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  1. Cierra Dillard was drafted!
  2. Good for him, one dumb mistake shouldn’t define a career.
  3. Very cool to finally get some news in this area. Would much rather have waited to get a quality hire then grab someone right away after Jenkins left just to have one.
  4. And here you are ironically doing the same thing you’re complaining about
  5. 50/50? LOL, I don’t think we’ve gotten anything other than Whitesell and Grant bashing since the start of last season from you, followed by crickets whenever they did something positive. I don’t understand it, but it’s absolutely your right as a fan and at times it’s been warranted. As for 20 wins being “the goal,” you’re just twisting the argument to make yours look better. I don’t think anyone here is going to happy to coast along winning 20 games and not making it to Cleveland. But the fact you continually ignore is that we lost 4 of 5 from the starting Lineup of our best team in program history and the two best players to come off the bench in program history. And still won 20 games in Whitesells first year with an incredibly young team. All while pulling in 2 of the best recruiting classes in program history despite turnover of 2 recruiters and the loss of an entire class when Oats left. You ignore all this because cuts the legs out from under your silly insistence that this was a terrible, unacceptable season and that we’re somehow “back to the Reggie days” which is laughable and insulting to the current team and coaches.
  6. How long? It’s been one 20 win season with a young team so far.
  7. Yeah, this is one of my biggest gripes with the posters who complain about Whitesell. He managed to keep our entire team intact, and keep recruiting momentum rolling.
  8. Yeah, I’m all for this change.
  9. https://buffalonews.com/2020/04/21/ub-buffalo-mens-basketball-ncaa-violations-assistant-coach-forgery-jim-whitesell-mark-alnutt/
  10. Thankfully we self-reported the incident. Also thanks to Chris Beard for calling Whitesell and telling him about the issue. The Buffalo News article is pretty in depth I’d recommend checking it out if you have the time.
  11. Except you’re framing it like Whitesell is a guilty party or at least doesn’t have control over his program. Everyone knows you have an agenda against him
  12. That is absolutely crazy. Who forges a letter of recommendation thinking that’s a good idea??
  13. Any names floating around or just know specifically not him?
  14. Segu just retweeted Hawkins tweet about transferring so obviously they’re still on good terms
  15. Yikes. Curious what the motive is behind that. Wonder if they promised he’d start or something
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