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  1. https://twitter.com/vickhart_12/status/1273396088309977090?s=21 Some of his highlights from last season. Handles the ball very well for his size and gets to the rim aggressively
  2. https://twitter.com/vickhart_12/status/1283864645590229012?s=21 Offer to a 6’8 JUCO Small Forward 16.6 PPG, 9.3 RPG, 38% from 3
  3. Very close friends with Rondo. Could end up being yet another commit for our unofficial recruiter Coach Segu
  4. It was unofficially official
  5. Jeez I didn’t realize all that. Shame too, he was extremely talented lol
  6. This guy is as wishy washy as someone who dyes their hair a new color every week. Calling anything from him a “commitment” is laughable
  7. This isn’t a surprise to me. He spent his whole collegiate career getting clapped by Oats and his offense, makes sense that he wants in
  8. Just figured I’d mention, Tillman won 6th man of the year while at Utah
  9. wasn’t sure which topic to put this in but it seemed fitting for this one lol
  10. I you both seem like fun at parties. He was doing an amazing job recruiting, remember that every time Chanse and Josh make great plays.
  11. I’m happy for him, despite it all he was young and was just trying to be the best he could be for the program.
  12. Him being 4’7 might have played a small part into that
  13. Hodgson and Oats at it again
  14. To be honest, I didn’t consider the booster part. I get so frustrated when I see the holier than thou mindset that I don’t think that far into it and you’re correct. However, not everyone is a booster and I feel like BB is just reporting everyone
  15. This is a genuine question. Say there’s a recruit, and this recruit has 10 offers. He trims his list down to 5 schools and in response to his trimmed list, fans from each of the 5 remaining schools respond to his tweet with support. Hopeful that he picks their team. It doesn’t go any further than just saying nice things to express that their school’s fan base wants that player and is excited by the thought of that player picking their school. 5 different schools having fans do this, what exactly is the NCAA going to do? It happens with every recruit and even happens with players announcing their commitments to JUCO schools. So my question, what exactly is the NCAA going to do? In my opinion and through personal experience and using common sense, they won’t do anything. So now say of those 5 schools on the recruits trimmed down list, 4 of them are super excited and supportive and the last one is strangely quiet. What do you think that recruit is going to think? If I was in his shoes, I would become disinterested because clearly I’m not wanted there. This is exactly what BB is doing by reporting people for something as little as being supportive
  16. I seriously can’t wrap my head around the fact that there’s people on here - GROWN ADULTS - telling on people they don’t even know because they expressed support for a possible future Bull. A huge part of a recruit’s decision is feeling wanted, recruiting is becoming more and more influenced by social media. These people claim to be fans but their behavior is potentially setting the program back and putting us at a disadvantage. Also as the program grows, who in their right mind would want to become a fan of a team where the culture involves being narc’d on for saying nice things to a kid to make them feel wanted? It’s ridiculous and it’s being carried out by a “fan” with a superiority complex because they donate money and think because of that they’re a better fan than someone else.
  17. Oof. No BrooklynBull is still entitled and a narc, this is something completely different and does not correlate at all
  18. I don’t think we’re in on him, personally I don’t want him. Not a good fit
  19. Everyone on here gets caught up in the fancy shiny ranking players have. Stars don’t mean anything
  20. I wasn’t sure either, I’m gonna assume yes
  21. Yup, doubt that guy gets another recruit telling him who they’re committing to
  22. Exactly. Every school in America has fans that tweet at recruits encouraging them to come to their school. The NCAA is not going to crack down on every fan from every school it just isn’t going to happen. Hopefully BB understands this. Fans are absolutely allowed to support recruits and be encouraging. Just don’t go any further than being supportive
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