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  1. I had issues trying to post an Instagram story of his last week showing him in a serious pick-up game, but he looked fantastic. Stronger with a slightly tighter handle, showed plenty of right hand finishes. He might have spent part of quarantine down in Florida where he seems part of Rondo's crew now. Side note: Mballa and Nickelberry looked to have spent a month together working out at some complex during quarantine. Hope Nick can raise his level this year, he'd be a great piece off the bench. Nate, Rondo, Josh and David have been playing together in pick-up games recently too.
  2. In all seriousness, this is obviously the right move. We need him back and with him we are a top 3 MAC title contender. I hope he got some useful feedback despite the covid combine season. He has the ability to make the league, but he has a lot to improve on after what I'd call a stagnant, inconsistent junior season. Go Bulls!
  3. That's about as strange a list of four teams as you could come up with...
  4. I think we may see more kids doing what McClung is doing. Maybe assuming that next season is going to be curtailed/cancelled so avoid a lost year and get in a better spot. Though if God forbid the season is cancelled, we may get a (permanent) preview of unlimited transfers, as everyone will have sat out a year.
  5. Seems to be a popular kid, lots of high major talent showing him love on Instagram. Looks like he knows Zion being from Spartanburg, SC. And we know he played JUCO with Malik, which I'm sure helped seal the deal. It's a really good get. I imagine he'll be at minimum Antwain Johnson, which you take all day as senior depth. Potential for more.
  6. Started all 12 games for UCLA in 2018 and made the 4th most tackles. Was the 18th ranked recruit in California (albeit 5 years ago). That's a great pedigree to get even for one year. Also consistently made the honor roll. Great add.
  7. The way teams play at our level, it's common to see 3 guards his height or shorter on the court in the same lineup. I think the idea would be for him to be a sit one play one guy to help cover the he loss of Graves in 21-22.
  8. With Kpegeol off the board, is Keyshawn Brewton the only guy we're currently engaged with? Anyone have any recruiting hot stove discussions to keep us entertained? I hope the staff is staying involved with some of the better local kids that are playing elsewhere right now. Roddy Gayle is a pipe dream at this point, and maybe guys like Willie Lightfoot are now too, but the chance to shine close to home might be appealing.
  9. Three weeks from now, "Man this is tough. This fall I'll be taking my talents to Oxford, Ohio..."
  10. Good catch on the Chipola connection with Malik. They would have been teammates in 18-19 it appears.
  11. Bizarre. He always had a strange vibe about him. Sure he's a kid, it's his choice, etc etc, but backing out of a signed LOI to commit elsewhere in conference is kinda bush league I'm sorry.
  12. https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/sports/college/sun-belt/coastal-carolina-university/article239928183.html He left CC after 22 team games, but I'm not sure how it works in terms of him transferring mid-year for eligibility. I think he would have had to leave earlier to keep his spring semester from counting. Let's get this kid. Put up strong numbers as an older freshman.
  13. Hate to be the thread police, but doesn't this belong in the 2020 recruiting speculation thread? Every player with his own thread has been officially connected to us in some way. Just a thought.
  14. Of course we'd be interested in a player of his recruiting pedigree... but is there any reason he's being discussed on a UB board?
  15. Sounds like they're going to have another year of that trademark Kent State cohesion and character 😂😂😂
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