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  1. It will be interesting to see how Williams progress will be. I wonder how much he has been able to workout and improve on his weakness and his strengths from last year. Will he be able to make shots from the outside, will he have another move to the basket other than the drive to the left, will he show some semblance of improvement on his defense and be some kind of force under the basket?? Time will tell and it looks like it could be a very strange year with the pandemic not close to be under control. Go Bulls!!!
  2. An interesting transfer Coach Jack just signed. Has the same background as Onwuka. She is a transfer from Robert Morris who as a freshman was injured all last year. Does that mean she has to sit out a year? The four recruits do seem promising with some decent size but as always time will tell on how they can adapt to D-1 play. Go Bulls!!!
  3. Really had a great first year. Going to be exciting to see how Coach Jack gets her to play a little more team ball and can get Summer totally involved in the offense, Fair played way too much one on one ball against the defending team. Hope the two incoming recruits can contribute in their first year. Do think Fair is the real deal and going to be interesting to see her overall improvement. Go Bulls!!!!
  4. I went back and looked at some film on Hawkins and he looked like he has some athletic quickness and moves his feet decent with some moves around the basket. The 2nd film on him looked like he lost some weight also. Would be an upgrade for us on the front line over all the players we have and would be a good complement to Mballa. Have not heard if we are giving him a look or not. We definitely need to get another bigger front line player with a decent presence down low that can give us some productive minutes. Hope we get some positive news because some of the other MAC teams are signing some JUCOs and other players with some decent size. Go Bulls!!!!
  5. Do agree. We as fans really do not know all the facts and why players pick a school. Still curious on Western Michigan?? They are losing two seniors and not sure of transfers.They had a losing record in MAC at 6-12 and only averaged 2,000 home attendance. Does he know some of the players or the coaches and we never will know who these players are listening too when making their decision. We will never know with the pandemic and all the uncertain times how this is affecting all these kids on making their decisions. Can only hope we can sign a player that can help us on the front line that can help us both on the offensive and defensive end. Go Bulls!!!!
  6. Still really comes down to whether he wants to go play in a P-5 or bigger conference versus a Mid major type conference. Cal and Ole Miss both had losing overall records and also in conference. Cal only averaged around 5,000 and Ole Miss around 7,400 home attendance. I think it comes down to whether a player believes he can play some decent minutes with a team. We know how in many cases a player either is red shirted or plays limited minutes and ends up transferring the next year. Just hope we can hit on some quality players that can help us next season. Go Bulls!!!
  7. Rants are okay but I look at it like they are are opinions and we all have opinions and whether right or wrong they are our opinions. When you say we make our observations and comments based on what you see in reality is a good thought. But all different opinions are based on what we see as reality in our own thoughts and life styles. Again we are not going to see things the same and that does not make your opinions or mine right or wrong. That is the beauty of sports and in many cases shows the passion of so many fans. I just try to keep it in perspective that it is sports and not life and death. I truly try to listen to all opinions and try to keep an open mind. Still will look forward to next season and hope for more success and more important health for all and some return to normal lifetime experiences. Go Bulls!!!!
  8. When the players have great games or make the winning plays the coach is a genius or knows what he is doing and when they lose the coach can get all the criticism and does not know what he is doing. Like I have said before wonder how the Duke coach, the Calipari’s and other great coaches would do with this UB lineup??? The beauty of sports and all us fans being armchair quarterbacks. Go Bulls!!!
  9. Consistency, lack of chemistry along with the newer players not being productive both as individuals and as a team result in losing many games especially against supposedly teams with less talent, I think the one big key for next year will be how Segu and Williams play. Will they improve or play inconsistent especially in big moments in games?? Go Bulls!!!
  10. That was the frustrating part of the year. The consistency was not there both as a team and as individual players. The only player out of our newcomers that gave us hope was Mballa with all the others being very inconsistent or no help at all. If we don’t get some positive improvement from the majority of our returning players without naming them it could be another frustrating year. Hope the community support and the student support will not waver like what has happened at our other local colleges. Our family will be out in front in our support for both the men and women. Go Bulls!!!!
  11. That is still the beauty and the frustration of what is happening in college basketball and sports in general. Only the player and his family know the full story why a player makes a decision to stay or go. The crazy part of leaving a program and going with their coach is their is no guarantee that the coach or the player will be successful. Many factors of course enter into it. The new college of course is an entirely different atmosphere and the entire quality of teams and players can be leaps and bounds in what was envisioned. Hope that Coach Whitesell and staff can sell our program and get some players to come here. Go Bulls!!!!
  12. Do agree. How Coach Jack and this coaching staff can get Fair to play a team first mentality and get other players involved while increasing her shot percentage. Who will take the place of Onwuka in the starting lineup and hope the two new recruits can provide some solid minutes. Summer and Fair can’t be the only two productive players for this team to be successful. It should be a very interesting year and will be great to see Summer back in the lineup. Go Bulls!!!
  13. A pretty impressive list but I wonder what colleges will be really interested in him. I would think Turner wants to go to a team where he can be guaranteed a decent amount of playing time. But on the other hand he has to be a productive player for any team he goes to or he will be sitting on the bench. That being said Turner looks like he has the athletic ability to compete a this higher level.It will be interesting to follow some of these players from the MAC and also if Alabama’s Rojas can be a decent player and where Hawkins end up.
  14. I did not mean to come across that all players that transfer to power 5 conferences will not be successful. I do believe that the majority of players will not have big time success when they transfer. With the number of players transferring increasing with no end in sight I would think that there could be accurate stats over a number of years on the success or failure rate. The downside of the transfer rule is that fans of teams that fall in love with players might not be able to enjoy their stay on a team because they might only be On a team for a year or two and with players transferring team chemistry can take a beating. As fans I guess we just have to enjoy and cheer for the team we have from one year to the next.
  15. Well said. A player that is a star player and the main guy on the mid major team goes to a power five conference and team with as you said all 4 and 5 star recruits not only on his team but in a power conference with 4 and 5 star players on most of the teams. Possibly a player like Justin Turner can be a good player at that level but he is going to come up against players that are as good as and better than him both athletically and physically. It can be a big time reality check for mid major players that were the main guys on their team. I think if that one time transfer rule ever does get passed I think you could see a crazy amount of players trying to transfer. Who knows what it could do to the mid major competition.and as always only time will tell what will happen.
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