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  1. https://twitter.com/vickhart_12/status/1273396088309977090?s=21 Some of his highlights from last season. Handles the ball very well for his size and gets to the rim aggressively
  2. https://twitter.com/vickhart_12/status/1283864645590229012?s=21 Offer to a 6’8 JUCO Small Forward 16.6 PPG, 9.3 RPG, 38% from 3
  3. Very close friends with Rondo. Could end up being yet another commit for our unofficial recruiter Coach Segu
  4. It was unofficially official
  5. Jeez I didn’t realize all that. Shame too, he was extremely talented lol
  6. This guy is as wishy washy as someone who dyes their hair a new color every week. Calling anything from him a “commitment” is laughable
  7. This isn’t a surprise to me. He spent his whole collegiate career getting clapped by Oats and his offense, makes sense that he wants in
  8. Just figured I’d mention, Tillman won 6th man of the year while at Utah
  9. wasn’t sure which topic to put this in but it seemed fitting for this one lol
  10. I you both seem like fun at parties. He was doing an amazing job recruiting, remember that every time Chanse and Josh make great plays.
  11. I’m happy for him, despite it all he was young and was just trying to be the best he could be for the program.
  12. Him being 4’7 might have played a small part into that
  13. Hodgson and Oats at it again
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