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  1. Coaching has obviously been very poor - plenty have things have been pointed out. For me, at the end of the game on 3rd and 1 with 20+ seconds left and a timeout, to not smash McDuffie for a 1st down (and perhaps again on 1st after the clock stops), was one of the most stupefying calls I've seen in years. We know our kicker is very shaky. Why lose 2 yards on the kneel down instead of gain 2-5 (and possibly score)? Sure enough a 31-yarder proved too much for McNulty and we got bailed out. Things just seem consistently poorly thought out with Mo and his staff. Plenty of flash and talk, but I'm worried that the brains aren't there.
  2. 60 is very good. I think they're far off on us lacking depth though. Granted much of it depends on highly touted but unproven freshman, but this feels like our deepest team in years.
  3. We absolutely need shooting moving forward. Good stuff.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUtJ1hNN02U/ Mr. Ceaser is BOUNCY.
  5. We look to Maryland again. He and Devin Ceaser follow each other.
  6. -Probably don't want to start a brawl right before halftime on the road to give the other locker room something to rah rah about. -Special teams are as bad as ever. -I put this way more on the offense than the defense. So vanilla, no passing to anyone besides Williams, no confidence in the pass, too many 3 and outs in the 2nd half that let ODU get all the momentum. -Still expecting plenty of development from the staff, but at this point they're much more flash/branding/recruiting than in-game coaching. Jury is out on player development.
  7. This announcing team is cannot be real. It's so bad, to the point of enjoyment. Quian Williams is a really nice player. Great find in conference to continue our recent run of quality WRs, if only for a year.
  8. Agree with it all, but he literally slid to the right and kicked it rugby style directly into the block on the 2nd one. Too slow and zero awareness from Finnegan. And I say that as a former rugby kicker.
  9. I don't understand why we don't have a jet sweep option running though on almost every run between the tackles. I'm fine with a run heavy scheme (esp with the way the ball has been coming off KVT's hand), but why not have a modern college run game with more misdirection?
  10. Interesting to see @UB_Stampede recruiting on Twitter show that today we offered at least two guys who hold Old Dominion offers. Consistent with the article posted above. Staff looking to draw a direct comparison it appears and show that we're on a different level. I like it. Now it's time to show it between the lines.
  11. Could tell there was fire with the smoke. Excited to beat him for four years.
  12. I see what you mean, but after a long silence for this to come out of nowhere could be something. I've seen stranger things. (If Derrick Lively got an offer from Niagara tomorrow, I don't think he'd post about it.)
  13. Picked up an out-of-nowhere offer from Bowling Green. Anyone know anything?
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