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  1. True but Segu also wasn’t brought in to a bare bones roster with a ton of question marks as to who is going to step up and take charge.
  2. That’s fair and I completely get that these guys come in young and do a lot of maturing but right now - given the teams situation with a lot of new guys coming in, maturity and being humble needs to be a prerequisite for the new guys. They’re going to be fighting for minutes, a lot of uncertainty with the roster and we don’t need the locker room to be toxic. Who knows, maybe barely making any impact at Rice humbled Noah, I hope he does well wherever he ends up since he’s a local guy. On the other hand though, Jayvon Graves hit a buzzer beater that went viral and was retweeted and shouted out by Lebron James. Never was cocky or arrogant
  3. Jayvon Graves, Davonta Jordan. Using two recent UB stars as an easy and simple example. Both 3 star guards like Noah, both went to much bigger high schools than Noah, both had incredible college careers, and both are some of the most humble and respectful people I’ve ever met. I get what you mean though.
  4. Noah Williams - very talented and would love to have him on the team. Noah Hutchins- EXTREMELY cocky and arrogant because he was a big deal in high school. Can play defense but can’t score efficiently at all. Especially not at the college level.
  5. Know him personally. No thanks. Won’t go into details but it’s a strong no from me.
  6. I mean seriously this is ridiculous at this point. What is Alnutt even doing? Your coach of one of the biggest sports at your school is horribly underperforming. It’s literally your JOB to oversee the schools athletics and place competent coaches in place for them to be as successful as possible. Do your job Marky Mark
  7. I will personally drive recruits to the strip club for Coach Mack any day
  8. Can’t wait for him to come here and average 4 ppg under the Whitesell high-powered Iso-ball offensive system
  9. I was at every home game in that stretch. Religiously went to watch fun and exciting basketball. Not sure where you’re getting that from but there was consistently people standing along the railings 2 rows deep
  10. Had to come out of retirement for this. Wish there was a way the boosters that care about the team could pull all their financial support until changes are made because that’s the only way the school will take notice and action. Money talks
  11. Went from standing room only at games to high school level attendance
  12. This is what happens when you conduct a national coaching search, lowball every qualified candidate and end up being stuck with the career .500 coach. Seriously we had all the momentum in the world to launch our name to a higher tier and instead we have an Athletic Director that is seemingly woefully incompetent and a President that cares more about the academic nerdy old dudes that sit around huffing their own farts all day than what the school seemingly had going for it.
  13. He did miss a game with a non-covid illness. But still the dude is what, 4-73 from the floor today?
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