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  1. This man is the Justin Turner of JUCO career longevity
  2. Perhaps I missed something here but why exactly are we being so confrontational to Erie County?
  3. I guess ubfan doesn’t want to let me post the full info. 2022 PG from Gonzaga (DC). He is a 3 star and is the #211 player in his class
  4. https://twitter.com/verbalcommits/status/1409978251741642762?s=21 Also has offers from DePaul, Georgetown, La Salle, and Penn State
  5. There will still be another spot after this one
  6. Can’t reveal his sources, thats Having Sources 101
  7. Has offers from Buffalo, Alabama, Yale, Temple, Penn St, Iona, Georgia St, Florida Gulf Coast, Stetson, Hofstra, UCF and has drawn interest from Florida St and Iowa St
  8. Figured he deserves his own topic
  9. He was really special. I’m not sure if we anyone realized until we saw him playing but he was a hell of a recruit with an instant impact
  10. Since we are all looking to hear about guards, figured I would mention this as a possibility. Chose Houston over us, and is once again in the transfer portal. Went from playing 25.4 minutes per game at Idaho to just 9.9 at Houston
  11. This is great. Still need guards though, can’t have a full roster of nothing but forwards. Hope we hear something soon about Jones or another talented guard.
  12. Hutchinson was Hodgson but Indian Hills is regularly pumping out D1 players on a yearly basis
  13. To be fair, my response was very boomerish 😂
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