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  1. With that geographic footprint it doesn’t even make sense for us
  2. Who do you think will be tougher than WMU?
  3. IMO this will be our toughest conference game. Come out with a win and we’re looking great going forward
  4. That’s probably fair. The nice thing is the team controls their own destiny entering conference play. Start winning and we’ll swing right back in the other direction
  5. Undisclosed injury. I believe the coaching staff said they expect him back by next week
  6. All these things are fairly easily fixed. Blocked punts and unnecessary roughness calls suck, but they can be taken care of by next week.
  7. Haha yes it was bad, but I try to stay positive especially because we WON. Remember this coaching staff was hired in May, thanks to Lance packing up and leaving 5 months after the coaching changes are usually made. Then we dealt with losing players to the portal and bringing new ones in. It’s going to take a little time. There are things I’d like to see (a more aggressive game plan on offense for instance), but I’m realistic about this team needing time to find it’s rhythm
  8. They took an excessive celebration penalty (a player ran into the field), and it backed them up for the xpt
  9. For everyone whining….. at the end of the year this team will have changed/grown a lot, and this win could be the difference between getting a bowl game. Lots to clean up going into conference play but take the W and run.
  10. So when our defense makes plays they’re handing us points. But when they block a punt and score off it it’s well earned?
  11. I don’t think we “deserve to lose,” but we definitely have some things to figure out. If we play like this next week against western Michigan we’ll get rolled
  12. I know we always talk about eliminating the track, but as far as I know this is the first time the school had officially talked about plans to do it. Very exciting
  13. Are Reese or Hamlet still on north Texas?
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