes I know their violations are APR related.
  13. I also would like to add that...while we haven’t gotten anyone to the NBA yet, we have pushed two head coaches to “greener” pastures. If we become known as a school that can create the next wanted HC that also gives us relevance and staying power as a mid major. Whitesell could end that run, as this (good or bad) could be his last coaching stop, but having younger coaches on the staff is a balance but also would recreate the promote from within and that coach move on cycle.
  14. Adding to what @UBinMD said, there’s also a chance that either coach Q or the new guy Foley could become our future head coach after Whitesell. Based on track record...we notoriously promote from within. So why not bring in a young coach who connects with the young athletes.
  15. Fresh start so he can rebuild his reputation and work his way back up the ranks.
  16. Finally some excitement and not in fighting.
  17. Interesting. Good find. We did get Zachery from there so why not their coach as well. Hopefully this guy doesn’t forge documents. His name is Dennan Morrow...go guys lol.
  18. Anything is possible. Hopefully the worst is behind us and things start to get better. College basketball has time on its side but really it depends on college football for a lot of schools and conferences. I like to think our guys are united and really believe that they can win next season at UB so why transfer now. But who knows.
  19. To which I agree. And feel the MAC has dropped the ball by not having foresight. Not creating league v league series. Allowing its teams to schedule the Nazareth types rather than other mid majors (CMU playing 4 of those types of games) The MAC years ago dropped the ball and is now trying to catching and get ahead.
  20. Not starting an argument here but the reality is, even before coronavirus, the power conferences were moving to 20+ conference games. Add in conference vs conference battles like the ACC/Big Ten challenge, and non conference tournaments like the Maui invitational, the writing was on the wall. As a result of this, the number of non conference games for mid majors was dwindling. So yes, while I agree, we want variety and more importantly chances to boost our resume, the reality is power conferences don’t want that for mid majors. They want more opportunities for their teams to make the big dance. So for us, I rather play the worst team in the MAC West a second time than have Nazareth on our schedule. The MAC has always been playing catch up, I’ve said for a few years now that they should’ve engaged in a conference v conference battle. But nope. Now they are trying to be forward thinking. In doing so I still think they got it wrong. It should be a full round robin. But hey at least they are doing something and not getting completely left behind in the dust of coronavirus and major conference greed.
  21. Who cares? Lol. Just joking.
  22. I agree about a 3 guard lineup. But we have Rondo for two years with Robinson and Zachery coming in. All play point guard. Realistically you aren’t gonna have 3 PGs on the floor at the same time. I would like a shooting guard to be added to the mix. I think we are good at PG. Also we shouldn’t play down to teams “our level”. We had gotten away from that recently with great results. We elevated to a higher mid major. I don’t wanna go back to the rest of the mid major pack.
  23. Regarding Brewton, do we really need another 6’2 point guard on the roster?
  24. Whomp whomp. He had good size.
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