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  1. I don't know to what level UB subsidizes its sports programs, but if there was ever a time to try to get into a revenue-generating conference (based on TV contracts), now is the time. Meanwhile, at the State University of New Jersey...https://www.tapinto.net/towns/new-brunswick/sections/rutgers-university/articles/lawsuit-alleges-rutgers-won-t-release-athletic-department-s-financial-records Rutgers got at least $55 million from TV revenue for being in the B1G. However, it seems the athletic subsidy from general funds was $76 million this past year. Counting nothing else, that's $130M on athletics in the "revenue" side of the column (yeah...I know...it is stupid to consider an internal transfer "revenue", but that's how it is done).
  2. We are at July 10. Many / most schools need to get students on campus so that they can get residential hall and dining revenues. So they will do what is necessary to get to that point. Some schools that aren't in those financial straits have already declared a virtual fall semester. My guess is that the schools will try very, very hard to get students on campus for some period of time, with riders about no prorated residence halls / dining halls. However, once school starts, it will be impossible for COVID-19 not to spread on campuses when you have 18 - 21 yr olds in close quarters. So...by the end of September (or earlier, perhaps) all schools will go virtual instruction with the option (and that is the important word) for students to stay on campus and/or use the dining facilities. Thus, universities will be able to collect all of the semester residence hall and dining fees since if students want to leave (and go home because of virtual instruction), they can. I suspect revenue generating fall sports will be played in empty facilities to ensure TV revenues. At least they will attempt to be played. If too many student athletes have the coronavirus, they will have to shut down. No one is paying big money to watch Columbia play Cornell. A lot of people want to watch Florida vs Alabama.
  3. I don't have a crystal ball, but there are multiple things going on at the same time: People want to watch college football in the fall. Schools will open and, because these are 18 - 21 year old kids, there will be outbreaks of COVID-19 at most campuses. Someone described a college campus as a cruise ship...that is an apt analogy. You can enforce social distancing in classrooms, but what about everywhere else and off campus? It is inevitable. Schools NEED dining halls and residential halls to be open -- they are important revenue streams for schools. I suspect what will happen is that schools will open (most, anyway) and, at some point (after too many COVID-19 outbreaks), the schools will go back to the on-line approach they used at the end of the spring. Let's say this occurs towards the end of September. Sports teams at many schools will stay open because they are cash cows and the conferences want the TV revenues. It will be one, big charlie foxtrot, however.
  4. White did something with NYBI that struck a segment of the fan base in a very negative way...and they were vocal about it. I believe that those who didn't perceive NYBI in a negative way have a good appreciation for the efforts of Danny White as UB AD during the time he was here.
  5. Gassett has a long list of offers. Several P5. Same with Dozier. Hope you are right. I don't really care so much about the stars, it is the list of offers. It is one thing to rank a player on a sheet...it is another thing to make him an offer. Not necessarily group-think, but crowd-sourcing, so to speak.
  6. https://ubbulls.com/news/2020/6/11/football-patterson-named-preseason-all-american.aspx This is pretty awesome to see.
  7. A little Q/A: https://247sports.com/college/villanova/Article/QA-with-class-of-2021-TE-Gavin-Bartholomew-145257688/ He has family ties to the area. When you watch his tape, I am sure the phrase "plays with an edge" comes up a few times. I saw a couple of borderline 15-yard penalties in there as he was finishing up his block. While 250 lbs, he seemed to move well. A willing blocker. Seems like a fit within the MAC.
  8. My father would say (certain parroting what he heard somewhere) "speed gets tired, size never gets smaller".
  9. I get the impression that Coach Leipold, with his gaudy DIII record and 6 national championships, in conjunction with the recent bowl win and some players getting national attention (e.g. Patterson), is really winning over potential recruits. Ianello may have been 2-22 as a head coach, but he has stepped it up as recruiting coordinator for UB. He was really good as recruiting coordinator at Notre Dame, but recruiting to South Bend or to Buffalo are two different things. Nice to see...go Bulls.
  10. I don't know how we will do in the return game (offense or defense), but I like the fact we have Finnegan back and McNulty made 40 of 42 extra points last year. With an experienced QB in Vantrease, I am also excited about the season. Go Bulls!
  11. I checked out his film. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9015956/5d7ee8fd34530a0d28220311 There is a lot of him (at 5' 7") lined up wide and catching passes lobbed over defenders. A few of him over the middle. He seemed to play a little taller than his height, but the DBs were beat early and often in that film (I supposed a highlight reel wouldn't have him being manhandled by a 6' 4" corner back who committed to Ohio State…) The film didn’t have an of him at CB and I wondered if he had any return skills. We’ll see. At any rate, the QB was impressive getting the ball over taller defenders to Battle. I checked him out. Noah Bodden. He has offers from Arizona State, Baylor, Tennessee, Purdue, Oregon, etc.
  12. And I write this knowing that I love UB football and one my earliest UB memories is sitting (by myself) on a hill watching UB beat Hofstra more than 30 years ago at that stadium on the North Campus (pre-World University Games stadium). But we (UB) are either going to be in the haves (P5) or have nots (FCS). UB is probably in a better place than any other MAC school to make P5 happen, though whether it is a sound financial decision is another story. However, that TV money (even for the AAC) is an order of magnitude larger than the MAC, so maybe the financial decision makes sense. However, FBS and the MAC (and lower G5 conferences) are just losing propositions, but the AD, donors, local boards, etc., want the FBS football, so it will happen...at least for 2020.
  13. The cutting of these low cost sports all over the MAC is just to do two things: 1. Say that athletics is doing something to cut programs and then hide the real cuts to athletics in other ways (i.e. what Akron is doing). 2. Which allows the MAC schools some cover to keep football at the FBS level at all costs. All this does is just kick the can down the road a few years on the destruction of the G5 for football. I really (really) thought this was the year, but it seems like that won't happen. Ah...the fox is at the hen house...he will eventually get in.
  14. Maybe this is in another thread, but can someone give me an update on what our roster would look like for Fall 2020? Don't we need some big men? Even if they aren't great, we still need some height out there to rebound occasionally, absorb fouls, alter shots, etc.
  15. I agree. People always complain about the coaches. Heck, I am sure people complain about Mark Few and Coach K. What people are complaining about Whitesell now (or, at least, during the season) had to do with playing certain players at certain times, lack of "fire" on the sidelines, inability to get guys up for games where they were the superior team on paper, etc.
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