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  1. TBN has some items. Here is the direct link: College Sports | buffalonews.com
  2. The HOF game was last night in Canton. Football season has arrived. And while I know it was great nostalgia to follow the (successful) run of BCU, September 3rd at noon will be here before we know it. It is time to get excited about following our UB Bulls football team! A lot of new faces and Coach Mo has certainly put his mark on the team on that front. Any updates on how players have looked? Where we have strengths and where we might struggle? Any breakout candidates? Go Bulls!
  3. I'm just waiting for October to see how this settles out (i.e., the players). The MAC coaches poll and other evaluations will give us a better idea of how we stack up against the other MAC teams. Regarding social media presence, it is really a must at this point for the reasons others have mentioned. Not that he has to do the tweeting himself -- that's why you have GAs and other staffers. It gives the appearance that he/UB is behind the times.
  4. We've kind of gone through this "Whitesell on the hot seat" thoughts before. He is not on the hot seat. UB administration is happy that he costs them less than half of what Oats would have earned. How does winning 10 games or 15 games or 20 games or 25 games move any needle on their budget? It doesn't. That the administration wasn't committed to becoming the "Gonzaga of the East" was clear when Oats left. The portal and ability not to sit out a year has allowed players to, once again, relive what it was like to be recruited out of HS. I am sure it is an exciting time...talking to coaches...other players...having everyone tell you how great you are...how you will fit in and help lead the team to a conference championship...etc. And now they get to do it again...this time with knowledge of what college is like, what college basketball is like, etc. If, every year, players get to "recalibrate" their value, we will have a reverse funnel system where the better players at the lower conferences get to jump up levels. The only way for MAC teams (and similar) to survive in this environment will be to look at what is happening in the bottom third of the conferences and try to poach there from the portal. Whitesell did a great job of keeping the players already on the team in the fold when Oats left. That is a fact and kudos to him. We will have to see in October, when we have a good idea of UB's roster (and the rosters of the other MAC teams), where this all shakes out.
  5. You would do this if you were singularly focused on winning. But financials play an outsized role here (as we saw with what they are paying him), so they would still be on the hook for JW's salary / buyout, plus having to pay a coach...and this president doesn't want to pay a coach, it seems. This won't happen. The interesting question is how many wins will JW need to have in 2022-23 in order for him to be retained the following year. I may put up a poll on that in October if I remember.
  6. He wouldn't talk to the staff directly, but you know this. He would talk to someone who would then talk to that person. Am I really explaining to you how the world works? You're not that naïve to think this doesn't happen in all walks of life, especially in college athletics. If you are AD and only have a speculative "list" with no additional details, you aren't doing your job (especially in a situation like this where EVERYONE could see where this was headed months ago).
  7. You know EXACTLY what I meant. Why answer it like you did? Behind the scenes, obviously. Conversations through intermediaries. Conversations with individuals on the staff. Something that allowed UB to turn this around quicker.
  8. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the coach leaving a foregone conclusion for months in advance? Couldn't have the AD recruited a replacement ahead of time and then have a press conference later that day (or the next day) announcing the replacement of the coach? The coaching change was formally announced a week ago.
  9. I'll bite. He was the HIGHEST RATED PROSPECT that ever came to UB as a freshman. He was supposed to be the MAC POTY his senior year, but that didn't happen. It just didn't. Certainly he didn't really progress as much as expected on the defensive end at all. A 4th year senior...I believe people expected more from him on the defensive side. His free-throw shooting flatlined at 70% his last three years. He is still one of the best players UB has ever had, but there was a hope that he could be the best. That's where the underachieving part is coming from. Also, there are some that felt, with better/different coaching, he could have reached even greater heights. I hope he gets drafted and/or plays in the NBA.
  10. While the run may not have had anything to do with ultimate decision to hire Holloway, it clearly impacts the move in many ways: I suspect his contract might be a bit more (or longer) Perhaps gives him a longer "transition" time if he isn't successful at SHU right away Helps with recruiting as he has been the "face" of the tournament so far Allows for much less chirping (by fans, donors, supporters of other potential candidates, etc.) on the decision to hire him Etc...
  11. I was expecting Holloway to be planning the 11:00 AM Monday Seton Hall press conference during halftime of the game against UNC (or at least giving his agent the go-ahead to make the deal). I mean, how do you fault Holloway at all for this?
  12. To this point, I enjoyed watching Wisconsin change up their defense to better guard Colgate at the 3-point line...and it worked well. Houston is a balanced team. Their matchup with Arizona will be good to watch.
  13. From TBN Whitesell’s contract extension includes an agreement that the school would owe him $600,000 if he is terminated by UB before April 5, 2022, and that buyout would drop by $100,000 in each of the following years, until the expiration date of the contract. If Whitesell is to leave before April 5, 2022, he would owe UB $600,000, and that figure would drop by $100,000 in each of the following years, until the expiration date of the contract.
  14. Part of me thinks that the program has already reached out to tournaments to tell them that UB isn't interested. Perhaps the team spoke about this before Cleveland and it was the NCAAs-or-bust for the team (since they were senior-laden). Note sure.
  15. Six years ago tonight… That was fun.
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