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  1. https://www.zagsblog.com/2022/08/05/class-of-23-guard-trey-autry-updates-recruitment-upcoming-visits/ Appears we're on the outside looking in as Autry is making four visits this summer with an eye towards committing in the fall. We were the last school to offer him, perhaps getting in the mix too late.
  2. The first thing you see on UB Basketball's official website right now is "Blue Collar U, the University at Buffalo men's basketball alumni program, claimed the 2022 TBT, winning the $1 million prize..." Hardly consistent with BCU dismissed as "some semi-pro team." If Lillard, Dennis, and Matthews didn't play 10% of minutes and it was a "true" alumni team, would your perspective change? I kind of doubt it. In the NIL era, passing on honoring a group of our all-time greats and promoting our program brand with a small banner in the name of some bygone ideal of amateurism feels like a mistake. A compromise could be a paid advertisement in the shape of a banner congratulating the team...but to me that just highlights the gray area absurdity of objecting in the first place.
  3. Looks like Graves is leaving the G League to replace CJ at Limoges in France. CJ moved on to Brescia in Italy this summer.
  4. We got trimmed from the incredibly named Macaleab Rich's top 7. Saint Louis, UIC, Ole Miss, VCU, Mizzou, K State, and Eastern Michigan.
  5. Another City Rocks offer. He's an AAU teammate of recent offer and fellow Rochestonian Khorie Reaves. With the success Jeenathan had developing his skills here, I imagine we have a great reputation with the City Rocks program.
  6. Rondo looks set to play his first pro season in the Greek top fight for Lavrio, who finished 10th of 13 last year. A few years ago ESPN ranked the Heba A1 as the 9th best league outside the NBA.
  7. My two cents, I think one active thread for all the alums on the main board serves us best and get the most eyes. Even the separate recruiting board feels forgotten about sometimes.
  8. Coach Whitesell extended an offer today to Khorie Reaves, a 6'4 2024 combo guard from Greece Athena in Rochester and City Rocks AAU.
  9. And roll them we did. Like everyone else, super proud of them and super thankful for the opportunity to relive the glory years. I especially loved getting to feel that strange old sensation of dominating up double digits and still being stressed because of our frenetic pace and loveable gaffes (Nick's botched catch before the Elam 🤦). Let's get that banner up in Alumni this winter 🤘🤘
  10. Not to mention inflation 😅 We should roll this team honestly.
  11. Big game in a couple hours... 🤘🤘
  12. 100%. Between covid still lingering, what appeared to be a threatening veteran UB squad, and the inherent variance in the schedule puzzle year-to-year, last season's was bound to be a bit off.
  13. They were utterly unimpressive getting upset at Key Bank Center this past spring. Good opportunity to take down a big name school. I think the schedule is really interesting overall and a significant improvement over last year's.
  14. I don't think it's at all hard to retire numbers based on that rule. I count 37 numbers available by rule - 00, 0-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45 & 50-55. We should absolutely be planning it soon for CJ and Nick. It's an important symbolic part of building the program's image and legacy.
  15. I agree that the officiating overall had been good and loose. But to me (and evidently the team based on Edric Dennis' halftime speech) there were a couple stretches of questionable officiating that killed our momentum and let Dayton and their crowd back in the game.
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